And You Thought Texts From Dad Were Funny?! Chuckle at These Mom Quotes

Whether it's thinking she can't find her favorite Netflix movie because "someone else is watching it," or thinking "Black Guy Pees" sings "My Humps," these mom quotes are pretty hilarious.

Everyone thinks dads are funny (there’s a reason #DadJokes exist, after all), but moms are just as hilarious, whether they mean to be or not! Jimmy Fallon recently asked his fans to submit their best “mom quotes,” and the results are pretty hilarious.

Take a look at some of these amazing “mom quotes” we found on boredpanda and see for yourself.

1.) Mom Always Has a Favorite

mom quotes

It’s disappointing when you’re not your mom’s favorite kid; the only thing worse is when she prefers to the neighbor kid to you!

Although, let’s be honest: Kids are usually better behaved around adults who aren’t their parents.

2.) What’s My Name Again?

mom quotes

This is one funny mama! And one lucky woman, too. Not only did she survive her brain surgery, she maintained her sense of humor throughout!

Sounds like Dad wasn’t too thrilled with her sense of humor, though. Maybe he’ll get her back one day.

3.) Filed Under: Things Moms Should NOT Talk About

mom quotes

Talk about awkward …

Boyfriend moms and mothers-in-law are intimidating enough.  Girls always try their hardest to impress them, and the last thing they want to discuss with their significant other’s mom is sex!

4.) Mom Life Isn’t Always Easy

mom quotes

Being a mom is hard work! Need more proof? Check out these badly behaved kids at weddings, and then these devilish little darlings.

Yes, after seeing these pics we, too, can understand why animals eat their young.

5.) There’s Always a Favorite, Part Deux

mom quotes

Some moms are critical of their kids, and some moms are always making excuses for their kids. This mom clearly falls into the latter category.

At least she hasn’t given up on her incarcerated son!

6.) Ouch!

mom quotes

Aswe mentioned above, some moms like to criticize, and some moms like to make excuses. This mom sounds like she’s in the first category, and we love her for it!

More proof that mom quotes can be just as hilarious as dad jokes.

7.) Mom vs. Technology

mom quotes

We get it: Technology is hard, especially when you learn it as an adult!

Advice to all kids: Your mom did a lot for you growing up, so remember to exert patience with her now, and take time to teach her new things. Don’t make fun of her for not finding her favorite Netflix show!

8.) Not That Kind of FWB 

mom quotes

The only thing we love more than moms with technology are moms incorrectly using acronyms!

We wonder if she thinks LOL means “lots of love,” too?

9.) Go, Mama!

mom quotes

Not only does this mama not look like she’s 80, she doesn’t act it, either!

We love her feistiness; we just hope she doesn’t take it to the streets and get a case of road rage!

10.) Fashion Faux Pas

mom quotes

Mom quotes regarding fashion are often hilarious. Although … the denim cutoff trend keeps getting shorter and shorter, so this mom quote likely had good reasoning!

Maybe the offender should have followed these spring fashion trends in lieu of going for cutoffs.

11.) Bow Down

mom quotes

Sounds like this amazing mom didn’t use a “mom arm” when she drove and braked too hard, and we love her for it!

There aren’tmany ways you can make your kids bow down, so kudos to this creative mama for finding one.

12.) We Think It Might Have More To Do With Genetics

mom quotes

This sounds like a mom who would tell her kids their teeth would fall out if they ate too much candy, or their eyes would “get stuck that way” if they rolled them too many times.

We wonder if this was the only child with brown eyes and if so, what she would tell her blue-eyed children when they lied.

13.) Moms and Technology, Round II

mom quotes

We give credit to this mom for knowing how to use a smartphone and knowing how to send text messages. Extra points, too, for knowing about the voice-to-text option!

Voice messages are more fun, anyway. We hope @taylair lets her mom continue sending voice messages.

14.) Is That How It Works?

mom quotes

This kid will not be getting pregnant nor running into walls!

Moms are worriers by nature and great about staying on top of their kids to make sure they’re getting enough vitamins and exercise, and remembering to take their medications (because let’s be honest – we kids forget).

15.) Black Guy Pees

mom quotes

This is one of our favorite mom quotes because it’s so relatable! How many times have you been singing one of your favorite songs when someone tells you you’re completely messing up the lyrics?

Not knowing the correct name of the band isn’t quite on the same page as not knowing the words to the song, but it’s a close second. At least this hip mom is up-to-date on the latest chart-toppers!

16.) Ouch

mom quotes bad decision

Wow, what a burn! What does the dad think about this decision?

Will she give her a mother’s day gift this year?

17.) Law and Order: Special Bugs Unit

mom quotes bugs

At least this mom asked for forgiveness.

Bugs can be scary, but this mom want it gone and out of her site. We agree, bugs can be terrifying!

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18.) Sex 101

mom quotes

Moms’ have no filter.

They don’t know how to use the correct terminology, but that’s why we love them.

19.) Deadpool

mom quotes ryan reynolds

She isn’t wrong! Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are very similar. We confuse the famous actor and the hilarious superhero all the time.

We would choose Ryan Reynolds over any superhero everyday.

20.) Moms and Technology, Round III

mom quotes wifi

Does she have any idea how hard to get the wifi back in?

We are kidding. She just doesn’t want to pay for whole neighborhood to have WiFi.

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