Acting So Bad The Studio Spent Millions On CGI to Fix It


Lousy Acting

Even when major Hollywood films have a high production value, this does not always imply that they are flawless. A number of factors might detract from a film’s appeal to its viewers, and sometimes it’s as simple as lousy performance.

If it’s a starring role, bad acting might even ruin a franchise. Here are some of the most egregious examples of terrible acting in otherwise well-made films.

Jamie Kennedy

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Apart from the performance, “Son of the Mask” features a number of flaws. The writing, on the other hand, did not help Jamie Kennedy. Being a sequel to Jim Carrey’s The Mask from 1994, the movie had tough shoes to fill.

After acting in the film, Jamie Kennedy earned a reputation as one of Hollywood’s worst performers. It’s a reputation that’s difficult to shake.

Daisy Ridley

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Critics have praised The Force Awakens, but die-hard fans of the franchise have had mixed reactions. As a result, Daisy Ridley seems to be the scapegoat for much of their frustration, as she believes that she has been written into a progressive role for the sake of checking boxes.

It’s debatable whether Ridley is a bad actress, but the previous movies set the bar so high, that her role was destined to be mocked.

Tessa Thompson

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Men In Black International shares many of the same flaws as the other movies on this list, and it has a lot of expectations to meet. The original Men in Black film has a cult fanbase, thanks to the outstanding performances of Will Smith and Tommy Lee.

Tessa Thompson, on the other hand, has a small effect in a relatively insignificant film. Her performance has been criticized as flat, but was this due to her or the script?

Sonequa Martin-Green

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Critics have praised Star Trek Discovery, while viewers have been less enthusiastic. What is the explanation for this? It could be due to Star Trek fans’ unrealistic expectations for the franchise.

Whether or not that is the genuine reason, Sonequa Martin-Green is getting the brunt of the criticism. Her performance has been described as “uninspired” and “unbelievable” by many critics.

Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp is a well-known actor, however, he has been accepting roles lately that have tainted his reputation. One of them is in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald.

The first movie of the series – Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – barely shows him as a villain.

Eddie Redmayne

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Both audiences and critics were unimpressed with Jupiter Ascending. Redmayne was given an award, though “award” might not be the best word.

“I won a prize for it for the worst performance of the year, so yeah, it was a pretty bad performance by all accounts.” Redmayne shared with GQ,

Kristen Stewart

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Snow White and The Huntsman features prominent celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart, both of which received a complaint regarding their performance. To make matters even more fascinating, the protest wasn’t from the viewers but from the creative director.

Kristen Stewart “pouts her lips, bats her bedroom eyes, and scarcely seems to have more on her mind than who might take her to the senior prom—let alone the fate of an entire kingdom,” according to Scott Foundas.

Adam Sandler

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When a movie fails, one can either blame the cast or the production, or the writing, But in very rare situations, everything about the film is to blame.

Jack and Jill is just an awful movie all around. The writing, the acting. It’s just not very good.

Another One

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“Jack and Jill” is so awful that it requires another entry. We don’t believe a performer has ever been nominated for two starring roles at the Razzies, but Sandler made it happen.

Adam Sandler played both Jack and Jill in this film, and that was why he got nominated twice!


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“Cats” has been an award-winning stage performance, so Hollywood decided to try their hand at a film adaptation. That was a mistake. The 1998 musical was stood its own ground and never needed a film to follow it up.

Daniela Norman and many of the other cast members were doomed to feel the harsh criticism as the movie got poor reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Spider-Man 3

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Sam Raimi’s third installment of the Spider-man franchise was a success, with Toby Maguire playing his most famous role – Peter Parker.

But there was one glaring issue with one of the film’s villains – Eddie Brock. This was the first film portrayal of the man from Venom. The problem is that Topher Grace didn’t really play a stellar role as Spiderman’s adversary.

Ocean’s Twelve

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Ocean’s Twelve is a sequel to Ocean’s Eleven, a well-received action-comedy film. The movie had an amazing cast like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. But there was a surprise cameo that had audiences scratching their heads on why it was so necessary.

Bruce Willis made an appearance as himself, which was strange given that his portrayal of himself rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula was a huge success, but not all actors were equal. Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins had been in the business for much longer than Keanu Reeves. Reeves’ performance felt a little lackluster compared to the two veterans.

His lack of experience was apparent when he tried playing the British lawyer and put on a bad accent.

Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter movie franchise needs no introduction. Daniel Radcliffe has won over the hearts of many fans as he grew with the franchise along with them. But funnily enough, it’s his own criticism of his acting that lands him on this list.

“It’s hard to separate my relationship with Harry from my relationship with the films as a whole. I’m incredibly grateful for the experience. It showed me what I want to do with the rest of my life. To find out early on what you love is really lucky. I’m intensely embarrassed by some of my actings, obviously [acting], but yeah, it’s like asking, “how do you feel about your teenage years?” There’s so much in there that it’s almost impossible to single out one feeling.”