Flight Crew Unaware That Mom Has Stash Of Baggies On Her


Taking Off

The plane’s engines sprang to life, sending huge waves crashing into the cabin. She clutched the young boy to her body, praying he would close his eyes.

The plane began to move as it gained speed, plowing down the runway. Everything seemed to be going as planned until his eyes popped open. When he looked up at her, she realized they were in serious trouble.

Travel Restrictions

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Lindsey and Kevin’s son was born in London prior to the world going into lockdown. Because of this, Lindsey’s mother had never met her grandson Marty, as she lived in America.

When travel restrictions were eased, Lindsey could not wait to get some time off to go and visit her mother. Things went according to plan, and not long after, she found herself getting ready for a trip to Denver.

First Time Flyer

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Marty had never been on a plane because he was only two months old. He was not prone to crying in new environments and always behaved himself, but jet engines and turbulence might be too much to bear for him.

Could she get her youngster from London to Denver without creating a fuss and making everyone’s flight unbearable?

Making Plans

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Flying to Denver from London would take a bit more than eight hours. Marty only slept in three-hour increments. Lindsey knew that three hours would be lessened with jet engines blasting loudly next to them.

She sat for hours attempting to come up with a solution to this problem. It was even more difficult because her spouse had to stay in London for business. Lindsey concluded that rescheduling her trip was the wisest option.

Recalling Her Experience

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Lindsey was a frequent flyer, and there were occasionally babies on board who would cry as soon as the plane lifted off.

Passengers were muttering about the screaming, she recounted. She was one of those petty people who blamed the mother for not keeping her infant calm. She questioned if the world would be kind to her now that she was a mother.

Coming Up With A Plan

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When Kevin returned home from work that evening, he discovered Lindsey still plotting a means to avoid Marty causing a commotion in the plane.

Lindsey informed him about her day and how she was having trouble working out her trip plans. She was about to call it to quit when Kevin came up with a brilliant plan.

An Idea

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Kevin said, “You know. I wouldn’t complain if a child offered me a piece of chocolate in exchange for a ‘crying pass’ when I was traveling.” Lindsey was well aware that her husband was teasing. However, when she laughed, the joke became clearer.

What if she made teeny-tiny treat packets for everyone on board? She could bring earplugs and sweets to curry favor with the passengers. Her eyes shone with delight at the prospect, and she grinned. Would it work?

Would It Work?

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Kevin was taken aback when Lindsey answered, “I think we’ll do just that.” “What are you going to do?” he inquired. Lindsey replied, “Hand out sweets to the other passengers.” “We’ll also include some earplugs.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Kevin asked, his brows furrowed. “Well, it’s not a terrible idea,” he added when Lindsey nodded. But how will over sixty passengers realize that a bag of sweets and earplugs is supposed to compensate for  Marty’s tremendous lung capacity and lead singer vocal cords?

How To Inform Them

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“A note,” Lindsey murmured to herself. “To them, a message from me.” She took out her computer and started typing.

Lindsey and Marty kissed Kevin farewell and boarded the plane to America a week later. As expected, the passenger number corresponds to the number of treat packets Lindsey had. She distributed goodie bags to everyone with the help of the flight attendants. The plane then began to move.

As Predicted

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The moment the plane had taken off, Marty awoke. The roar of engines and turbulence in the air roused him from sleep. When he saw the unfamiliar surroundings, he broke out into a cry.

Lindsey hugged him firmly as his voice resonated around the plane, hoping he’d shut down. She attempted but failed to give him a bottle. Then something happened.

Goodie Bags To The Rescue

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One of the passengers next to Lindsey offered to hold Marty for Lindsey. She was an older woman, happily eating some candy Lindsey had suggested earlier.

Handing Marty over, Lindsey cast her sight across the aisle. Most of the passengers around her had their ears plugged tightly with the buds from her goody bag. Some of them were asleep. Others waved at her with smiles. Did the goodie bags truly work?

A Great Singer

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“He’ll be a great singer, this one,” the woman said as she rocked Marty. He’d quieted down, happily cooing at the woman.

“He will,” Lindsey said, still stunned that her bags had worked. She thought about the words she put in the note accompanying each bag. She wondered whether they were the main reason the entire plane wasn’t giving her and Marty dirty looks.

Made Some Changes

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“I can’t believe the bags worked,” she said. “The woman next to her chuckled, nuzzling Marty with her nose.

“Of course, they worked,” she mumbled. “Especially the letter from Marty here. We all know how first flights can be, don’t we, Marty?” “What?” Lindsey asked. She’d addressed the note as herself, not as Marty. What was going on?

Words Of Power

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Lindsey fished out a leftover bag from her side and opened the note. “Hello,” the message began innocently enough the way she remembered. “I’m Marty, and I am four months old.”

Lindsey shook her head, the ends of her lips curving. “Kevin,” she whispered. He’d changed the sentence from I am Lindsey, and my baby, Marty, is four months old. But there was more.

A Heavenly Flight

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“Today, I’m going to the U.S. with my mom to see my grandma,” the note continued. “I’m a little nervous and scared as it’s my first flying. I will try my best to be quiet, but I might cry or make a little noise. Please excuse me.”

The letter detailed the gifts in the goody bag, all presented from Marty’s perspective. Lindsey’s smile broadened, and she knew her journey home would be heavenly.