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By Amy Weber January 15, 2013 View all posts (1)
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Amy Weber has had plenty of success throughout her career, whether it was from being a former WWE diva, a Billboard-charting music artist or as a guest on hit TV shows like “œSaved By The Bell,””œ7th Heaven”and “œThe Young and The Restless.”While most might recognize Amy from TV, some may not know that Amy loves to produce. Not only did she star in the film, “œThe Pumpkin Karver,”she also served as an associate producer as well. She also has her own production company titled “œAmy Weber Productions.”With all the success and numerous projects under her belt, there is much more to Amy than meets the eye. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about her, in her own words:

5 I Am Totally Domestic

Amy Weber

“œI love to cook and clean. There is nothing more satisfying than coming home to a spotless house and knowing that your hard work made it happen. Grocery shopping isn’t my favorite thing to do, but taking a recipe and creating something delicious out of all of these ingredients makes me really happy. I think I actually may be addicted to carpet cleaning and vacuuming.”

4 I Have Always Felt Like I Could Change the World

“œEven as a small child, I felt like it was my destiny to make a positive mark in life. I try every day, either through social media like Twitter or Facebook or in life to put some positive vibes into the world. Even smiling at a stranger who may be having a horrible day can make all the difference in the world to that person. I even created a show called ‘Good Samaritans’ that puts everyday people in extraordinary circumstances to see if they will help their fellow man or woman.”

Good Samaritan

3 I Am a Huge Goofball

Amy Weber

“œI know most people see me as a very serious and driven person, which I am, but given the chance, I am a total goof. Being silly and not taking myself too seriously is a nice release from the day to day stresses of not only being a professional in many areas but also a Mom. I am probably funnier to my kids and to myself than I truly am to others, but it doesn’t matter to me. As long as my house has laughter””the days are brighter and more fun.”

2 I Love Producing Movies

“œActing is something that I always knew I wanted to pursue. I was even putting on plays for my neighborhood when I was a child. Getting to live out that dream as an adult has been incredible, but when I was given the opportunity to produce a movie, I knew that I had found another calling. Being in charge of all of the elements that it takes to create something magical from words written on a page is so fulfilling to me.”


1 Music Is My Passion

“œMusic is my biggest passion in life aside from my kids and family because it saved me from giving up in life. I had a bit of a rough childhood. I have left it in the past but what never left me is how music helped me get through it. I could always turn on music and escape in the words and melodies of a song. It saved me again when I was going through cancer. Whenever I felt like giving up, one song could lift my spirits and remind me that life was so worth fighting for. So, it is amazing to have two Billboard charted singles “œLet it Rain”and “œDance of life.”It is crazy to go into a store and hear one of my songs, but the real value of music to me is that I get to give back to something that gave so much to me.”

Amy Weber – Let it Rain

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