Amazing Hair Art Styles That Will Leave You Astounded

Hair art is everywhere from the catwalks to social media. Instagram, in particular, is full of wonderful hair artistry, and hair artists such as Georgiy Kot and Farrukh Shamuratov have gained massive social followings.

Creating a beautiful hair art masterpiece is more than just putting in a quick ponytail and boxer braids. It takes exceptional skills and numerous hours on end to produce such bedazzling and complicated styles. Hair art is an expression of creativity that allows the artist to show their personality by creating unique works of art using hair as a medium.

“For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. Hair is an accessory.”  —Jill Scott

Some hair art styles may be a bit extreme for your normal everyday look, and they may be impossible to actually recreate yourself at home. However, they are pretty amazing to look at.

Are you after some hair-spiration for your next hairdresser’s appointment?

Check out these amazing avant-garde hair art styles that will leave you astounded:

20.) Structured Nest

hair art georgiykot

Georgiy Kot

Hair artist Georgiy Kot creates wonderful structured hair masterpieces that amaze and wow many.

This hair art style resembles a bird’s nest in the most fabulous way possible. Just imagine a little baby bird in there waiting to be fed!