Baby Won’t Stop Crying After Mother Passes Away, 2 Weeks Later Aunt Gets A Strange Phone Call


Too Late

Brittany Meyer’s sister, Katie, had been ill for a long time. It became increasingly difficult to visit her since they stayed in different states. But Brittany always made a plan.

And when she finally managed to make the trip to New Jersey to see her sister, it was already too late.

Brittany was by her side in the hospital when she passed away. And at that point, her problems were only beginning.

A Long Battle


Brittany felt the tears roll down her cheeks as she held her sister’s cold hand. It was time to let go as the doctors and nurses pulled a sheet over her face.

Katie fought a long battle with cancer, but in the end, Brittany knew that her sister was at peace now.

She had spent the whole day with her, and it went by so quickly.

A Promise


Everything happened so fast. She could remember Katie talking to her very slowly and making Brittany promise to do something for her.

And then it dawned on her. Brittany had promised to look after Katie’s five-month-old baby daughter, Kaylee.

She loved her sister and her niece, but she didn’t know how she was going to do this.

A Career Woman


She was a 36-year-old single career woman living in Manhattan. She had done good for herself as a lawyer in a very reputable firm. She had no plans to have children of her own.

And now, she made a solemn promise to her sister on her deathbed that she would be taking in her baby girl.

Brittany’s world was about to turn upside down.

Her Only Hope


She knew that the baby’s father wasn’t in the picture and Brittany was the child’s only hope. She had to take her. She belonged with her family, and that’s exactly what Katie would have wanted.

But at the same time, Brittany was absolutely terrified. She didn’t know anything about babies.

How was she going to take care of her and work a full-time job?

Taking On The Responsibility


It was a heavy weight that had been put onto her shoulders. But she had to take on the responsibility. Her sister worked full-time and managed to take care of her baby while battling a deadly disease.

If Katie could do it, then she could. It was then that a nurse walked in with little Kaylee.

She was fast asleep in her stroller, unaware that she had just lost her mother.

You’ll Be Alright


The nurse looked at Brittany, who looked worse for wear. “Don’t worry. You’ll be alright. Her bottle and everything else are all in these bags.

“It seemed like her mommy knew the end was near. It’s like everything that baby owns is here for you.

Good luck, here’s my number if you need any help with anything. I’ll be happy to assist you,” the nurse said kindly.



Brittany appreciated the nurse’s help so much that she gave her a hug. She cried for a moment in her arms because she knew she had a baby that was counting on her to be strong.

“Thank you so much. I think you’ll be hearing from me sooner than you think,” she told the nurse who was named Maria.

They hugged once more, and then Brittany set off with baby Kaylee in her stroller.

A Rude Awakening


When she eventually got home to her Manhattan apartment, she was exhausted, and thankfully, Kaylee had slept through the whole trip.

But after just 30 minutes of some rest, Brittany was woken up by the sound of a crying baby.

Kaylee was screaming her lungs out, and Brittany couldn’t believe that this was her new life.



She scrambled to warm a bottle for Kaylee and picked her up while trying to lull her.

But it wasn’t working, and she continued to scream bloody murder.

As soon as the milk in the bottle was at the perfect temperature, she carefully put it to Kaylee’s lips, and she instantly began gulping down the milk.

Thought Of Everything


It seemed like her dear sister had thought of everything. She left many notes in the various bags, and Brittany discovered that Kaylee was actually drinking her mother’s breast milk that she had pumped for hours.

She was a true warrior in Brittany’s eyes.

She knew that Katie didn’t want Kaylee to be formula-fed, and there seemed to be enough frozen breast milk to keep her happy for a while.

A Nightly Surprise


But the wailing wasn’t over for Brittany just yet.

She was in for a big surprise. Just when she thought she was about to have a good night’s rest, Kaylee began screaming her lungs out again.

She hauled herself out of bed. “What’s going on here? Is this what my life has become? No sleep at all?” she murmured to herself.

Another Promise


She carefully picked Kaylee up from her crib and rocked her in her arms.

“There, there, little one. I know you miss your mommy. I do, too. I know she’s watching over us right now. But you’re stuck with me for a long time, kid. Get used to it.”

“I’ll try my very best to look after you. I’m going to make your mommy proud of us. I promise,” she said.



The more she spoke to Kaylee, the more she seemed to be calming down. Maybe she just wanted to be held. However, Brittany realized that she couldn’t do this all night.

She desperately needed to get some shut-eye. It had been a long, drawn-out day for her.

She had so many things to do, including arranging a funeral for Katie.

Wide Awake


After an hour of rocking little Kaylee, she was still wide awake. Brittany thought that by now, she would be fast asleep, but this baby was showing no signs of closing her eyes.

It seemed like that long nap she had earlier contributed to her being wide awake right now.

Brittany didn’t know what to do. She was battling to keep her eyes open.



Brittany knew that this would be the rest of her life. She had to just try and get used to it if she wanted to be happy. Raising little Kaylee was a huge responsibility.

But the aunt had no idea what was going on.

She was trying to shut her eyes and just fall asleep. But that’s when she started feeling strange, like something was very wrong. Dread crept all over her body. What was going on?

A Sudden Change


Before anything else, Brittany felt a strange change in temperature. Everything started feeling cold – much colder than before.

At first, she thought it was a fever, but as she leaned over to grab her phone from the nightstand, she realized the truth.

She soon realized that it wasn’t her body temperature. She turned on her phone’s flashlight and looked at the thermostat on the wall of her bedroom.



The thermostat didn’t lie. The temperature in her room had dropped by 20 degrees. She couldn’t understand why. Then she looked at her phone’s weather app. The temperature looked fine on it.

Something was wrong with her room. Why was it so cold? But that wasn’t the last strange thing that would happen.

A second later, she heard something that sent a shiver down her spine.

A Loud Bang


It started out as a creaking noise from another room, but it quickly turned into a loud bang. Brittany jolted upright. That’s when she realized where it came from: little Kaylee’s room.

Brittany had converted her guest room into a baby room, complete with a crib.

But it turned out that might not have been such a good idea. She needed to go check if the baby was okay – she wasn’t crying anymore.



Brittany had tried moving as much clutter as she could, but the guest bedroom had been where she’d also stored a lot of things.

She feared the worst. Had a cabinet toppled over in the night and landed on Kaylee?

But that didn’t explain the temperature. Why had it gotten so cold? She put on a gown so that she wouldn’t be so cold and headed out into the dark hallway.

Finding Kaylee


Brittany went into the hallway and tried flicking on the lights.

But when they didn’t turn on, dread flooded her body again. Why was the power out? She felt a bit spooked as she continued down the hallway with only the light of her phone to lead the way.

She got to the doorway to her room and slowly opened the door. She stared into the room and abolished the darkness.

Crying Again


As soon as Brittany lit up the room with her phone, she heard a faint crying.

It was Kaylee, but what kind of state was she in? She hurried into the room and looked down at the crib. But after realizing the truth, she felt relief shoot through her system.

She picked up Kaylee and rocked her in her arms. She stared down at the baby and saw her eyes. She was reminded of her sister.

Soothing Her


Brittany nearly started crying, too, when memories of her dear sister came flooding back.

“You and I only have each other, you know that?” She said as she hugged her sister’s only legacy.

She had promised to protect her no matter what. But things were going to escalate without any kind of warning. Would she be able to protect the baby?

Back To Sleep


Kaylee and Brittany sat on a rocking chair in the room for a few minutes. Brittany rocked her to sleep and put her back in her crib before heading back to her room. She only hoped that everything was okay.

She still couldn’t explain the temperature, but that was in the back of her mind now. For now, she would keep an ear out for the baby as she went back to sleep.

Brittany didn’t know it at the time, but there was one thing she’d missed, and the situation was about to get a thousand times worse.

The Scream


Brittany was exhausted as she crawled back into her bed. Her mind was clouded by the day she had just had.

When she closed her eyes, she could see her sister’s lifeless face. An eerie feeling crept over her as she stared at the ceiling. 

Between her thoughts and the baby crying, how was she supposed to get any sleep? But just then, she heard a scream that had her jumping out of bed. 

A Piercing Sound


The sound cut through the air like a knife. Brittany had no idea what was going on as she stood frozen in the middle of her bedroom floor.

The screams were coming from Kaylee, and they were unlike anything she had ever heard before. 

It sounded like the baby was hurt, and Brittany knew that she had to get there right away. She left the room in a heartbeat.



As soon as she stepped out of her bedroom, she discovered that the cold had reached the hallway. Her house was becoming chilly, and she had no idea what was causing it. 

She pushed Kaylee’s bedroom door open, her ears aching as the baby’s frantic screams and screeches reached her ears.

But what on earth was going on? What could cause something like this to happen?

Deafening Screams


She rushed to the baby’s crib, resisting the urge to plug her ears. But as soon as she reached it and looked inside, she found that the baby was fine.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs, but other than that, everything seemed okay. Britney’s heart ached for the little girl.  She wondered if Kaylee could sense that her mother was gone.

But she had no idea that the issue was much bigger than she ever could have anticipated.

A Painful Moment


Brittney held the tiny baby to her chest as she screamed and cried into her chest. Her heart ached for little Kaylee. She was living in a world without a mother. 

Brittney knew that she had been impatient with the baby. She decided to take a seat and rocked her back and forth.

It was starting to calm her down, but Brittney didn’t know the true underlying cause of the baby’s distress. 

Calming Down


It took a while for the baby to fall back asleep, but once she did, Brittney knew that she couldn’t keep her all alone in the nursery. She slowly and gently got up from her seat and carried the baby to her bedroom. 

Her heart ached after a long day of tragedy, but she knew that she had to be strong now more than ever before.

But little did she know that this would be the first strange night of many. 

Sleeping Beside Her


She packed pillows around one half of her bed and placed the baby in the middle. Kaylee appeared to be fast asleep as Brittney lay beside her, staring down at her. 

She couldn’t believe how much had happened in one day. In the course of a few hours, she had lost her only sibling, and she had become the guardian of a tiny baby girl.

It wasn’t what she wanted, but this wasn’t about her anymore. It was about Kaylee. 

No More Interruptions


As Brittany’s head hit her pillow, she was so tired that she knew she’d fall asleep quickly. But if Kaylee started crying, then she wouldn’t get any more sleep. All she could do was hope and pray.

But something strange happened. Maybe it was the fact that she rocked her to sleep, but she wasn’t crying anymore.

The aunt passed out and got at least a little bit of shut-eye.

No Rest


That night, Brittney slept awfully. Her dreams were dominated by her sister and the tiny baby beside her.

She worried for the little girl. How could she ever be responsible enough to take care of another human being? 

As she slept, she couldn’t help but feel like there was something she was missing. Kaylee was unhappy, and only one thing could help. But what was it?

A Zombie


The next morning, Brittany was a walking zombie, and she called in to work to take a week of compassionate leave. She needed to mourn her sister, and she needed to take care of the baby.

In between arranging the funeral for Katie, she looked for a nanny to take care of Kaylee while she was at work.

But as she sat alone on the couch, she remembered something.

A Visit


She thought back to a few weeks ago. She had been visiting her sister while Kaylee was asleep in her crib. “I can’t believe she’s so well behaved, you know, she hasn’t been crying at night for the last two months,” Katie bragged.

Brittney thought this was strange. She was used to only ever hearing parents complain about their children’s crying.

Was something wrong with the baby?

That’s Weird


Brittney sat on her sister’s couch, a cup of coffee in hand as they spoke about the beautiful baby girl.

“That’s so weird! One of my colleagues had a baby nine months ago, she says he still cries all night, every night,” Brittney laughed. 

That was when she noticed the smirk on her sister’s face. She knew Katie was about to say something juicy. “Well, I have a little trick up my sleeve that’s had her sleeping through every night,” She winked. 

The Trick


Laughing, Brittany asked her sister what the trick was, but Katie simply shook her head, refusing to give a clear answer. “I’ll tell you one day,” She smirked as she raised her cup to her lips.

A frown tugged between Brittney’s eyebrows, tears shooting to her eyes as she remembered that day. She wished she had known what her sister did to stop the crying.

She couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong with Kaylee.  But just then, to her dismay, Kaylee started bawling again.

Feeding Time


Brittney took a deep breath, reminding herself to stay calm as she got up from the couch.

Kaylee was still in her bedroom, between the pillows. She prepared a bottle before joining the baby in the bedroom. 

Holding her to her chest, she placed the bottle between Kaylee’s lips. She calmed down as she drank her mother’s milk. Brittany just wished she was old enough to tell her what was wrong. 



Brittany chalked up Kaylee’s crying to trauma. She had just lost her mother. Who could blame her for missing the person that gave birth to her and raised her? But there was more to it that she was missing.

Brittany was so wrapped up in making sure everything for her sister was perfect that she hadn’t tried thinking about the cause of the baby’s wails.

She would only realize it too late.



That evening, the same thing happened. She tried to leave Kaylee alone in her crib, but as soon as she got into bed, the crying would start again.

It was starting to concern her. What was happening that was causing this reaction? 

Katie had always bragged about how well the baby slept. Brittney was starting to wonder if she was the problem. 

It Got Worse


She was sitting in bed with Kaylee in her arms, rocking her back and forth.

The baby was calm for once as she lay with her head over Brittney’s heart. But somehow, this night was even worse. 

Whenever Brittney tried to place Kaylee down beside her, she would start to scream again. She wanted to be held, and she wouldn’t allow her aunt to place her down.

No Sleep


That night, as she sat upright in bed with the baby in her arms, Brittany barely slept.

Her eyes would shut here and there, but for the most part, she was awake, staring at the wall before her. 

Something was happening to little Kaylee, and Brittney was starting to wonder if it would ever improve. But soon, days turned into an entire week.

No Explanation


As time passed and Brittany got more accustomed to looking after the girl, the crying started to get more and more on her nerves. She had a lot of tolerance and a soft spot for her, but this was just too much.

There didn’t seem to be any explanation behind it. Was she just not good enough as a guardian?

She decided to try even harder to meet all of Kaylee’s needs.



Brittany ran to her and picked her up. She rocked in her arms and gave her a bottle to drink. But nothing was working. She wasn’t hungry, she was just very niggly, and Brittany couldn’t figure out why.

“Maybe she was feeling sick or something,” she said to herself.

Brittany decided to make an appointment with a pediatrician.



Brittany couldn’t help but feel stressed out about Kaylee’s health. She couldn’t understand what was going on, but hopefully, she could find answers from the doctor.

She made the next available appointment.

She put Kaylee in a booster seat and drove her to the doctor. When she got into the room, she expected the worst. 

Doctor’s Opinion


Kaylee brought the baby into the doctor’s office. Specializing in helping kids, he had a jar of candy on his desk and colorful pictures everywhere. If any place would stop her crying, it was here.

But little Kaylee was wailing again. Maybe she didn’t like the doctor?

He tried calming her down with all sorts of tricks, but nothing ended up working. Something else was at play.

Nothing Unusual


Through all of the crying, the doctor finally managed to get a proper look at her. He did a full examination of the baby and would soon have an answer for her.

But then he had a strange look on his face. He looked at her and scratched his head.

It seemed that the visit wasn’t going to be worth anything. What was going on?

Going To The Doctor


However, after the visit with the pediatrician, she gave Kaylee a clean bill of health. She was a very healthy baby, and her still drinking her mother’s breast milk had many benefits.

But she just couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t stop crying.

The pediatrician did mention that she could be teething and prescribed a gel that Brittany could put on her gums.

Remembering Something


As soon as they got home, Brittany put the gel on her gums, but Kaylee hated it and continued to cry. By now, Brittany was at her wit’s end and didn’t know what to do anymore.

Then she remembered something. The nurse at the hospital.

Maybe there was something that she could do to help her.

A Package?


She quickly dialled Maria’s number, and without waiting too long, she answered the phone. “Oh Maria, thank god! I’m at my wit’s end here. Baby Kaylee just doesn’t want to stop crying. I don’t know what to do,” Brittany said through tears.

It was then that Maria said something unexpected.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I know exactly what the problem might be. Look out for a package coming your way soon. Don’t worry, all will be revealed,” she replied and hung up the phone.

The Doorbell Rang


Brittany couldn’t wait anymore, and she couldn’t understand what Maria was talking about. All she wanted was a solution to the crying. She held Kaylee in her arms, hoping that some miracle would occur.

It was then that the doorbell rang. She rushed over to see a delivery guy standing there holding a box with her name on it.

Could this be the package Maria was referring to?

The Box


She hoped it was but had no idea what it contained. It was as light as a feather. When she eventually opened the mysterious box, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

There was a beautiful brown teddy bear inside. When she lifted it out of the box, Kaylee stopped crying immediately.

Brittany was stunned. It was like her prayers had been answered.

The Letter


She put Kaylee in her crib while she was holding onto her teddy.

Brittany reached into the box and found a letter. It was from Katie.

It read: “Dear Britt, this is Kaylee’s favorite stuffed animal, and she can’t be without it for too long. Make sure she always has it, even when she’s in her stroller. She’ll cry nonstop if she doesn’t have it. I hope this helps you on your journey of raising her. I know you can do it. I believe in you. Thank you for being my sister and a great aunt to Kaylee. I’ll be watching over you both. Love always, Katie.”

Watching Over Her


Brittany burst into tears as she read the letter. It was like Katie had sent it directly to her in her time of need like she was indeed watching over them.

She heard her phone buzz. It was a message from Maria.

It said: “I hope you received the bear. It was left behind after you left. I hope you are doing alright. Don’t forget, I’m still here to help you.”

All The Help She Could Get


She thanked Maria for being an angel on earth. She needed all the help she could get on this journey. And she was so relieved that she had so many guardian angels all around her.

When she looked at the crib again, Kaylee was fast asleep, holding her beloved teddy bear in her arms.

Brittany was relieved that she had finally settled down.

A Comforting Presence


As Brittany watched Kaylee sleeping peacefully with her cherished teddy bear, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief and gratitude.

The mysterious package that had arrived seemed like a lifeline, a tangible connection to her late sister, Katie.

She knew that this teddy bear was more than just a cuddly toy; it was a comforting presence, a reminder of the love and bond between Katie and her daughter.

The Adjustment


In the following days, Brittany began to adjust to her new life as a guardian and caregiver for Kaylee.

She was still juggling the responsibilities of her demanding job and the emotional strain of losing her sister.

But the unexpected support she received from Maria and the teddy bear made the transition a little bit easier.

Guiding Her


The bear, aptly named “Kaylee’s Guardian,” became an inseparable companion for Kaylee. Brittany made sure that it was always within reach, whether in the crib or the stroller, providing comfort and solace to the baby.

It was as if Katie’s presence was still with them, guiding them through the challenging moments.

Brittany felt like her sister was with her every step of the way.

Ups And Downs Of Motherhood


Brittany sought advice from books, parenting forums, and occasionally from Maria, who was always just a phone call away.

As she navigated the ups and downs of motherhood, she discovered the joys and challenges of raising her niece.

Kaylee’s smiles, her first babbling words, and her tiny, grasping hands gradually replaced the initial sleepless nights and endless crying spells.

The Greatest Gift


Through the tears and sleepless nights, Brittany found strength in the love she had for her niece and the memory of her sister.

She was determined to be the best aunt and guardian she could be, and as Kaylee grew, she understood that she had received the greatest gift in the form of the baby she never planned for.

A responsibility that transformed her life in ways she could have never imagined.