21 Beautiful Islands You’d Love to Be Stranded On

Is the island life for you? Sometimes we fantasize about leaving everything behind and picking up life in one of the beautiful islands around the world.

Are we the only ones who fantasize about being stranded on a faraway tropical island while relaxing on the beach without a care in the world? Okay, maybe not necessarily stranded, but being secluded on some of the world’s most beautiful islands is definitely at the top of our to-do list. Whether it’s a tropical beach paradise or a volcanic mountainous terrain, islands have their charm and we’re here to show you our favorite ones.

You won’t want to leave these beautiful islands…

21.) La Digue Island

la digue one of the beautiful islands of seychelles
  • Location: Seychelles Islands
  • Why we love it: You can see this entire island in one day!

We’re 100% certain that once you see the breathtaking views of the Seychelles Islands, being stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean won’t seem so terrible. With its crystal clear water and relaxing beach vibes, you’ll feel right at home in this little island of 2800 people. La Digue is one of the many beautiful islands that make up Seychelles.

You can see the entire island in a day since it’s only 10 km so hop on your bike or get on some good hiking shoes and explore all of the beauty this little treasure island has to offer.

20.) Sardinia

the beautiful island of sardinia
  • Location: Italy
  • Why we love it: Delicious Sardinian Cuisine

As if there isn’t more to love about Italy, check out the island of Sardinia (Sardegna) while you’re munching on all of the pizza and pasta in Italy. What is there to love about Sardinia? The colorful homes that are stacked along the coast that’s perfect for photos. How about the delicious Sardinian cuisine that sets itself apart from the rest of Italy?

Try the Fregola and Mussels along with the hundreds of other traditional Sardinian cuisine items that’ll blow you away. Sardinia is also great because it isn’t just your typical tropical paradise, you’ve got all types of terrains to enjoy.

19.) Naxos

the beautiful island of naxos in greece
  • Location: Greece
  • Why we love it: The low-key option of the Greek islands

You’ve heard of Mykonos and Santorini and you’ve seen the stunning Instagram pictures. But have you heard of Naxos, an island in the South Aegean Sea? When you go to Naxos you’ll also be skipping the millions of tourists and tourist traps and swapping it for tranquil Greek island life.

That is sun, olive trees and Greek ruins and the remnants of the ancient world. So if you’re looking for something a little more low-key, Naxos is your best bet. And the views definitely won’t disappoint!

18.) Phi Phi Islands

wooden boat in beautiful islands of phi phi
  • Location: Thailand
  • Why we love it: The iconic Maya Bay coves

If you’re into secluded resorts and private beaches with crystal clear water then the Phi Phi Islands may be the place for you. Traveling through Southeast Asia will already be amazing on its own, and visiting these Phi Phi Islands are among some of the most beautiful (and most popular) to see in Thailand.

Go snorkeling on the Bamboo Island or visit the caves in the Maya Bay. The options are endless and if nothing else, the captivating white sand beaches will be worth it.

17.) Caye Caulker

beautiful islands of caye caulker in belize
  • Location: Belize
  • Why we love it: Barefoot island with no cars

Talk about an island paradise, Belize has some hidden islands that will have you ready to drop everything in the city and opt for the simple life. We’re talking fresh fried seafood, sandy white beaches, and endless blue waters as far as the eye can see. What’s great about Caye Caulker?

The people and the real laid-back vibes. It’s so laid-back that most of the locals don’t even wear shoes since there are no paved roads. Most people are comfortable in their bare feet. Also, there aren’t any cars on this island, just golf carts to get them around this tiny island that will capture your heart in an instant.

16.) Ilha Grande

ilha grande is one of the most beautiful islands
  • Location: Brazil
  • Why we love it: Unique rainforest terrain

Don’t make the mistake of only seeing the Brazilian mainland. While it has plenty to see you’d be impressed by the Brazilian islands and everything they have to offer. The Ilha Grande island, in particular, is a must-see. Besides soaking up the sun and taking in all of the amazing scenery, you can enjoy your day while sipping on a delicious açaí drink.

This island is especially unique because of its terrain. A shocking 99% of the island is classified as a natural Atlantic rainforest. So while you’re enjoying the tropical Brazilian paradise you can take in all of the amazing wildlife that the island has to offer.

15.) Koh Rong

wooden chairs and tables on koh rong island
  • Location: Cambodia
  • Why we love it: Hotspot for the adventurous traveler

If you’re looking for an island where you can have it all, then Koh Rong is the perfect place to get lost. Situated in the heart of Cambodia, Koh Rong is an island full of anything you can imagine. You’ve got beaches to lounge in, tropical rainforests to explore, coral reefs to snorkel in.

If you’re the nature-loving adventurous type, you’ll enjoy zip lining across the High Point Rope Park. If you’re more of the relaxation type don’t worry, you’ve got the endless sandy Long Set Beach to chill out all day on.

14.) Eleuthera

beautiful sunset onbeach in euthera islands
  • Location: Bahamas
  • Why we love it: The perfect sunset

Eleuthera is only one flight away from Nassau, the most popular island of the Bahamas. In Eleuthera, you’ll find the peaceful island life you’re looking for, away from the touristy chaos of Nassau.

They are most especially known for the picturesque pink sand beaches, the caves, and the coral reefs. Without a doubt, one thing you can’t miss in Eleuthera is the sunset on the French Leave Beach.

13.) Djerba

The crocodiles on the farm on Djerba Island, Tunisia
  • Location: Tunisia
  • Why we love it: Beautiful blend of cultures

There is plenty of history and culture to take in from North Africa, and the island of Djerba has plenty of that. The island is home to a unique blend of African, Jewish, Berber and Arab cultures which can be seen in the form of ancient Jewish temples, busy souks and beautiful whitewashed desert towns.

If you’re not sold just yet, seeing this island’s breathtaking beaches should definitely convince you to take a visit.

12.) Sao Miguel, Azores Islands

lakes and mountains in the beautiful islands of sao miguel
  • Location: Portugal
  • Why we love it: A nature-lovers paradise

You’re not stranded on an island unless you’re in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in a beautiful green island paradise. The Azores Islands are a small group of islands belonging to Portugal where the adventure comes to you. Sao Miguel is the biggest of the Azores islands and is known for its abundance of green.

The island is actually nicknamed the “Green Island” in Portuguese. The island is a volcanic island so you can visit the volcanic national park, go hiking, explore the gardens and finally relax in the soothing thermal baths.

11.) Reunion

waterfalls in beautiful reunion island
  • Location: Reunion
  • Why we love it: Amazing hiking and waterfalls

Most people have never heard of this secluded island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. That’s because it’s tiny and tucked away but full of rich beauty. Reunion is technically a French department that is known for its natural beauty. The island is both volcanic and is covered in a vast rainforest.

In addition to that, the beaches and coral reefs are something to explore, and after a long day of hiking, you can take a dip in the waterfalls in the forests. Reunion is like a fairytale because it’s a mystery to most people and it will enchant you at every turn.

10.) Cozumel



  • Location: Mexico
  • Why we love it: Deepsea fishing

It’s definitely more popular than a cruise port and a spring break destination. You can see the best reefs in the work and even some Mayan ruins.

Exploring and learning will be the highlights of your trip.

9.) Langkawi


H-AB Photography/Shutterstock

  • Location: Malaysia
  • Why we love it: Shopping

If you are looking for a place that isn’t overrun by tourists, then this is a great option!

It’s perfect for duty-free shopping and bargain shopping. There are so many night markets, you won’t be able to get through them all!

8.) Bora Bora

bora bora


  • Location: French Polynesia
  • Why we love it: Relaxing time

If you are looking for a relaxing time, then Bora Bora is the place to go!

You can spend time soaking up the sun, enjoying a delicious meal, and explore the island!

7.) Koh Samui

koh samui


  • Location: Thailand
  • Why we love it: Beaches and dining

After you spend some time on the beach, consider heading to the rainforest! Or take a hike in the luscious trials.

You can follow up your day of exploring by going to the spa!

6.) Palawan


R.M. Nunes/Shutterstock

  • Location: Philippines
  • Why we love it: Exploring jungles, island hopping

Always be sure to have your camera on because you never know what you will see when you are exploring the jungle!

This island isn’t overrun by tourists so you can have a nice getaway.

5.) Boracay Islands

boracay islands

Dmitry Pichugin/Shutterstock

  • Location: Philippines
  • Why we love it: Excursions

You most likely won’t sleep when you are visiting this island. During the day, get on a jet ski or dive deep into the ocean.

At night, go out dancing to music at the various bars and restaurants!

4.) Galapagos Islands

galapagos islands

Rene Holtslag/Shutterstock

  • Location: Ecuador
  • Why we love it: Wildlife

When you want to go see wildlife, go to these islands!

It has white beaches to volcanic rocks that will be a requirement to see.

3.) Santorini


Melinda Nagy/Shutterstock

  • Location: Greece
  • Why we love it: Delicious cuisine

Because of a volcanic eruption, it formed landscape and cliffsides.

There are impressive art galleries and great microbreweries.

2.) Ischia



  • Location: Italy
  • Why we love it: Hot springs, thermal water

This is a small volcanic island in Italy, known for its hot springs and mineral-rich thermal waters. People come from all over the world to relax here.

There are amazing views of gardens, forests, and vineyards.

1.) Bali


Guitar photographer/Shutterstock

  • Location: Indonesia
  • Why we love it: There is too much to do

Yes, there are beaches, mountains, and volcanic landscapes, but there is definitely more.

There is something to do for every person: yoga, party, relaxing and exploring. It has a wonderful culture that is exciting to learn about.

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