Amber Heard Gets Message From Saudi Man With An Unexpected Offer


Was She Lucky?

Amber Heard had been overwhelmed with problems, some of them involving her career. But could she have luck on her side? It was possible that she would not have to worry about her career any longer and gain a new partner as a bonus.

The ‘Aquaman’ star and model had been struggling through the previous few months. But that was before a wealthy Saudi man had offered to be her savior if she stuck to his one rule.

A Hefty Sum


Ever since her divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard seems to be backed up against the wall. The news had sparked a great deal of speculation, and she found herself having to pay $10 million after the mediatic trial.

The actress spoke out and said she couldn’t pay that money to her husband because she was bankrupt. But information tends to go missing in cases like these, and we must ask ourselves a question. It was a hefty sum of money, so why did she have to pay so much?

The Claims

The Wrap

It has been officially stated that Heard needs to pay the $10 million to Depp due to damages. She had allegedly made defamatory claims in the article written by The Washington Post. 

Nowhere in that piece had Heard said anything detailing her ex-husband but said something that raised eyebrows. She stated that, as a public figure, she was “representing domestic abuse.” She took it a step further and wrote about how men were protected despite being accused of abuse. But there was more.

Was It True?


The article’s headline read, “I faced our culture’s wrath after speaking up against sexual violence. A change has to be made.” There was no hiding that she was speaking about Johnny Depp, even if she hadn’t mentioned his name.

She wrote that she had been told by advisers and friends that her career as an actress was over and that she was blocked. She explained that she had been in a movie, but they had recast her role. She had finished shooting a two-year campaign and wrote, “It was the face of worldwide fashion, but the company ended up dropping me.” But how do we know if what she wrote is true?

Someone Believed Her

The Guardian

In 2016, the actress showed up at a court in California with a bruise on her face. Afterward, she was granted a temporary restraining order, but her ex-husband claimed that everything she said was a ploy at deception.

But there was someone who seemed to believe what Heard had said and had offered his support under one condition.

She Doesn’t Have The Means


Both Amber and Johnny had endured the costs of their lengthy trial. The media have been surrounding their case since they caught wind of it and were told by Depp’s attorneys that he wanted to clear his name.

The media put much effort into the coverage of Depp winning the trial, but that wasn’t all. Depp had received $10 million due to damages. Just when they thought it was over, Heard said she didn’t have the means to pay that f money. But there was someone sympathetic enough to help her.

Unable To Pay


There has been talking of Amber Heard claiming to be bankrupt. Elaine Bredehoft, Amber’s attorney, spoke on NBC’s Today Show and claimed that Heard would definitely not be able to pay the $10 million.

Some sources said they spotted Heard in New York buying second-hand clothes. Many speculate that she is playing a charade to get out of paying the money to Depp and gain sympathy. But it doesn’t end there. The actress wasn’t going to stand by and watch everything slip away.



It has been said that Heard may have been spotted with her ex-husband in a private meeting, begging him to settle for less or come to some other agreement.

But no matter how hard she tried, he seemed unwilling to budge, considering there was no further news about a renegotiated deal. It wasn’t long before the Heard-infatuated Saudi millionaire made his move.

A Private Message


The Saudi man had found Heard on Instagram and messaged her privately, but another Instagram account soon published the message sent to her. Millions soon saw the post that had rapidly gone viral.

He hadn’t typed out his message and decided to record the offer in Arabic instead. Arab Instagram users could translate it very quickly, which was soon published. The Saudi man said this:

Better Than He Was 

Health Yogi

“Amber, you have run out of opportunities, and I am the last person left who can help you. You have been bullied and hated by many, and that’s why I have decided to marry you. I pray that Allah blesses our union. People don’t see how much of a blessing you are. I will be a better man to you than he was.”

It’s not difficult to assume that the last bit of the voice note was referring to Johnny Depp. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Heard’s mouth hung open in shock after listening to the message, but there was still more to come.

Pay All Her Debts

The Blast

Some have interpreted the Saudi man’s proposal as an offer to pay all of Heard’s debts with her ex-husband. If that were true, we would be talking about a very wealthy man. 

Since Saudi Arabia’s primary business is oil exportation, it seems safe to assume that the man might be related to that activity. Unfortunately, the sender of the saucy voice note remains anonymous so far. However, he’s the object of many rumors, speculations, and comments.

“This Is Creepy”


Millions of people have listened to the voice note and expressed their views on it. “This is creepy,” one of the users who commented on the original Instagram post wrote.

“It is astonishing that one Saudi man is eager to marry Amber Heard, who is ordered to pay huge damages to Johnny Depp. It is nothing but applying salt to the wounds of the actress,” wrote another one. However, some may see things from a different perspective.

Is That A Good Idea?


Some might question whether the Saudi man’s offer to marry Heard and pay all her debts is really that wise of an investment.

After all, if the Depp-Heard case has taught us something, it is that the relationship between the two of them was incredibly volatile, unstable, and chaotic. The question of who’s the main one to blame for that is debatable. However, some may say that it should make the Saudi man think of at least this one thing:



Who can assure Amber’s Saudi suitor that he won’t be in the same situation as Johnny Depp, who he calls “that old man”, a few years later down the road?

In his voice note, he seems to be well aware of Amber Heard’s reputation when he acknowledges that “all doors are closing” on her. However, he also refers to her as “a blessing”, which might be interpreted as ruling out all the accusations against her as slander. Whatever the case may be, the real question is this: what is Amber Heard’s response?


Public Domain

Apparently, the actress hasn’t made any public declarations about the matter, so we can’t know whether she has rejected the Saudi man, accepted his offer, or is still considering it.

What do you think? Do you think there’s a chance that Amber Heard may accept the Saudi tycoon’s proposal or consider doing so? What would you do in her place? However, there are some more rumors about Amber Heard’s current dating life.

Bianca Butti

The Sun

One year ago, Amber Heard seemed to be in a quite serious and committed relationship with actress and professional cinematographer Bianca Butti. 

Butti, a Los Angeles native, has worked all her life in several areas of cinema. She’s been a writer, set decorator, producer, and director. She and Amber clicked instantly, but things soon went south.

Rough Patch


Allegedly, Butti and Heard started dating in January 2020, about three years after Johnny Depp and Heard’s divorce. 

The two appeared to have a lot in common and were spotted together on numerous occasions, seemingly having a great time. However, all that glitters is not gold. During their relationship, Bianca Butti went through one of the roughest patches of her life.



Butti was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She got better, but sadly, her doctors confirmed that the breast cancer had returned in 2019.

The cinematographer underwent chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation during her first treatment. However, she resorted to alternative methods the second time around. Amber Heard accompanied her during the whole process, which Butti mentioned in one of her social media posts.

“Supported By Loved Ones”

Daily Mail

“In order to reach a place of real healing and repair of the body, one must be completely relaxed. It’s amazing how difficult that can be! Working on that in a serious way. Meditation helps.” 

“Exercise helps. Beautiful landscapes help. Feeling supported by loved ones helps. Coming at it from all angles,” she said. And that wasn’t all. The bond between Butti and Heard was extraordinarily strong in many other ways.

“Happier Than Ever”

Daily Mail

Butti supported Heard all the way during her lengthy lawsuit with Johnny Depp; they were seen attending court together on numerous occasions. A source told the media that Amber was “happier than ever” with the blossoming relationship. 

“Bianca has been very supportive of her, and Amber feels like she can trust her and be comfortable around her, especially since they were friends first,” the source added. But it doesn’t end there.



Some rumors hint that Amber Heard tried to get Butti involved in her disagreements with Johnny Depp; maybe even more involved than Butti would be comfortable with.

Reports emerged about the couple breaking up in December 2021, at the peak of Depp and Heard’s trial. But what did Amber ask of Butti? At what point did she push her too far or ask too much of her? 

A Creepy Detail

The Sun

In March 2020, Amber and Bianca Butti were seen walking and holding hands through LAX. Some found the image to be wholesome, but others spotted something deeply disturbing about it.

Some people thought that Butti looked shockingly similar to Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp. She wore a gray cordovan hat, a black jacket, and skinny jeans. Quickly, fans began speculating that the look was intended to make Butti look like Depp. 


The Mirror

Some people even accused Heard of dressing up her partner like her ex-husband on purpose. “It’s sick that she’s dressing her girlfriend like Johnny Depp,” said one Twitter user. 

“There are a lot of pictures of her girlfriend dressed almost exactly like Johnny,” noted another. But was that true? Would Amber be able to do something so sick and twisted?

Other Theories

The Teal Mango

However, others suggested that Butti looked more like Tasya Van Ree, Heard’s ex-girlfriend before Depp. “It IS creepy. If you take a look at Tasya – her former wife – and Amber herself… they all used to have this Johnny style at times,” said a Twitter user. 

“Maybe Amber Heard is looking for another Tasya, not for another Johnny,” they said. Could that be the reason behind Amber and Bianca’s breakup in 2021?

The Real Cause

Officially, the cause for their breakup was, mainly, conflicting schedules. The two women have very busy lives with their own projects, which forced them to spend months at a time on different continents.

But that isn’t all there is to it. Apparently, there was another event in Amber Heard’s life that ultimately caused the couple’s breakup.


The News International

Amber Heard became the mother of a child via a surrogate mother in April of 2021. “With not being in the same country for months at a time and dealing with a new baby, it leaves very little time for romance,” a source said.

However, Amber and Bianca were spotted together again just a few weeks ago. Could they be rekindling their romance?



In October this year, after a few months away from the spotlight, Amber Heard was seen on the Spanish island of Mallorca enjoying some vacation time with her daughter.

But they weren’t alone: Bianca Butti was seen with the actress and her little girl on more than one occasion. She was even seen walking beside Amber, holding her daughter’s hand.

Back Together?


Officially, Amber and Bianca are still broken up. Still, these pictures have led some to believe that they could be getting back together in the near future.

However, neither Amber Heard nor any of her close ones have said anything about it yet. Maybe we’ll hear more in the months to come. But what about Johnny Depp? How’s his dating life after the mediatic trial?

Joelle Rich

Global News

For the last week, there have been several rumors that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star was dating the attorney who handled his defense in the Depp-Heard trial.

That has recently been confirmed: as of today, Johnny Depp is dating one of his lawyers, Joelle Rich, who represented him during the 2020 Libel case. This is what a source close to the actor says:

“Genuinely Happy”

Public Domain

“They are dating, but it’s not serious,” says an insider. “He is dating and genuinely seems happy. Johnny’s ugly sides were exposed” during his six-week trial, he admits.

“He has never claimed he is perfect, but making changes is hard. He has worked on issues and accepted help,” he adds. We will probably hear more about this fling in the months to come.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.