There’s Nothing These People Won’t Do For Attention


Lying And Deceit

We’ve all experienced our fair share of attention seekers in our lives. But sometimes, these people can take things a little too far until no one really knows where the lies stop or where the truth begins.

Lucky for us, some Redditors have shared their stories of people that have pushed the boundaries of lying and deceit just to get some attention. These Redditors have hopefully learned from these stories and found better friends to spend their time with.

Train-Wreck Relationship


My best friend was in a train-wreck of a relationship with a woman who had some serious issues due to a former partner’s infidelity. Maybe two or three weeks after they broke up, she seemed to have accepted that it was really over. A mysterious fire started in her condo, leaving her without a place to live.

And despite being insanely wealthy, she really felt like the best place for her, and her dog would be my friend’s tiny apartment. They just needed something “familiar” after the trauma. He wisely refused. You will never, ever convince me she didn’t start that fire herself.

Story credit – Reddit/pdxcranberry

Just An Acquaintance

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Classmate: “My Nigerian boyfriend broke up with me after his parents rejected me for being white! My life is the worst!” Everyone eats that stuff up and starts gathering around her like a flock of hens at feeding time.

Find out not long ago, the Nigerian fella was only ever an acquaintance, and they went out for a drink once and only once. He’s in a different program at our university but avoids her like the plague now.

Story credit – Reddit/duermando



My ex was a hypochondriac and addicted to going to the hospital. She would pick symptoms of conditions that my close family members were affected by to try and make me feel that much more sorry for her. One time she called me crying, saying the doctor said she was “pre-diabetic” because my father was diabetic.

So I rush to see her, and she’s acting as if nothing happens when I bring it up a few days later, and she says, “oh, haha! I just drank a coke before having my blood drawn. It must have messed up the test, hehe.”

Story credit – Reddit/Runs-towards-fire



I shattered my ankle and tore some doo-dads in my knee. Unable to walk for a few months. Days after my accident, she had a mysterious accident which she received no medical treatment for but required her to use crutches (when convenient)

I found out my long-time boyfriend was cheating on me a ton and lying to his friends and family about our relationship. She starts getting histrionic about how her boyfriend is clearly cheating on her. (He wasn’t)

Story credit – Reddit/pdxcranberry

“Perfect Boyfriend.”


I have a friend’s mom on Facebook (she’s also a grandma) who does this, and she’s in her 50s. She posted a flurry of vague book statuses after she (presumably) divorced her husband, and she now has a 33-year old “perfect boyfriend.”

He got her a promise ring for their one-month anniversary, and of course, they both made a bunch of posts on Facebook saying, “our love is eternal. It’s not like high school with all the drama”.

Story credit – Reddit/cyborgratchet

Horrible Sister


I went to a wedding last fall where the sister of the bride rolled up in her luxury SUV and got out wearing a white flowing lace dress and had her kids dressed to the nines in tiny and expensive formal wear. The wedding was an outdoor one with everyone else, including the bride, wearing their casual work clothes because the big formal wedding had to be postponed.

The sister also officiated the wedding and proceeded to read four pages of biblical quotes on the nature of marriage and commitment (heavily leaning on “marriage is a covenant, and forever” because the bride was a divorcee and had previously broken the parents’ hearts by eloping). Then she said she was too busy to come to dinner with everyone and left immediately after the ceremony.

Story credit – Reddit/otisanek

Fancy Dress


My cousin’s mom wore a black and magenta prom dress with a train (and very bedazzled) to the cousin’s last-minute wedding. It was fancier than my cousin’s wedding dress (hideous…but much fancier).

Like, take a step back, lady. 1. Your daughter is getting married, not you. You have already done that FIVE times. ( 2. That dress would have really been sweet about 12 years prior to the wedding.

Story credit – Reddit/Wedgiewoman0416

He Was Really Odd


There was a lad who was a bit older, about 21 at the time, who would put things like “might get married this year” on his Facebook just to make them, say, the 18-year-old girl he was chatting to jealous though they had never met. This happened a lot. He was really odd, like the time I was near him in a library and he, recognizing me, pretended he was on the phone talking to a girl.

It didn’t ring in the hilarious way it sometimes does in movies when someone pretends to be on it, but the librarian told him to keep the noise down, and he apologized and forgot he was on the phone. He never carried on the conversation, just stood there with the silent phone in his hand, looking at books.

Story credit – Reddit/JofusSunshyne

Had A Date


There was a guy in our car club. We’d gotten together for a meeting to work on our cars, and after a while, he called me to let me know he couldn’t make it because he was going out with a woman instead.

I told him no problem and good luck, then I told the others that he wasn’t going to make the meet, and the reaction was, “Oh, too bad, maybe next time.” Later, I found out I was SUPPOSED to tell them he was on a date, and he was upset that I hadn’t conveyed that information.

Story credit – Reddit/skaterrj

Ruining A Pizza


The most hated girlfriend out of my group of friends was upset that no one noticed her new haircut at my friend’s going away military party. So what did she do? She got a hold of the pizza we had ordered (we were all outside) and threw it in the pool, then went home.

We were broke recent high school graduates who poured ALL of the money we had into that pizza just to watch it fall apart in a pool. She was kicked out of the friend group shortly after.

Story credit – Reddit/SheZowRaisedByWolves

Facebook Messenger


Shortly after my ex and I broke up, she made a group chat on Facebook Messenger with our mutual friends and me in it, saying she was deactivating her Facebook account (I forget her reason for it), leaving everyone confused.

I was at work when it happened and went online to see the group chat and a few messages from our friends asking if I knew what was up. Like any other attention-seeker, she re-activated her Facebook an hour later.

Story Credit – Reddit/Cyanide_revolver

A Catfish


I found out my sister likes to catfish guys online. Apparently, she’s a bad one too. So she doesn’t pretend to be another person. She gets on there and gives them her real name and everything and then makes plans, and when the time comes for plans, she disappears. She’s not on Facebook or anything, so she just vanishes. Her problem is she’s gone as far as to show them me and my wife and daughter on Facebook.

So this led to a guy messaging my wife on Facebook and saying, “Hey, I know your so and so’s sister-in-law. I haven’t heard from her in a few days, and I’m supposed to pick her up at the airport in a couple of days”. Apparently, my sister told this dude she was moving from Alabama to California to open a flower shop, and she wanted to meet up with him and all. My wife and I are angry, and I call my sister and go off on her. She plays dumb, but I keep at it and finally find out what it is. She’s a catfish.

Story credit – Reddit/TwilightBeastLink

Seeking Attention


Ex best friend was angry that this mutual friend was paying attention to me in a flirty way, which was weird because she had a fiancé. When I went to go pee, she apparently said something pretty rude.

It was along the lines of, “you’re actually attracted to girls with brown eyes?” She then started getting drunk and trying to get random dudes to dance with her. We were 22, and I didn’t expect her to act so immaturely.

Story credit – Reddit/LiquidLady11

Fishing For Compliments


My little cousin will come into the bathroom, sit down and look in the mirror, only to start talking about how cute she is. Asking me, “isn’t this selfie cute” I will agree, and she will say, “I know, right.” How good she is at doing her hair. How everybody thinks she’s mixed.

Asking me if I think she’s skinny. She just fishes for compliments on a daily and talks about her appearance. I want my cousin to actually realize that Her being like that lets people know how insecure she actually is. It’s sickening and so annoying.

Story credit – Reddit/keke_j