Bats in the Belfry: 5 Signs That Amanda Bynes Has Lost Her Mind

Just when Lindsay Lohan thought she had the market cornered on insane young actresses, the dark horse that is Amanda Bynes snuck up out of nowhere. It’s a truly heartwarming underdog story.

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news of late, you probably know way more about Amanda Bynes than you’d ever cared to, and it’s all thanks to the fact that the young starlet seems to be losing her mind in a VERY public manner. Over the last few weeks, a string of well-publicized incidents have helped Bynes supplant Lohan as the momentary queen of the gossip headlines (at least for now, we all know it’s only a matter of time before Lindsay retakes the crown by driving a Hummer through a doggy daycare), with each new story pointing more and more to the possibility that this girl is legitimately losing it. All the signs are there…

5 The Half-Shaved Head

Seriously, is there any sign more universal for “I’m a total wingnut” than just up and deciding to shave half your head? The person who does it usually claims they were feeling spontaneous, and tries to play it off as a sign that they’re carefree and uninhibited. But what it’s really a sign of, is that they’re dangerously unstable and don’t seem to realize that unless you’re the lead singer of an 80s punk band, walking around with a half-shaven head is the same as walking around with a banner that says “Please institutionalize me.”

4 Twitter Pics

Another wonderful gift bestowed upon the public by the good folks at Twitter, is the celebrity twitpic. A look into any star’s picture timeline on their Twitter account is a surefire way to see if they’re doing well, or if they are slowly slipping into an inescapable spiral of lunacy. And all it takes is one quick look at the twitpics of Amanda Bynes to see that she’s definitely not doing so well. Her eclectic online photo album includes topless pics (to her credit though, not bad…), a plethora of selfies that somehow appear like she didn’t know they were being taken and close-ups of the metal studs she had thrust through her face to serve as some kind of robo-dimples.

3 Twitter Rants

It’s only someone who’s a very special kind of nuts that can sustain an entire argument by themselves, and Amanda Bynes seems to have that gift. The rant is a classic calling card of the lunatic, where all that’s needed is a jumping off point for the party to then lose it completely and disappear into their own mania. And the oh-so-special beauty of the Twitter rant is that it is literally transcribed for the entire world to see. As of late, Amanda has taken to Twitter to lose her mind in type-form on people like Rihanna, Jenny McCarthy, and Chrissy Teigen, and who knows, she might just be coming for you next.

2 The Wigs

Okay, so everyone knows that actresses often use hair extensions and even wigs to improve the look of their locks. Or at least they did, until Amanda Bynes took an impossible stronghold on the entire world’s wig supply. In every new picture of the young actress that pops up, she seems to be wearing a different wig, which would be fine if she wasn’t wearing them in a manner that makes her look like the lady that wanders around your neighborhood carrying seven cats in a shopping cart. A wig by itself can be fine, but a disheveled wig? Well that’s the calling card of a true maniac.

1 “I’m Not Crazy”

There is no more clear-cut proof that you’re a crazy person than when you feel the need to publicly declare “I’m not crazy.” In fact, “I’m not crazy,” is the unofficial slogan of crazy people everywhere. It’s like when someone starts a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…” and you just know things are about to get super-racist. Yesterday, Amanda Bynes took to Twitter (which you’ll soon see is her preferred medium for unleashing her madness upon the world) and officially joined team nut-bar when she tweeted out “I’m Not Crazy” to no one in particular.

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