I Asked My Mother-In-Law To Babysit And Caught Her Nursing My Baby


Shocked To The Core

My hands were shaking as fury pulsed through my system. I thought I could trust my mother-in-law more than I could trust anyone else.

But as it turns out, my assumption was completely wrong. My mother-in-law was doing the unthinkable, and I found out about it far too late.

Always Had A Good Relationship


Right from the beginning, my relationship with my mother-in-law was great. We never had any of the problems I heard my friends talk about, and I appreciated that.

I was as close to her as I was to my own mother. And that was why I trusted her with the one thing that meant the world to me. If only I knew that I was making a mistake.

Not A Second Thought


When my son was born, I had no doubt about who would be taking care of him when my husband and I were at work. Of course, it would be my mother-in-law.

It was her grandchild, and I was a hundred percent sure that she would give him the same amount of care and attention as I did. I just never expected her to be so literal about it.

The Most Trustworthy


My mother-in-law was one of the few people I trusted unconditionally. I would never second guess any advice she gave me. And I would never suspect her of doing anything that would put her family at risk.

And she didn’t. What she did was something I never would’ve expected, and it caused all the trust we had built over the years to disappear into thin air.

No One Was Better


In my mind, there was not a single person out there who would be a better babysitter than my child’s grandmother. I had no idea how wrong I was.

Others might not have been as trustworthy, but at least they knew their boundaries. None of them would go as far as she did. And that was something I should’ve known from the very beginning.

A Regular Thing


From the day my son was born, my mother-in-law had been babysitting him. In the first three months, her visits were less frequent. But when I returned to work after my maternity leave finished, it became a regular thing.

She was there daily, and she did so much more than was expected of her. I appreciated it at first, not knowing that she was doing something far more gut-wrenching.

Paid Well


My mother-in-law cooked, cleaned, and took care of our baby, and we paid her well for those services. She was earning nearly double the standard rate that a live-in nanny would get, and she had a place of her own.

We thought we were doing a good thing. But we later discovered that we would’ve been better off with someone else.

She Got Sick


When my son was five months old, my mother-in-law became sick. It was nothing serious, but she was out of commission for a while, and because of that, we got stuck.

I had to take a few days off from work to fill the gap, but I knew that I would be asked to return before she recovered. That meant that I had to make another plan.

Made Another Plan


So I placed an ad for a babysitter. The requirements were for them to fulfill all the duties my mother-in-law had done, and the payment would remain the same.

We got so many responses that I gave up halfway through. But there were a few that stood out above the rest. And those were the ones we decided to interview.

Not So Trusting


Even though we offered them a lot more than other families would, we weren’t feeling very comfortable with leaving our son alone with a stranger.

The money would draw a lot of people in, but there were only so many that would have his best interest at heart. So what could we do to ensure that he was being left in capable hands?

Heard Stories


My husband and I had heard countless stories of things going wrong with babysitters. Tales of kidnapping and abuse had been on the news countless times.

That was something we wanted to avoid at all cost. That was why we chose my mother-in-law over everyone else. But we had a plan to ensure our son was safe.

Not Worth The Risk


Our baby meant the world to us. And even though some of our friends thought we were going overboard, we knew we were doing the right thing.

Risking his safety wasn’t worth it. We would much rather spend the extra money than have something happen to our precious little boy. We never expected our backup plan to reveal what my mother-in-law was hiding.

A Bit Drastic


Sure, installing hidden cameras that had remote access was a little drastic. But it was the best thing we could think of.

At least that way, we could see how our son was being treated, and we could act in an instant. The money we spent on them was nothing compared to our son’s well-being.

Rather Safe Than Sorry


We would rather spend the money and uncover nothing than feel sorry about something that had happened to our son. He was our pride and joy, after all.

Little did we know that the nannies weren’t the problem. It was the woman that we trusted the most that ended up being caught in the act.

Didn’t Tell A Soul


While I was on leave, my husband arranged for a crew to come in and install enough cameras to cover every inch of the house.

When they were done, even I didn’t know where the cameras were placed. They were so well hidden that no one would be able to find them, and we used that to our advantage. Not a single person knew that our house was under surveillance.

Feeling Out The Situation


A couple of days later, we invited the first nanny in. I had returned to work, and our goal was to feel out the situation.

She would be alone with our son, not knowing that every single one of her movements and actions were being monitored. My husband and I were glued to our screens the entire day. And we were left unsatisfied.

Not The Best


We quickly discovered that the woman wasn’t who she said she was. On her resume, it listed that she had worked with babies before. But she seemed to be more interested in her phone than in our son and his needs.

When we got home that night, we told her that there was no need for her to come back. Luckily, we already had a backup plan.

Trying Someone Else


The new sitter arrived early the next morning, and my husband and I followed the same routine as the day before. Unfortunately, this one was even worse than the last.

She had invited a man into our home, and they spent their time fondling on the couch. To make matters worse, she shouted at our son when he started crying. Needless to say, she was fired on the spot.

No One Was Good Enough


We went through three more nannies after that, and none of them were good enough. Each woman had her own flaws, and we simply couldn’t take it anymore.

I remember sitting one day and wondering why none of them could be as good as my mother-in-law. We never had any problems with her. Well, not that we knew of.

She Had Recovered


We were still busy with our daunting quest to find a new sitter when my mother-in-law phoned us and said that she had recovered.

But I wasn’t too sure that having her here all day was the best thing. She was getting old, and taking care of a baby was no easy feat. But she had a surprise in store for us.

Offering To Help


When we told my mother-in-law about our nanny hunt, she broke down in tears. She thought we wanted to replace her. And she wasn’t wrong.

But she assured us that looking after the baby didn’t bother her. It made her feel fit and alive. She wanted to keep taking care of the baby, and she wouldn’t be taking no for an answer.

A Great Sense Of Relief


I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t relieved to have her back. She was the best sitter we have ever had, and I trusted her more than anyone else.

Having her back would make me the happiest person on the planet. At least, that was what I thought at the time. Now I know how wrong I was.

Easing The Pressure


That day I felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about having a stranger in my house. And I wouldn’t have to watch my son 24/7 to ensure nothing happened to him.

There would be no more interviews that were filled with lies. And no more paying people for a day’s work. Everything had gone back to normal. If only I knew what normal was.

No More Checks


As soon as my mother-in-law returned to babysitting duty, my husband and I stopped checking the cameras. We had never had problems with her before and saw no reason to check up on her.

We would soon discover that not checking was a massive mistake. If we did, we could’ve stopped this madness much sooner.

One Day


Two months had passed since my mother-in-law returned to her duties. My son was seven months old at the time, and it seemed like everything was going well.

But on this particular day, I was feeling a little off. My stomach had been acting up the entire day, and for some reason, I had a nagging feeling to check up on my son.

Missing Him


I was missing my little boy. I didn’t know why I felt the way I did, but there was just something about that day that had me on edge.

It was like my motherly instincts were urging me to check on him, and each time I ignored them, they became worse. I tried to tell myself that everything was fine, but not even that seemed to help.

See His Face


All I wanted to do was see his face. To assure myself that he was fine and that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. His grandma was with him, after all.

What could possibly go wrong? I thought I was just overreacting because my emotions were getting the better of me. But I would soon discover that my instincts were right.

Logging In


After endless failed attempts of trying to calm myself down, I just gave in to my urges. I logged into the remote tracking app that came with the cameras, hoping to get a glimpse of my son.

I was completely unaware of what was happening at the time. But I would learn the shocking truth soon enough. What I saw broke me.



It took some time for the live stream to pop up, but when it did, I didn’t see anything. The house appeared to be empty, but I couldn’t see all the rooms at the time.

I looked through all the rooms on the ground floor and saw nothing. So I switched to the next screen and looked at all the rooms on the 1st floor.

Caught Off Guard


I saw that my mother-in-law was sitting on the bed in the baby’s room. For a moment, I thought that she was sleeping, but I quickly uncovered the truth.

My mother-in-law was nursing my son. At first, I was frozen with shock, but that shock was quickly replaced with rage. What on earth did she think she was doing?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.