A List Of The Most Awkward Things To Happen At A Sleepover


Teenage Shenanigans

We all know what it’s like to be young and irresponsible. Teenagers are full of all kinds of shenanigans and when you mix that with sleepovers, you’re bound to end up with a lot of memorable pranks.

Some pranks are hilarious, while others take things way too far. In this list, we will be looking at some of Reddit’s worst sleepover pranks.

Under Attack

Public Domain

Back in middle school and high school, my friends and I would have sleepovers quite often on the weekends. We would always wait for a few friends to fall asleep before we’d play some pranks on them.

One night I was the first to pass out, so they decided it would be a good idea to wake me up by means of a leaf blower. Imagine waking up to those intense winds and the loud sound of a leaf blower. I immediately thought I was under attack.

Story Credit: Reddit/Deleted User

He Ran Out

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I was having a sleepover at my cousin’s house (one was 18, and the other was about ten at the time). We had returned from watching the grudge, and the younger one had joined us but was very scared of the movie and the “grunge sound” the creepy lady makes.

So at one point in the evening, the kid went to the washroom and left the door open, and my cousin and I decided to hide around the corner and make the grudge sound. The kid got so scared that he ran out of the washroom with pants at his waist.

Story Credit: Reddit/Deleted User

Face Covered In Shaving Cream

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A friend of ours had a tendency to pass out, so we warned him that if he fell asleep first, we would mess with him. Cut to about a half-hour later. He’s asleep. We fill a soft plastic plate with shaving cream and have one friend hold it above his sleeping face.

Another friend and I are standing a bit out of the way, and we call his cell phone, that’s in his pocket. He shoots up and proceeds to answer the phone call as if nothing happened. I chatted with him about an assignment we had for a solid three minutes before he realized he was at a sleepover at my house, and his face was covered in shaving cream.

Story credit – Reddit/rockeytheboxer

No Swearing

YouTube/Lance Stewart

My friends did this after we played the “No Cursing Game” during a birthday party sleepover. Pretty simple, you cannot curse the whole night, and if you did, there was a huge list of messed-up things you had to choose from. One was the shaving of the eyebrow. They both came into high school with one eyebrow shaved, and the other just so happened to draw his own. It was pretty hysterical.

Some other items off the list were the mystery drink, where we had a crazy concoction of stuff that someone had to drink. Another was when we tied a friend to a pole and basically could do whatever we pleased with him.

Story credit – Reddit/drtide04

Peed Their Pants

YouTube/Pranksters In Love

My bros and I have always tried that “hand in warm water” trick. But it would never work for some reason. We don’t know if we did something wrong, but we got sick of the inconsistency and came up with our own trick.

We would end up just pouring a little bit of the water on their crotch. Followed up by waking them up by screaming, “Dude, you just peed your pants!”

Story credit – Reddit/pwhippie06

Creepy Doll


Okay, so I moved into a new house about eight months ago. Upon entering the house for the first time after purchase, I noticed the house was completely empty, except for a straw voodoo doll hanging in what I intended to be my bedroom. All of my friends are scared to death of this thing.

So one night, me and my buddy noticed that our friend had passed out on the couch. We decided that it would be brilliant to put the doll right next to him while he was asleep. Twenty minutes later, we hear screaming and a thud from the next room. Most hilarious sleepover ever.

Story credit – Reddit/silverglobe

Burning Hot


My friends and I decided to play a prank on my friend because he was the first to fall asleep. So I got a habanero out of its fridge and popped it in my friend’s face while he was fast asleep. But it didn’t go to plan.

I meant to run it on his lips so it might tingle, but I started laughing, and it popped between my fingers, splattering his face with more capsicum than any man should endure. Hilarity ensued.

Story credit – Reddit/jakov1337

Martial Arts


So I’m an extremely light sleeper, and I’ve been doing martial arts for just over ten years now. A few months ago, after a little kickback, I decided to go to sleep since I had work early the next morning – twenty minutes later, I woke up with a slight tickling sensation on my forehead, and in my alcohol-induced haze and bleary eyes I thought it was an attacker with a gun or a knife at my head. I panicked, shot out of bed, sprained his wrist, knocked him out with a ridge hand blow to the temple before I realized it was my friend and two others were standing behind him.

He was holding a sharpie and was in the process of writing something on my forehead… needless to say, they never really pranked me again. I would have apologized, but it was a bad thing to do, and I told him he was just lucky I didn’t end up breaking the wrist and/or getting a concussion. True story.

Story credit – Reddit/nitrous2401

Mean Girls

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In middle school, I was invited to a sleepover at a girl’s house who lived on my street. It turns out they only invited me to make fun of me. So, I didn’t want to put up with their stuff anymore.

I pretended to be asleep, and they put my hand In a glass of water so I would pee myself or something. After they fell asleep, I poured the water on one of them and went home.

Story credit – Reddit/Katieandjunk

Permanent Marker

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One of my friends in residence passed out after a night of drinking, so a few of us decided to draw on him with a permanent marker. Instead of doing the stereotypical things and what-have-you, we decided to give him a sharpie mustache.

The next day he woke up around 8 AM, went to breakfast in the cafeteria, went to all of his morning classes, and did not realize until around 11:30 AM when he came back into res cussing at the top of his lungs.

Story credit – Reddit/HEJDUK-EN

Truth Or Dare

Public Domain

I could hear my sister and her friends playing Truth or Dare, and I became very interested when I heard one of her friends choose the dare.

“You have to go into my brother’s room and throw this glass of water on him while he’s sleeping,” my sister told her, and all the other girls agreed with loud giggles.

I immediately put some pillows under the covers on my bed to make it look like I was sleeping there and got back into the closet, keeping the doors open just a crack so that I could peek out.

Sure enough, after a minute or so, I watch the girl bravely open my bedroom door carefully and sneak into my darkroom on tiptoes. She hurls the water at my sleeping form and goes running out of the room but stops. She’s puzzled at why the cold water didn’t wake me up.

Story credit – Reddit/Cyclura

Michael Myers

YouTube/Akil Currie

I warned one of my friends not to go to sleep at his own birthday party, as there were ten mischievous teens (including me) waiting for him to fall asleep. Fast forward 10 minutes, he’s on his bed dreaming away, so we ceramic wrapped him to his bed.

A friend dressed up like Michael Myers and stared at him from the foot of his bed. He woke up later and screamed an ungodly noise when he realized he couldn’t move. Many laughs were had.

Story credit – Reddit/iinight


Public Domain

I attempted this once. I was having a sleepover at my house with a few friends because it was my 12th birthday. To make things more fun, we all decided that whoever fell asleep first would have a prank played on them.

The time comes, and I realize I didn’t actually think of a real prank. Because I’m so lame when it comes to things like this, all I did was take a small plastic cup (like the ketchup containers at restaurants) with wasabi in it from those Japanese take-out places and put it under her nose.
She got annoyed and said it burned a lot, but I’ve done this to myself before (because why not?), and I was fine afterward. We’ll laugh about it now, though.

Story credit – Reddit/Senior_Troll

Locked An Indoor Closet

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About 10 of us were sleeping over at that same friend’s house. Three of us slept in the closet because it was a walk-in. Tight fit…but better than finding more space on the floor in the room. But little did we know, the night wasn’t over.

After we fell asleep, a couple from the main room closed the door, blocked it so we couldn’t get out, and sprayed a can and a half of Axe in there. It was probably dangerous looking back, but we were teenagers.

Story credit – Reddit/disgruntled-thomas