40 Animals That Look Like They’re About to Drop the Hottest Album Ever

Need a good laugh? Check out these great animal photoshoots that look like they could be used as promo for the hottest album ever.

We’ve come across some animal photos that look like they’re ready to drop the next album that will give Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran AND Drake a run for their money.

Ever looked at your pet and noticed how much more photogenic they are compared to you? Sometimes it just happens naturally, or are they actually posing? The photos look like real-life animal photoshoots and they are absolute fire. From a group of dogs in check shirts redefining squad goals to a cat’s reflection bringing the moodiest vibes, the animal kingdom is bringing their A-game to the music scene. They are not relying on cliche backdrops, just their natural ability to look cool AF.

Check out these 40 animal album covers to brighten up your day:

1.) The band, Horns & Hooves, are about to drop the best folk music album of all time

Animal Photoshoots - funny group

We wonder what the songs will be about?

Do they wish they had better food? Or a better home?

2.) Bringing their next album straight from the streets

Animal Photoshoots

Wow, rap battle 2018 in the building!

The pigeon gang will BLOW you away.

3.) This album cover is ready to win hearts with the use of the ultimate comb over

Animal Photoshoots

The comb-over reminds us of an old emo band.

Now they just need to die their hair black and wears lots of black eyeliner. Does anyone remember that stage?

4.) Perfecting the blue steel pose for their next heavy metal album

Animal Photoshoots

Derek Zoolander would be JEALOUS of how amazing this blue steel is.

Can we hear some screamo from the one on the left?

5.) Hottest mandrill mixtape of the year

Animal Photoshoots

This was definitely an album from cover back in the 80’s.

There will be a lot of feelings and sad music on this album.

6.) Hooty & the Howler are ready to drop their new album

Animal Photoshoots

Hooty and the Blow Fish, is that you?!

The owl will be the most vocal out of this bunch.

7.) The Electric Rock Penguins

Animal Photoshoots

We can see this being a power struggle because they are definitely all great singers.

They look mean, but adorable!

8.) The Catnip Hunters are ready to top the charts

Animal Photoshoots

You better watch out for these cats.

They are a mean bunch that will kill your pet rat.

9.) The Real Snoop-Dogs waiting for their moment

Animal Photoshoots

Snoop Dog would be honored to have these cuties on an album.

Wait, is the cat supposed to be there?

10.) The Black-Eyed Nutters

Animal Photoshoots

Not trying to throw shade, but they would be better singers than the real Black-Eyed Peas.

They will always be natural with their voices and no autotune.

11.) Move over Sam Smith, this dog is about to drop the most melancholic album of 2018.

Animal Photoshoots

We can feel our tears coming now.

He is so sad, and we are too!

12.) Justin Timberwoof just went solo

Animal Photoshoots

Wow, what did the other members think?

By the way, cry us a river, Justin.

13.) Christmas may be over but they’ll be performing carols all year round

Animal Photoshoots

Imagine if these little guys came to your house and started to sing?!

There would be mixed emotions there.

14.) Dropping their next album, giving zero clucks

Animal Photoshoots

No clucks HERE!

We got the best chickens in the game!

15.) Clearing her throat to hit those Mariah Carey notes

Animal Photoshoots

Excuse me, are you trying to be the next Mariah Carey?

Don’t worry, we know you can do it!

16.) Swinging into the top 10 albums chart like…

Animal Photoshoots

It’s no problem for this monkey.

He is the best new pop singer in the game.

17.) ‘Hello from the other side…’

Animal Photoshoots



18.) Representin’ Miami Hip Hop

Animal Photoshoots

The new Pig Smith in the building!!

He better write a rap about how great Miami is.

19.) Summer pop album vibes

Animal Photoshoots

Ahhhh, summer.

We can feel the sun on our face and the pop music in our ears now.

20.) Knock knock, here’s Jedward

Animal Photoshoots

The songs will definitely make us cry!

Look how cute they are!

21.) Girl Gang, About To Debut Their New Rap Album


It’s going to be a hit!

The dogs rap about how much they love to sniff each others butts.

22.) Owl Always Love You!

AND I…..

Can the owls handle the notes?

23.) Album Cover For My Green Eyed Girl’s Latest Release


The selfie is the new album cover.

We can get behind this!

24.) A Shoe In (or a Hoof-In?) For Best Country Duo


The horses will sing about how hard their life is and it will be the best album ever.

But they are so dang cute!

25.) Breaking Hearts And Taking Names Since 2016

Is the Britney Spears?

Nah, just adorable dogs trying to get into the pop game.

26.) Just Call Him “The Next Bieber”

How can this bunny be cuter than Justin Bieber?

10/10 ears.

27.) Meet “Bad and Boujee” – The Greatest Duo of All Time

If two grumpy people were rappers, this would be the perfect combo.

Grumpy cats would rap about how they hate everyone.

28.) Rise Up! Meet The Best Pop Group Since One Direction

One Direction is dead.

This new boy band isn’t! The furry animal will be more popular than they were.

29.) The Jackson 12


The Jackson 5 remix alert!

30.) The New Album Cover For Wide Open Spaces

If you are sick of working hard, this would be the perfect album for you.

The llamas are always successful!

31.) Meow. The Spice Kitties Are Back and Better Than Ever

If you are going to be my lover, you gotta get with my cats.

The perfect animal album for all of the cat ladies out there!

32.) Toto’s Backup Singers For “The Rains Down In Africa” Remix

This would have been perfect for the music video.

If they can redo this remix now, we would be happy!

33.) Best Jazz Vocals Album Goes To… The Mamas and The Papas (Manatee Edition)

What a cute family to have in their album.

They will have the best band in the sea!

34.) The Ragin’ Rodents

Is that spinach?

We hope so!

35.) Let Us Sing Sweet Nothings Into Your Ear

A hedgehog and a dog?! Wow, what a combo!

We hope that their next album is the next hit single.

36.) ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’

Is this penguin friends with anyone else?

If he started a hand, he would have all of the friends!

37.) As Sam Smith Says, ‘Won’t You Stay With Me’?

These dogs are so cute.

They almost look like they are going to cry, like we do be every time we listen to a Sam Smith song!

38.) The Latest Swedish Rock Band

You can sing all you want until the cows come home.

Practice makes perfect!

39.) Move Over, Drake; There’s a New Snake in Town!

Drake better watch out because this snake wants to start a rap battle.

Hiss hiss diss diss.

40.) I Hear Someone Wanted Me To Put A Ring On It?

Beyonce would love to see what kinds of moves this kangaroo has.

Can they do the dance? That would be hysterical!

So there they are, your next Animal Grammy Award nominees for 2018 showing that they’re not just around for human amusement. They are having their own animal photoshoots with their own agendas to take the music scene by storm with the hottest albums. So keep an eye out for The Black-Eyed Nutters next pop single!

If you liked these candid animal photos, let us know in the comments below. Which is your favorite, what would you name any of the album covers and could you see yourself buying any of these charming animal albums?

Thank you to Bored Panda for the article inspiration and photos!

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