These Are the Best Hybrids for $40,000 and Under

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The average price bracket for a hybrid is between 30k and 40k and if you are looking for one in this price range, you are in luck, as your choices greatly increase. Even at this price tag you will probably still save money on the overall yearly gas usage/price tag ratio. We’ve come up with a list of Top 5 Hybrids $40,000 and Below to help you pick the best of the best.

5 Lexus 200h (43 City / 40 Highway) – Average Price: $28,000-32,000

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We love the Lexus 200h because not only does it offer a ton of interior and exterior bells and whistles at standard price, but it also is a great looking hatchback with a ton of power and awesome handling. You can expect the comfort of a Lexus in the 200h along with a great drive. Best of all, this hybrid gets truly great MPGs. The price breaks 30k, but it’s worth every penny for such a fun, furious ride that will save you gas in style.

4 Acura ILX Hybrid (24 City / 35 Highway) – Average Price: $28,000-32,000

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You’re either an Acura fan or you aren’t, and if you are, then the ILX is Acura’s attempt to deliver a hybrid engine into one of your favorite makes. Of course the ILX is based on the Civic, but offers a little more luxury. How much more luxury? Not as much as Honda wants you to believe, considering the Lexus still feels a bit cozier inside than the Acura and for around the same price. Speaking of being a Civic, the Civic Hybrid does a bit better in MPGs too, but if you have to have an Acura (and a hybrid) then the ILX is your number one choice. Be wary of that cramped back seat though.

3 Buick Regal Hybrid (25 City / 36 Highway) – Average Price: $29,000-34,000

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Buicks have come a long way, but have always offered the same quality in comfort, size and class throughout the years. Now one of the safest makes of cars on the market and comfortable to boot, fans love their Buicks. The eAssistengine cuts gas usage off at choice times to boost fuel economy without making you feel the lag. 2.4 liters and 182 ponies under the hoodfeel beefy even though the car is quite heavy. Driving the Regal is an absolute joy and a testament to comfort and design. The Regal takes you away from the archaic old styling of past Buicks and brings it into the true upper tiers of luxurious looking autos. The Regal may not quite be the American M5 or anything (not yet), but GM has done all it can to keep the Buick name held high in both aesthetics and engineering.

2 Lincoln MkZ Hybrid (18 City / 27 Highway) – Average Price: $35,000

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You buy a Lincoln for looks and comfort, and the MkZ has it all, including a powerful engine that delivers higher MPGs than the Lincolns of the past. Still, at the price you pay, the interior feels a bit cheap and underwhelming compared the lower priced Lexus 200h. Luxury and comfort are key in the Lincoln, and if you want that distinct body styling and something a bit more green, then the MkZ Hybrid is the way to go.

1 Lexus 250h (35 City / 34 Highway) – Average Price: $36,000-39,000

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Out of all the Lexus hybrids, the Lexus 250h might be the weakest of choices, but that still doesn’t mean it’s a not a great car. By all means, if you aren’t into SUVs or hot-hatches, then the Lexus 250h offers a more refined sedan. It still has a sleek Lexus look and the typical Lexus creature comforts. These come at a good price as far as Tier 1 luxury is concerned too. Overall, the 250h is a nice drive, but it just doesn’t have the same kick as the 200h does.

Comfort and drivability meet high MPGs these days in most hybrid cars. At the$40,000 mark you have many options to choose from, but these five cars should be your first choices when going to look for your next gas saving green machine.

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