An Apple a Day: Five Old Wives’ Tales That Are Totally True

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You’ve heard enough Old Wives’ Tales to choke a horse, I’m sure.

“œDon’t cross your eyes or they’ll get stuck!”

“œIf you shave your chest hair it’ll just come back thicker!”

“œChocolate gives you pimples!”

“œThe crimson monkey will come at twilight to steal your soul!”

Er”¦ oops, forget about that last one ““ we made it up, haha! There’s of course no crimson monkey headed in your direction for purposes of soul theft! But what you shouldn’t forget are any of the so-called Old Wives’ Tales we’ve got on today’s list, because it turns out that all five of these little tidbits are totally true! Those old wives”¦ sometimes they’re not so bad!

5 Carrots are good for your eyes, in myth and in fact.

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What they won’t do is improve your vision; that is called “œglasses”or “œsurgery”(or contacts, yeah, I know). What carrots will do is help to prevent or at least slow down macular degeneration thanks to the protein lutein, which they contain in great quantity. So you see, eat carrots (get it? Bam).

4 Eat the bread’s crust, it’s the healthiest part!

Yes, science has proven what your grandmother insisted was the truth, crust is the good stuff. Why is the crust better for you than the rest of the loaf? It’s because it is the most cooked (or baked, rather) part of the dough, as it is on the outside of the loaf. Obviously. During the cooking process, certain elements within the dough are converted into antioxidants in the well-baked crust that aren’t prevalent in the rest of the bread. So eat that crust! Image credit: Plus, it tastes good.

3 Don’t drink the hot tap water! It actually might be bad for you!

It seems like just the kind of thing a worried mother hears once and then recites endlessly, but it is quite likely true that hot tap water contains many more potentially harmful compounds and chemicals, most notably lead, than cold tap water. That’s because the hot water strips more particulate matter from anything it touches, such as the pipes in your home, and it also makes those elements more soluble. Image credit: Bad hot water, bad!

2 Yes, people, an apple a day will (sort of) keep the doctor away!

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At least daily apple consumption may stave off the need for an oncologist or geriatrician for a while. Apples have been proven to help prevent two of the most common forms of cancer in women and men, breast and colon cancer, respectively, thanks to specific, potent antioxidants. And apples may help prevent or at least delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. I’d say that’s a good enough reason, on top of the delicious crunch itself, to eat the hell out of some apples. Image credit: More to read here!

1 Chicken soup, it turns out, is just about the best treatment for the common cold!

Because over 200 varieties of viruses (rhinoviruses!) exist that lead to what we universally call “œa cold,”there is no single cure for the ailment. In fact, there is no real cure at all, the best you can do is treat the symptoms. And just like the Old Wives said, bowls of hot chicken soup are the way to do it. Why? Apparently soup made with chicken stock (and with some chicken in the mix, too) has both anti-inflammatory properties, which can sooth the throat and nose, and several ingredients that can slow the production of white blood cells, which, when too many are present, lead to overproduction of mucous, causing runny noses, coughing, and general discomfort. You can check out one of the many studies discussing good ol’ chicken soup Image credit: here!

Closing Words
One Old Wives’ Tale we are not going to address is all this whatnot about how to predict a baby’s gender, even though the interwebs are agog with stories going both ways on that topic. Our advice on that one? A) Ultrasound. B) Birth.

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