Arrest Warrant Issued For WWE’s Paige Over Orlando Airport Incident

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WWE Superstar Paige was involved in an altercation at an Orlando, Florida airport a few weeks back. The incident seemed to involve her boyfriend/fiance and GFW World Champion Alberto El Patron. Known as Alberto Del Rio, he met Paige while coming back to WWE. The two became an item and soon seemed to get into several issues together.


Alberto would leave WWE, and it seemed Paige tried to get fired by trying to fail multiple drug tests. Her brother confirmed this year however, Alberto had been beating Paige a great deal for the past six months. She was also in a picture looking noticeably small in comparison to her original look. Enough to even see her ribs.


That brought us to the past few weeks, in which it appeared that Paige was involved in an altercation with Alberto in which she hit him. A 911 call was posted to TMZ in which you could hear Paige arguing with Alberto and it seemed obvious the two had been fighting for some time. He claimed he would press charges, and Paige could be overheard saying “I’m always trying to get away from you, you never let me get away.” That brings us to today.


Paige Charged With Battery


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Initially, Alberto El Patron was suspended by GFW when reports came out that he was under investigation for domestic assault. However, the charges were dropped and according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, police then went toward Paige as the culprit. She was initially not even under investigation by police but then somehow was out of nowhere. This led to the possibility that she would be suspended by the WWE.


No formal charges had come out, but that was until today. The Florida State Attorney’s office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit has made the final decision to file battery charges against Paige. This was over her attacking Alberto. Police determined probable cause exist to charge Paige with battery, which was sent to the detectives at the State Attorney’s office. This was where they would decide whether or not charges would be filed or not.


A Representative for the Orlando Police Department told Pro Wrestling Times that they informed the San Antonio PD of this. They have now issued a warrant for the arrest of Paige, where charges will officially be brought against her. The investigation with Alberto has not yet been completed as of yet however.


El Patron wrestled in Monterrey, Mexico over the weekend where she joined him. The theory is that if they have returned back to the United States, they would have gone through Texas. This is why they issued the warrant. Her representative has yet to respond to any of the reports nor made contact with any media regarding them.


What Happens To Paige Now?



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As it stands, just because Paige is probably going to be arrested…she could get bail very quickly from this. This means you won’t hear of Paige remaining in jail for weeks before her trial. However, it does mean that WWE will most likely suspend her indefinitely per their Domestic Violence Policy.


WWE will most likely not fire her unless she happens to be convicted of the crime. Charges were pressed seemingly by El Patron originally, who said he would do so when screaming at Paige during the 911 call obtained by TMZ. The fact that she is still traveling with him despite apparently having charges pressed by him is interesting.


This did happen in an airport, which means there is a likelihood that Alberto did not have to press charges. Some can be brought against her due to the fact that she is not an U.S. citizen, and she was involved in a place where assault or battery is taken far more serious than any other venue. She very well could lose her VISA over the conviction, which would force her to go back to the UK until she was allowed back in the U.S.

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