All Ugly Basketball Starting 5

By Zack January 22, 2013 View all posts (3)

Unfortunately, these 5 people make the worst looking basketball team.

5 Center: Chris Kaman

Again a position that has lots Pau Gasol, Manute Bol, Gheorghe Muresan…but I really think Chris takes the cake on this one. He looks like a Geiko caveman. And when he has his hair shaved even worse….this guy in my book is #1

4 Power Forward: Popeye Jones

As we get to to the big men, to be honest for some reason there is a plethora of really bad looking humans. So this one is really a toss up, but Popeye takes the cake. Those ears and that death stare. You know when you see a guy on the court and you are like…”man that guy is like looking at a bad car accident, just can’t look away”, However, he does win for best name on the all Ugly Team

3 Small Forward: Adam Morrison

I feel like Adam knew he was hit with the ugly branch a few times, and instead of hiding it, he just made it look as terrible as possible with his long gross hair and terrible mustache.

2 Shooting Guard: Latrell Speewell

Spreewell was quite a character. He choked people had tons of babies and baby mama’s I think like 6 and counting. Sprewell’s career came to an unexpected end in 2005 when he refused a $21-million three-year contract offer from the Timberwolves, which he implied would not be enough to feed his children. He looks like a dog

1 Point Guard: Sam Cassell

Sam was a good point guard and played a long career. Sorry for all of us we had to endure his looks for 15 seasons. The alien or more specifically ET is top of the list

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