40 Animals That Look Like They’re About to Drop the Hottest Album Ever

We’ve come across some animal photos that look like they’re ready to drop the next album that will give Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran AND Drake a run for their money.

Ever looked at your pet and noticed how much more photogenic they are compared to you? Sometimes it just happens naturally, or are they actually posing? The photos look like real-life animal photoshoots and they are absolute fire. From a group of dogs in check shirts redefining squad goals to a cat’s reflection bringing the moodiest vibes, the animal kingdom is bringing their A-game to the music scene. They are not relying on cliche backdrops, just their natural ability to look cool AF.

Check out these 40 animal album covers to brighten up your day:

1.) The band, Horns & Hooves, are about to drop the best folk music album of all time

Animal Photoshoots - funny group

We wonder what the songs will be about?

Do they wish they had better food? Or a better home?