The Only 5 Beauty Products You Need to Take on A Camping Trip

Nothing calls for an effortless beauty routine like traveling – especially camping.

We know that chances are you won’t have the facilities to keep your normal make-up routine and you’ll need a few basic items that will do the job in half the time.


Hands up who has ventured deep into bush territory and stayed at a campground with no showers or even plumbed toilets? If you’re nodding your head reading this, you’d know how superfluous your huge make-up bag suddenly becomes when you don’t have an actual bathroom with a basin.


With simplicity in mind, we have compiled a list of the only 5 beauty products for camping that you would really need to take on a trip to keep yourself feeling fresh, clean and lookingglam (well … as glam as possible!)


These beauty staples have been chosen because they tick important boxes such as versatility, affordability small size and effectiveness.

Want the best and most versatile beauty products for camping? We’ve got you covered.


5.) All Purpose Moisturizing Lotion



beauty products for camping - cetaphil




When changing environments or climates, the skin can become dry and irritated. It is important to invest in a good quality moisturizer that will keep hydration in without clogging the pores. And with so many products on the market, it can be hard to choose.


It is advisable to ignore the fancy packaging and go straightto the ingredients, as the skin is highly absorbent and will easily soak up chemicals. The best moisturizer is not always the prettiest or most expensive, but always the one which is most natural and efficient.


You may have multiple beauty products at home, including a different moisturizer for every occasion , night creams, eye creams, anti aging serums and a whole array of options, but while camping it’s ideal to keep it minimal by bringing a product you can use everywhere on the body.


We love: Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion With Shea Butter


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Why:  Definitely not the fanciest or most expensive, but this brand has a great reputation and is a fantastic option in terms of minimalism, therefore one of the best beauty products for camping. This lotion was designed for daily use and provides 24 hours of moisture and hydration. As it has been made for sensitiveskin, it can be used all over your body.


This non-greasy and fragrance free formula is recommended by dermatologists worldwide for a simple reason: It.Just.Works.