Twin Is Born 3 Times Smaller Than Sibling, Doctor Realizes Mistake


None The Wiser

Tina stared blankly at the doctor. Her feelings and thoughts were unclear. Initially, she was thrilled to hear the doctor speak; what changed?

In retrospect, she wished the doctor had never made her situation known. It would not have been nearly as tragic for her if she had just remained blissfully ignorant.

The Plot Thickens


The first time Tina and Greg went for the treatment, they had no idea it would take such a sharp and unexpected turn. The risks were known, but they could have never prepared for what would soon follow.

Neither of them could have imagined how devastating their heartbreak would be. However, they were in a severe predicament and made the best decision they could.

What Led To This?


It was not obvious to the couple how things had developed so far, so fast. It was unclear why nobody noticed what was actually happening.

The possibility existed. Almost everyone knew that. It seemed that no one paid any mind to it. The couple now faced the ultimate cost.

In The Dark


Despite replaying the words over and over in her mind, Tina couldn’t make any sense of them. Her doctors missed the second baby, how in the world could they have overlooked it?

After undergoing dozens of ultrasounds, how could this have gone unmentioned? Although she understood it at first, it had been months since. What took them so long to discover it?

How Would It Turn Out?


During the doctor’s explanation, Tina was reduced to tears. Their notions about her pregnancy were not only altered. Her delivery was also affected.

However, their main concern was the baby’s survival. Due to her miniature size, both babies’ lives were at high risk.

The Rogan Family


It was clear that the Rogans enjoyed everything in life. Their jobs were high-paying, and they lived in their ideal world.

As long as Tina and Greg could remember, they had dreamed of raising their family in Montana. There was only one issue. The family did not yet have any children.

Years Of Trying


Despite trying for years, the couple had not been successful in falling pregnant. That’s when Tina found Dr. Sanders through a recommendation from one of her closest friends.

It had been a long journey for her friend to become a mom of two beautiful children after undergoing extensive fertility treatment. Her hope was that Tina and Greg would have the same turn of fate.

First Attempt


Despite mulling over the offer for a while, the couple was not convinced by the doctor’s suggestion. They would still be the parents of the child. Their approach would simply be found along the road less traveled.

As soon as they started the treatment, it proved successful. Being ecstatic and incredibly hopeful, they found out they were indeed pregnant within a matter of a few short months.

A Tough Pregnancy


Despite the doctor’s assurances, the couple was still apprehensive. Their past experiences with pregnancy had left them feeling completely and utterly defeated; they wanted to make sure everything went according to plan this time around.

In addition, getting this far had cost them greatly, they could not afford to throw in the towel now.

The Proper Method


They followed the doctor’s every instruction to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. Moreover, extra security measures were added to make sure everything was right as rain.

All they wanted was to do things properly and to finally have the child of their dreams. The first few months seemed to be a wild success.

Their Only Chance


Even though the pregnancy was a nerve-wracking one, it was progressing smoothly. The baby was growing as it should’ve been, and there wasn’t much to complain about.

But with it being their one and only chance, they might’ve gone a little overboard. Was that why they missed the subtle signs? Was that how they ended up in such a tragic situation?

A Miracle Baby


This was a miracle baby in the couple’s eyes. And they had already begun all the preparations. Little did they know that something completely unexpected would force them to change their plans.

What the doctor discovered at the later stages of the pregnancy would change everything they thought they knew. And it would change the course of the pregnancy completely.

Going Smoothly


With things going as smoothly as they were, nobody expected the drastic turn the pregnancy was about to take.

Not even the doctors had a hint of what was about to happen. But as the pregnancy was coming to an end and the couple was preparing to welcome the new addition to their family, the doctor discovered something that would change everything.

Final Weeks


It was the final weeks. The house had been set up, and the baby room was prepared. The couple was anxious, knowing that they had only one appointment left before they saw the doctor in the delivery room.

Little did they know that their last checkup would alter their life and plans forever. What did the doctor find?

One Last Checkup


On the day of the last checkup, Tina was incredibly nervous. She didn’t know why she felt the way she did. But it was like something inside of her was sending off warning signals.

She lay down on the bed and held her breath as the doctor pressed the cold gel into her skin. And that was when everything changed.

The Doctor Went Pale


The doctor pulled the screen away from the couple as the blood drained from her face. She swallowed hard and increased the pressure on Tina’s stomach.

At that point, everyone understood that something was wrong, but they had no idea what that something could possibly be. What had the doctor seen on that screen? Was the baby okay?

What Did She See?


“What’s going on?” Greg asked as he squeezed his wife’s hand. The doctor didn’t respond. She just squinted her eyes and leaned toward the screen as if she were trying to see things more clearly.

Tina’s heart was slamming against her chest. She couldn’t handle the situation anymore. All she wanted was to find out if her baby was okay or not.

Barely Able To Speak


The doctor turned her attention to the couple, who were anxiously waiting for answers. “The baby is fine, but…” she said in a faint whisper.

“But what?” Greg asked through gritted teeth. “But we missed something incredibly important, and now we’re having bigger problems than we should.” Tina closed her eyes as they filled with tears. What did they miss?

Bittersweet Discovery


“Could you please just tell us what’s going on,” Greg snapped. “There’s another baby. You’re having twins.” The doctor turned back to the screen.

“I have no idea how we missed this… Guys, we have a problem. The second baby isn’t as big as she should be. It seems like the umbilical cord is stuck, so she’s not getting enough nutrition.”

Chances Were Slim


“What does that mean?” Tina eventually managed to ask. With a sigh, the doctor put the ultrasound machine away and turned to face the couple once more.

“The baby has been starving for weeks if not months. The odds of her surviving are little to none.” The doctor’s confession was like a knife to the heart.

They Tried Everything


But now that the doctor knew what was actually going on, she tried her best to save the baby. She got in some expert advice. She even tried to free the umbilical cord.

An entire team was now trying to save the baby. But nothing they did seemed to help with the situation. The baby was still very small, and that meant her odds were slim.

She’s Not Going To Make It


At the end of the day, the doctors admitted that the baby wasn’t going to make it. She was just too small to make it through the delivery, and they couldn’t keep her in there longer than necessary.

The twins would be born in a matter of weeks. And sadly, she was just too small to live outside the womb. But this little baby was a fighter.

Emergency Delivery


Three weeks before her due date, the doctors decided to do an emergency C-section. The reason for that was to save the baby, even though it meant they could risk the life of the other.

At that point in time, the small baby was still alive, but that wouldn’t last much longer if they didn’t act immediately. Would they be successful?

Baby Number 1


Baby number one, Amber, came out fit and well. She was screaming at the top of her lungs like every healthy baby should.

The doctors even showed her to her parents. But even though she was healthy, she did need some extra care since she was born so early. And the doctors were more than happy to provide that.

Small But Fine


The problem with Amber was that she wasn’t fully developed yet. Being three weeks premature meant she was smaller than she should’ve been, and her body still needed to do some more development.

A few weeks in the NICU would whip her back into shape. She would be the perfectly healthy baby her parents had hoped for. Would her sister be as lucky?

Baby Number 2


A few minutes later, baby number 2, Amy, was born. She, however, wasn’t as perky and healthy as her sister was.

Amber was three times bigger than her twin, and even though she acted like every healthy baby would, her sister didn’t.

This time, the parents didn’t get to see the newborn as the nurses whisked her away as soon as she was ready to go.



The room was filled with silence when Amy was born. The baby didn’t cry, and her parents could see that everyone was just as concerned as they were. (valium)

After the nurses took her away, the silence persisted. It almost felt like they had failed, and they didn’t want to talk about it. Was that the right assumption? Had they failed in their quest to save the baby?

Heart-Stopping Moment


When the doctor was done stitching up the wound, he approached the couple. He let out a deep breath as he took a seat beside them, and it took him a moment to speak.

“They’re both alive,” he finally said. “But baby number 2 is not in good shape. She’ll need a lot of extra care. And it will take a while for us to know whether she’s out of the woods or not.”

She Was Alive


The next couple of days were more nerve-wracking than the entire pregnancy. Baby Amy’s condition was incredibly unstable.

There were moments when the doctors rushed into the room because something had set off the beeper on her heart rate monitor. But one thing was for sure. She was still alive, and she was fighting every step of the way.

Incredibly Small


Five days after Amy was born, her parents were finally able to see her. And even though the doctor warned them that she was small, they couldn’t believe it when they saw her.

Amy was so small that she could easily fit into her father’s hand – a drastic shift when compared to her twin sister.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.