This Precision Engineered Cannabis Ashtray Locks In Unwanted Odors

The Ultimate Ashtray, better known as Ash, revolutionizes your smoking experience. It’s like the Tesla of ashtrays.

With 18 states and the District of Columbia legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, this year, nearly half the country freely celebrated 420. And thanks to legalization, you never have to smoke ragweed again. So why are you still using rudimentary accessories that were actually designed for cigarette smoking? You know, like that gross ashtray you barely ever clean? Step into the future of next-level cannabis consumption with Vessel Brand’s latest creation: Ash, The Ultimate Ashtray.

What is Ash?


Image via Vessel Brands

The Ultimate Ashtray, better known as Ash, revolutionizes your smoking experience. It’s like the Tesla of ashtrays, thanks to its artful nesting design that gives users more functionality than any other ashtray. Ever. Seriously.

By using three stackable layers, the geniuses at Vessel Brands developed the first ashtray that not only stores your smoking accessories but also saves unsmoked joints while locking in any unwanted smells.

The Ash’s bottom layer is the building block that supports the entire ashtray. It’s made of elegant walnut and built to stash your favorite smoking accouterments, including vapes, lighters, rolling papers, and even a small grinder. Now you’ll never have to wonder where your lighter is because it’s exactly where you left it: inside your ashtray.

Next, comes the concrete ashtray that fits over the storage layer. Vessel Brands uses materials known to last a lifetime, which is why they opted for buffed concrete that’s built with a concave center. With two indented corners, there’s a built-in resting place for joints.

However, what really makes Ash The Ultimate Ashtray is its beautiful walnut lid. It expertly traps unwanted odors so that your environment never smells gross like stale smoke. But that’s not all. You can also use the ashtray portion to tuck unfinished joints until it’s 420 again.

What Is Vessel Brands?

Ash ultimate ashtray

Image via Vessel Brands

Vessel Brands creates products that are built better, designed smarter, and inspire optimism and happiness. This is more than apparent with their latest smoking accessory, Ash. Their products have such incredible detailing that they’re practically pieces of functional art. Everything they create can be mistaken for beautiful home decor. Their products look as stylish while in use as they do sitting on a shelf.

So if your process for smoking marijuana is as important to you as getting high, you need to start using the Ash. Once you do, you’ll understand why Vessel Brands is one of the leading producers of cannabis consumer technology.