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For Those In The Market For A Luxurious Hybrid: Look No Further Than These 5 Right Here

These days even the most elite and high-end car makers are coming out with their own lines of hybrid vehicles to help towards a greener future. We know some of you are looking for something a bit more elite when it comes to hybrid vehicles, so we’ve come up with our list of Top 5 Hybrids $75,000 and Below.

5 GMC Yukon Hybrid (20 City / 23 Highway) – Average Price 61,000k

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If you are looking for a truck with better MPGs than usual, then the GMC Yukon is a good place to look. With amazing seating capacity and interior room (though a bit cramped on the third seat), the Yukon is a great family machine or for those who just need a lot of power and space. The Yukon Hybrid feels just as rugged as its gas-only version, with plenty of roar under the hood. Keep in mind though that the gas-only Yukin model can tow much more (about a ton extra) anddrivability is much more comfortable in either the Touareg or Porsche Cayenne. Still, we love the rugged, work-horse GMC Yukon and its gas saving engine.

4 VolkswagenTouareg (20 City / 24 Highway) – Average price $62,000

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With 380 HP, and a similar hybrid/gas drive train as the Porsche Cayenne, the VW Touareg is one of the more drivable hybrid SUVsout there (assuming you aren’t trying to head to Porsche territory). The electric engine plays a nice game of tag with the gas engine (even on the highway) providing incredible power in this German SUV. The Touareg is another one of those hybrids which will again, just as the other cars on this list, make you wonder if you’re even driving a hybrid.

3 BMW ActiveHybrid 5 (23 City / 34 Highway) – Average price $62,000

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BMW’s ActiveHybrid 5 is a fabulous hybrid, and that is because it’s another hybrid that doesn’t feel exactly at all like driving a hybrid. Essentially a 535i, the BMW ActiveHybrid eliminates those issues you find in lower end Hybrids, streamlining the driver’s commands to the engine. Without jerky motions, weird starting and stopping, the odd feeling of regenerative braking, the BMW has made everything absolutely smooth. The ActiveHybrid 5 is truly an ultimate driving machine (as BMW likes to claim it is).

2 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid (20 City / 24 Highway) – Average price: $67,000

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There’s nothing like a Porsche, and their ever popular Cayenne gets a hybrid engine to raise the MPGs a bit in this long running model. Why is the Porsche Cayenne so awesome? Well, first it’s a Porsche, which means its drivability is amazing. For an SUV, the Cayenne feels fast, is amazing to handle, and even the hybrid version will make you feel like your speeding along in a fully fledged gas-only vehicle. The interior is gorgeous, the outside is sleek. The only downside is that you won’t get as many bells and whistles and standard features without hefting the price up and up, but if you have bought Porches in the past, you already know that is an issue with these cars.

1 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (20 City / 23 Highway) – Average price: $75,000

If you have to have luxury and you have to have an SUV, and you want to eek those MPGs up a bit from a full blown gas-only engine, then the Escalade Hybrid is a great choice. The Escalade is a monstrously sized vehicle, and is a true truck in its own right. Even with a Hybrid drivetrain, there is a ton of power throw around here — this thing is beefy in size and power. What we absolutely love about the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (and Cadillac’s in general) is that you get tons of extra features that come absolutely standard. Even at base you are getting so much great stuff, it might be hard to look at other luxury models which seem pretty bare at base.

When you begin to look at higher-end models of hybrids, the line between gas-only and hybrid engines begins to blur in terms of driving experience. It is good to see that we don’t have to sacrifice drivability and power to get higher MPGs and a greener engine.

When you begin to look at higher-end models of hybrids, the line between gas-only and hybrid engines begins to blur in terms of driving experience. It is good to see that we don’t have to sacrifice drivability and power to get higher MPGs and a greener engine.

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