Don’t Sabotage Your Efforts! Avoid These Barriers to Weight Loss!

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Weight loss seems like the never-ending quest for many of us who crave that lean attractive silhouette that stays that way effortlessly. We eye scones with the glare of an enemy and yet we so desire them, particularly when we are dieting. It’s an ironic twist of fate to want more of what you can’t have at a time that is very meaningful to you to get your health and weight in optimal condition. Thankfully, there are a few ways we can recognize what are actual barriers to weight loss and what actually are not.

A lot of what we go through when trying to lose weight is actually more emotional than it is physical (your body doesn’t actually physically need that scone for example, but maybe when you feel emotionally deprived from your comfort foods, its pull seems stronger than ever). There are a few ways to get in your favorite foods and relax on the hours at the gym while losing weight and it is a lot easier than you would believe…

5 Over Exercising

Over exercising is one of the worst things we can do when we are trying to lose weight. It is abusive to our bodies, obsessive and can cause long term damage. After working off 900 calories, we also tend to be ravenous so having a healthy meal doesn’t sound as appealing as something less healthy, or a massive portion that will negate the calories burned. Don’t hurt your body. Respect it and remember that it has needs that are specific and non-emotional. It needs rest, movement and high quality nourishment, so exercise in a way that is beneficial and healthful, not hurtful. By exercising in a less aggressive way, you will find your appetite is smaller and you will be able to feel more in control of your choices.

4 Eating a Large Breakfast

Eating a large breakfast sounds like a good way to start your day but in fact because the breakfast in generally fairly complex in terms of food combinations, it takes hours and a lot of effort by your digestive system to break everything down into a liquid to utilize as energy. This takes away energy that could otherwise have you feeling light, fresh and ready to go. Eating light to heavy throughout the day will help you feel lighter in the day and more grounded in the evening. Try starting your day with a fresh vegetable juice and some fruit to feel real energy while allowing your body to cleanse.

3 Eating Lots of ‘Dry’ Foods

Whether it’s refined factory foods, homemade baked goods or even dehydrated raw crackers, these foods have little water content in them and so they have a hard time moving through the intestinal tract, hence our need to drink so much water. If most of what we eat is water-rich foods (aka fruits, vegetables and whole grains) we will have little problem with bloating, constipation, and weight retention. The more hydrated we are, the easier it is for our bodies to process foods and let them go as well as clean out the fat stores we often hold on our bellies, butts and thighs.

2 Eating Refined Foods

We all know refined foods are bad for our bodies, as they never evolved to really know how to deal with them. They sludge through the bodies slowly, and with difficulty, and require vast amounts of our own stores of enzymes and water to get through, hence our constipation issues. When foods sit in our bodies for a long time, they also provide an excellent breeding ground for bad bacteria, which eventually will overtake the good bacteria. Such occurrences can cause candida issues which in turn lead to many other detrimental bodily issues, including the inability to lose weight and intense cravings for sweet and refined foods.

1 Combining Lots of Different Kinds of Food in One Meal

Combining proteins, starches and fats or different kinds all in one meal is not beneficial and may cause digestive upset. Many of us think that the more nutritious foods we can smash together in a salad or smoothie, the better, but unless they combine well, meaning digest easily, you are setting yourself up for a plateau, or worse, weight gain. When you throw meat, nuts, cheese, and fruit all together in your salad, your stomach has to pump out digestive enzymes that can neutralize one another. Your food will end up sitting in your stomach for much longer than needed, and often the nutrients are not as optimally absorbed as if you had a well-combined meal, which can be enjoyed in much heartier quantities than the miscombined unsatisfying portions repeated over and over in health and fitness magazines. Find a way to get your hands on a book on food combining and be prepared to actually satisfy your appetite while losing weight.

When we are losing weight sometimes we don’t realize things that may be holding back our efforts, and ironically they tend to be the things we have to force ourselves to do – exercise, eat a big breakfast etc. By relaxing, looking at your body as having its own needs separate from your emotional needs and treating yourself with respect and kindness, you will find that you will connect with your body much more easily and learn how to help it release the weight with little hardship and no obsessive tendencies

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