All-time Evildoers: the Top 5 TV Cartoon Villains

Everyone has a favorite cartoon hero, but what purpose would their protagonist’s lives have without a proper villain? Not much. It’s time the dastardly scoundrels were given their proper due. These are the top five TV cartoon villains.

5 Elmer Fudd – “Looney Tunes”

The last spot on this list goes to a character that arguably only possessed the intelligence of a four-year-old, Elmer Fudd. Though he may not seem truly evil, this giant-headed hunter’s helplessness was outweighed only by his desire to kill. Yes, you might have forgotten, but the core of this seemingly innocent dolt was that he was eternally hunting Bugs Bunny in hopes of eating him for dinner. Although it could be said that his having a gun was wildly irresponsible considering his clear lack of mental capacities, he had it, and he tried his damndest to use it.
Favorite Quote: “I’m sowwy, Mr. Wabbit. I hope I didn’t hurt you too much when I killed you.”

4 Skeletor – “He-Man”

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Not many could pull off looking like a total badass in a blue unitard and purple cloak, but having a skull for a head helped Skeletor make the look work. The archenemy of the scantily clad, toddler-haircut-sporting He-Man, Skeletor was forever scheming to take over Eternia and sit atop the throne of Castle Greyskull. He was also more than likely a habitual steroid user, considering the fact that he was totally jacked, but had the shrill, whiny voice of an incensed elderly woman. Favorite Quote: “Skeletor to King Randor. Skeletor to King Randor. Come in, you royal boob!”

3 Shredder and Krang – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

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Shredder and Krang, from the original animated version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” share this spot because they are truly the first couple of animated television evil. Seriously, if you go back and watch this series, you’ll see there’s virtually zero evidence that suggests that these two weren’t married. In their many attempts to take over the world and thwart their pesky reptilian counterparts, the martial artist dressed like a can opener and the giant talking brain were at each other’s throats like a couple constantly on the brink of divorce. Favorite Quote:
Krang – “Shredder, you bungling idiot!”
Shredder – “I’m in the middle of something here, Krang!”

2 Mr. Burns – “The Simpsons”

Charles Montgomery Burns is the ancient and unwaveringly despicable owner of the Springfield nuclear power plant, but he’s so much more than just Homer Simpson’s boss. Mr. Burns has been shot by a baby, stolen Grandpa Simpson’s girlfriend, adopted Bart, blocked out the sun, stolen a trillion dollar bill, recruited pro-baseball players to his work softball team, been mistaken for an alien, paid Homer to be his “Prank Monkey,” and stolen puppies in hopes of making a tuxedo from their fur. Somehow, though, his pervasive evil just makes him that much more hilarious.
Favorite Quote: “Men, there’s a little crippled boy sitting in a hospital who wants you to win this game. I know because I crippled him myself to inspire you.”

1 The Joker – “Batman: The Animated Series”

A perfectly blended mix of psychopathic killer and hacky comedian, the Joker from “Batman: The Animated Series” is one of the character’s greatest and most underappreciated incarnations. Voiced by Mark Hamill (Yes, Luke Skywalker), the Clown Prince of Crime did whatever he could to cause chaos in Gotham, often for money, but more often it seemed he just genuinely enjoyed screwing with Batman. His evil schemes ranged from trying to rig a comedy contest with mind control to stealing a nuclear warhead, and he broke out of Arkham Asylum with such frequency and ease you’d think the guy had a copy of the keys.
Favorite Quote: “Without Batman, crime has no punch line.”

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