20 Almost Zero Calorie Foods

I guess our parents were on to something when they stressed that we eat our veggies when we were kids. It turns out that most vegetables and fruits do not only contain vitamins and nutrition that we need but also many of our favorite veggies contain little to no calories at all. While there is technically no such thing as zero calorie foods, there are a lot of foods that have very little calories that barely even count. Plus, once your body works to digest the calories, the net calorie intake is almost zero anyways. If you’re looking for some vegetables that are packed with nutrients and are extremely low calorie, here are a few of them.

Hint: almost all of these near zero calorie foods are vegetables!

20.) Arugula

a bunch of zero calorie foods arugula

Calories: 3 calories per cup

Have you ever added arugula into your salads? Arugula gives salads a slight peppery kick that other herbs do not, it goes great in so many dishes. Apart from tasting great, arugula also has several health benefits that should put it to the top of your grocery list. Arugula is known to have properties that help fight cancer, strengthen the immune system and helps detoxify the body. Arugula also helps your metabolism stay in check so your body burns your food in a timely manner.