Adorable and Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Heart

Just like human friendships, animal friendships can be found at the unlikeliest of times, and amongst the unlikliest of friends. Take a look at these adorable duos (and threesomes!).

Just like human friendships, animal friendships can unexpectedly blossom in the most improbable moments and between the most unlikely species, even in the most unlikely locations. If you adore the bond between puppies and babies, prepare to be captivated by these extraordinary animal friendships that will surely melt your heart!

Bubbles and Bella

Animal friendships elephant and dog bubba and bella

Bubbles, the African elephant, and Bella, the black Labrador Retriever, formed an unexpected and heartwarming friendship despite their size differences. This bond was cultivated at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, where Bubbles found sanctuary after being rescued from ivory poachers in Africa. Bella, who also experienced abandonment, sought solace in the same refuge. Through their shared love for water, these animals developed a profound connection that continues to inspire.

As of 2021, both Bubbles and Bella are thriving in their respective lives. Bubbles remains an ambassador for elephant conservation at the Myrtle Beach Safari, captivating visitors with her gentle nature and playful antics. Bella, on the other hand, leads a fulfilling life as a beloved family pet, bringing endless happiness to her human companions. Their incredible story showcases the power of love and companionship, proving that true friendships can be found in unexpected places.

The unwavering bond between Bubbles and Bella reflects the timeless message of compassion and understanding. Their story touches hearts worldwide, capturing the beauty and resilience of interspecies relationships. May their tale inspire us to celebrate the connections that can be fostered between animals and humans, reminding us to cherish every moment with our beloved companions.

Fred and Dennis

Animal friendships dog and chick

Fred, a yellow Labrador, and Dennis, the duckling, formed an extraordinary friendship that touched the hearts of many. This heartwarming tale began when tragedy struck and a fox attacked Dennis’s mother. Fortunately, Fred and his devoted owner Jeremy came to their rescue. Fred immediately showed a nurturing instinct towards the one-week-old duckling, showering him with affection and gently cleaning off the clinging mud. Today, as we journey into 2021, both Fred and Dennis are thriving, continuing to reside in Essex, England, and their bond remains as strong as ever.

Their inseparable companionship extends beyond nights cuddling up together; they even enjoy swimming adventures side by side, even though Fred’s grace in the water may not match Dennis’s. Jeremy, their loving owner, takes great joy in witnessing the unwavering connection that Fred and Dennis share. Their beautiful story serves as a reminder of the deep and enduring friendships that can form across different species, bringing warmth and joy to our lives.

As we embrace the present year, let us celebrate the enduring friendship of Fred and Dennis, two remarkable beings who have defied odds, captivated our hearts, and continue to inspire us with their unbreakable bond.

Animal friendships

Mabel and The Pups

Animal friendships

A heartwarming story unfolded on a farm in England a few years ago, highlighting the special connections that can form between different species. Meet Mable, a one-year-old hen, who unexpectedly became a caretaker for a litter of puppies. Mable roamed freely around the house and formed a unique bond with Nettle, a canine companion. When Nettle gave birth, Mable lovingly observed her tenderly cuddling the newborn puppies. As soon as Nettle left, Mable instinctively jumped atop the pups, keeping them warm and safe. This remarkable bond between a hen and a dog captivated the hearts of many.

While the specifics of Mable and Nettle’s story beyond that time are not known, we can cherish the memories and appreciate the extraordinary bond they shared. Their tale reminds us of the unexpected friendships that can form between animals. Although we don’t have the latest information on Mable, Nettle, and their adorable puppies, we hope that they have continued to thrive and bring joy to their owners.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder to appreciate the wonders of the natural world and the remarkable connections that can exist between different species, even in 2021 and beyond.

Animal friendships dogs and chicken

Mubi, Iain, and Daisey

Jack, known for their unwelcoming nature towards other dogs and animals, have made two exceptions: Iain and Daisy. These extraordinary canine companions have taken animal friendships to a whole new level.

In Kent, England, resides a drill monkey named Mubi, who was sadly rejected by her mother at birth. Fortunately, dedicated zookeeper Simon Jeffrey couldn’t bear to see Mubi starve. He made the compassionate decision to hand-rear her, providing her with round-the-clock care. Feedings every two hours became routine, with Mubi spending the days at the reserve with Simon and her nights at his home.

During this remarkable period, Mubi had the opportunity to meet Iain and Daisy, two dogs who instantly formed an unbreakable bond with the young monkey. To this day, Iain and Daisy serve as Mubi’s nurturing surrogate siblings, offering her the love and support she needs until she is old enough to reintegrate with her family at the reserve.

Latest update: The heartwarming relationship between Jackells, Iain, Daisy, and Mubi continues to thrive. These extraordinary beings exemplify the incredible connections that can form across species.

Animal friendships

Pippin and Kate

In 2008, the heartwarming bond between Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the fawn began when they first met. Pippin, abandoned in Isobel Springett’s yard, was taken in by Isobel and introduced to Kate, her loyal Great Dane. Placing the fawn on the dog’s bed, Isobel noticed how Kate immediately embraced the role of a mother to Pippin, surprising even Isobel herself. “I knew she was a good dog, but I didn’t expect her to take on the role of a mother to the fawn,” Isobel shared with

Update: Over the years, Pippin returned to the wild but continues to make visits to see Kate. Their extraordinary connection remains strong, as they reunite with nose rubs and frolic around the yard, celebrating their friendship.

animal friendships dog and deer

@kateandpippin / Facebook

Torque and Shrek

animal friendships owl and dog

A dog named Torque adopted a tiny baby owl named Shrek after she was separated from her mother for her own safety. Shrek’s keepers were concerned that her mother might harm her first brood if she became stressed. Now, Torque, the adoptive dad, protects the rare bird in the home of head falconer John Picton. The two of them spend their evenings watching TV and movies together. Shrek has the freedom to explore the living room, strengthening her legs and often cozying up to Torque on the sofa. They share moments as the greyhound watches over his feathered friend. Their friendship developed slowly: first by feeding three-inch-high Shrek marsh rats and quail in the same room, and then by holding them close so Torque could familiarize himself with her scent.

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Suryia and Roscoe

animal friendships orangutan dog

Suryia, an orangutan, and Roscoe, a Bluetick hound, formed an unbreakable bond at a reserve for endangered animals. Their remarkable friendship is immortalized in a captivating picture book. In 2008, Roscoe, always curious, followed the staff from The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Myrtle Beach as they headed home. During this encounter, Suryia elegantly approached him, eager to establish a connection. This heartwarming tale highlights the unique and unlikely friendship between these two extraordinary creatures, reminding us of the power of companionship and acceptance.

Bea and Wilma

animal friendships ostrich and giraffee

Bea, the graceful giraffe, and Wilma, the majestic ostrich, lived on the expansive 65-acre Serengeti Plain. This stunning exhibit showcased not only giraffes, zebras, rhinos, African elephants, and various birds but also the unlikely bond between Bea and Wilma. Despite most animals sticking to their own kind, these two extraordinary creatures, both born and raised within the theme park’s grounds, formed a beautiful connection.

Within this remarkable habitat, countless opportunities for interaction emerged. Giraffes and ostriches share an inherent curiosity that led them to unravel each other’s mysteries. Unfazed by their differences, they engaged in playful encounters, embracing the enchantment that blossomed between them.

10. Tinni and Sniffer

animal friendships fox and hound

Sniffer, the untamed fox, and Tinni, the domestic dog, personify the essence of a real-life fox and hound. They defy backgrounds and natural instincts, proving that friendship knows no boundaries. Serendipitously, they crossed paths in the Norwegian woods, where their unexpected bond flourished.

These endearing photographs beautifully capture the enchanting harmony and spirited playfulness they share. Inspired by their extraordinary connection, Berge felt compelled to commemorate their canine companionship in a book titled “The Fox and the Dog.” This enchanting literary work will feature fairytales woven around their extraordinary friendship.

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Milo and Bonedigger

animal friendships lion and dog

Bonedigger the lion was born with a rare metabolic bone disease, which left him mildly crippled. Despite his condition, he has formed an extraordinary bond with zookeeper John Reinke, who himself lost both of his legs in a bungee jump accident. When three five-year-old wiener dogs – Milo, Bullet, and Angel – sensed Bonedigger’s disability, they immediately took it upon themselves to provide comfort and protection. Milo, in particular, has become inseparable from Bonedigger. Every day at G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, their connection grows stronger.

Mani and Candy

animal friendships pig and dog

In the rural town of Ehringhausen, Germany, a starving wild boar named Mani was discovered alone in a field. He had been abandoned by his mother at just a few weeks old, starting his life with unfortunate circumstances. However, fate had a better plan for Mani when the Dahlhaus family came to his rescue. They lovingly bottle-fed the little piglet and introduced him to an unexpected companion: Candy, their loyal Jack Russell terrier. Since then, Manni and Candy have become inseparable. They now delight in playful escapades, engaging in daily games of hide and seek, frolicking in hedgerows and bushes. Their unlikely friendship continues to blossom as they create joyful memories together, reveling in the simple pleasures each day brings.

Kasi and Mtani

animal friendships dog and cheetah

Kasi, the cheetah, and Mtani, the Labrador, were raised together, forming an unlikely brother-sister bond. They roamed and played carefree for two blissful years, inseparable since their meeting in April 2011. From a young age of three months, they grew up within Busch Gardens’ captivating Cheetah habitat in Tampa, Florida.

They captured the world’s attention with awe-inspiring photographs that showcased their unique and heartwarming relationship. These enchanting creatures became stars, captivating with their extraordinary companionship. However, nature’s course is inevitable, and eventually, Kasi was reintroduced to fellow members of his own majestic species.

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Anjana and Tiger Cubs

animal friendships chimp and tiger cubs

Two exquisite white tiger cubs were introduced during a hurricane as the sanctuary flooded. Separated from their mother, they longed for her love. Anjana, a remarkable chimpanzee, stepped in to provide affection and care, going above and beyond. At just two years old, she compassionately assists China York, the dedicated keeper, in nurturing these precious cubs.

Sahara and Alexa

animal friendships dog and cheetah

Cathryn Hilker, founder of the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program, adopted a cheetah named Sahara and a Shepherd puppy named Alexa when they were just two months old. She raised them together, and they literally moved into her house. They bonded with her rugs, furniture, and each other, as told by Hilker in an interview with Good Morning America.

For several years, they toured schools across America, raising awareness about the endangered cheetah population. They even lived together at the zoo until 2010 when Alexa retired and went to live with a trainer.

J’amie and Joey

animal friendships dog and goat

Miraculously, J’amie, a 4-week-old rhino calf, survived as an orphan until rescued by The Rhino Orphanage. Now, she eagerly awaits her third birthday and eventual return to the wild. Along the way, J’aime has found an unlikely companion in Joey, a baby goat who also faced rejection. In human care, they formed a heartwarming bond, enjoying daily walks and rests together. Share your own stories of extraordinary animal friendships in the comments below! #FriendshipGoals #AnimalLove

animal friendships