They Might Cost A Pretty Penny, But Are Worth Every Cent: the Best Hybrids Under $50,000r

Most hybrids in the $50k range are SUVs or trucks, and that is the average you’ll pay for something with a lot of size, power and decent MPGs. We’ve created this list of Top 5 Hybrids $40,000 and Below to help you find your next green, gas saving vehicle.

5 Toyota Highlander Hybrid (28 City / 28 Highway) – Average Price: $38,000-44,000

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One of the higher MPGs found in a cross-over SUV, the Highlander is not only fuel efficient but handles great and feels expensive inside. The ride inside the Highlander Hybrid is comfortable and there is plenty of towing power behind the 280 horsepower engine. The third row is a bit cramped, but that is expected in most crossovers anyways.

4 Lexus RX 450h (32 City / 28 Highway) – Average Price: $46,000

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For the price, this crossover SUV is a pretty good deal because of all the standard luxury features included. The interior and exterior are both what you would come to expect in a luxury SUV of this type: nice, but nothing too edgy. The 270 horsepower, V6 engine provides enough ‘oomph’ for most drivers and the well-built suspension system creates a super comfortable ride, if not the most exciting one. At the price it sells for, you are getting a great deal compared to some Hybrid SUVs which are just a few thousand dollars less and come with far less, including smaller seating room.

3 Lexus ES 300h (40 City / 39 Highway) – Average Price: $39,000

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Lexus’ newest hybrid is a pretty awesome looking car. With its sharp front grille, and edgy lines merging with a refined sleekness, it simply leaps and bounds over the styling of the 250h. The interior does no wrong either: soothing, mellow blue lights, an easy to navigate and read dashboard/console UI all work to make a nice looking car. The ES also gives you one heck of a comfortable drive too. If you’re looking to whip around with something fun and spry, we recommend the Lexus 200h, but the ES is more like the 450h in terms of drivability – not bad at all, but a focus on comfort and luxury first. Still, even with the more conservative luxury designs on the inside, the outside body gives much more expressive and edgy looks.

2 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid (20 City / 23 Highway) – Average Price: $42,000-48,000

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If you have to have a Chevy and you want something greener with higher MPGs than the gas-only Silverado, then the hybrid version will be your first choice in hybrids. It’s a little expensive, its drastically underpowered, the hybrid engine and gas engine don’t always play nice, and it is plagued with the common engineering problems of early hybrids (odd regenerative braking) but alas, it’s a Chevy Silverado and it has a hybrid engine. If that’s your thing, at least you will get a ton of standard features, a great diversity in packages and trim styles, and that giant Chevy symbol on the front. Though the Silverado hybrid’s towing capacity is underwhelming, and the V8 engine feels like it should have more roar, it’s not that bad of a truck overall, just a little overpriced. Still, it’s iconic and it’s made for those with a love for trucks who want to make their lives a bit greener. That’s why it makes us happy to even have an option for a huge pick up on the hybrid market.

1 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid (20 City / 23 Highway) – Average Price: $41,000-48,000

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Two electric motors perform a fine dance with the 6.0 liter, V8 engine, making the GMC Sierra get really good MPGs. The Sierra Hybrid finds all sorts of ways to help save gas via feats of engineering. The Sierra is also highly customizable in terms of convince options and body trim. Overall, someone looking for a serious amount of truck, with a good savings on MPGs, the Sierra is the best place to turn. Remember, that higher price tag is getting you a ton of power and size on four wheels that still keeps your MPGs higher than most gas-only trucks.

As you can see, most vehicles falling into this price range are crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. It’s good to know there are options out there for us truck lovers that can make the world a little greener and keep us from stopping at the gas station over and over again on those long hauls.

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