Alert To Those Who Hate The Political Media, Your Feeling Isn’t Fact

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During the most recent election cycle involving business man Donald Trump and politician wife turned Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, it seemed a lot of problems occurred. For years, a formerly unvoiced opinion had been floating around. You may have heard it at family gatherings or possibly even random meet-ups with older people. It was an opinion that seemed absolutely crazy, but in all fairness it had a lot of merit. Many wanted change, and after eight years of a hard time…they deserved it.


Conservatives in the South and in the Heartland across the United States were affected massively by the Affordable Care Act, along with major tax increases. That is on top of the terrorist activity and gun violence in the last few years alone. That was on top of the threat of guns being taken away. Liberal activity is one of the many reasons Bill Clinton’s administration is remembered for creating debt. George W. Bush had tremendous troubles through war and stock market issues.


Then to add fuel to that, we get the Obama administration and everything that came with it. All good was clearly overlooked for all the bad. To be fair, if the good does not affect you then how can you notice it? If the bad affects you, then you’ll surely remember it. Enter Donald Trump, the man who seemed like he would change it all.


The Conservative Mistake


Trump media war

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Donald Trump was almost not allowed to run, seriously. The Republican party did not think he would be a good fit due to his celebrity being all he had, combined with zero political experience. They let him, and he began to make one of the most brilliant political moves in American politics. He said everything people were thinking. Literally, everything. He said we needed change, and he was right. He said Mexicans were taking jobs, and they are. He said Muslims were killing people, and they had been.


However, his idea of a wall made no sense. Yet it was the perfect idea in the mind of the hardcore, Mexican hating Conservative. Put a wall up and they cannot get in. This, is, of course, misguided. Near 70% of illegal aliens come in legally and simply overstay, no wall can stop that. You can also go around the wall in the Gulf or in California. That is not to even think about planes.


Then there was the idea of Muslims. The hardcore conservative said that they were the problem and so all should go. There were even those who called for complete genocide on Holocaust levels. Trump said bad about Muslims too. Which made them think they were right even more. Finally, someone is saying what we’re all thinking, right?


Of course, these people merely miss that there are near 2 billion Muslims. Under 50,000 are extremists who have attacked various nations. This also like conservatives blaming the gun for someone getting shot and not the person who pulls the trigger. Religion does not make you want to kill or be violent, you decide that for yourself. Therefore, is the Islamic religion the problem or the people who decide to get extreme and kill? I’ll let you pull the trigger on that one.


The Understandable Feeling


My Feelings

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Regardless of the facts, a feeling is truly what affects a person at their core. If they feel like something is wrong, it does not matter if it is or isn’t. They will believe there is an issue because that feeling is strong. A strong feeling makes people fall in love, get in shape, or even go to war. The problem is, a feeling does not equal a fact. Treating it like it does will destroy more than help.


This is the core reason Trump supporters, more than any other support group, hate the media. The media, such as this website or any other, merely tells the facts as often as possible. Opinion may be given but facts are facts. They cannot be altered, otherwise they become an opinion. Thereby, killing the very definition of the word, fact. When the media talks about Trump negatively, these hardcore supporters go after the media, calling it Liberal. This is in spite of the fact they could be right.


This is the easy go-to for them, as anything that disagrees with an ideal shared by them means one must be liberal and bias. This is not accurate, but again, a feeling is stronger than a fact. Despite main, major outlets using being unbiased on reports for decades, they are now treated differently. The feeling from reality to fiction is blurred, thus the media is now the enemy and not the hero.


The Truth About Your Favorite Biased Reporting Outlet


Kellyanne Conway

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There are some biased reporting areas such as FOX News for Conservatives and MSNBC for Liberals. However, this is obvious. The rest tend to toe the line well, because they must. The reason for the biased reporting areas is because, just as people may feel something, the networks react to that. Your feelings are an easy marketing tool. This is why the biased places go after you so hard.


Meanwhile there are the unbiased places, of which tend to be pretty much down the line. However, this is where the problem comes in. Due to the fact that they are not connected to any party, this means both parties can use them as a push away piece. Any time they are against an administration, since they have never been for any party, they are instantly trashed.


It is hard for Republicans to trash FOX News for example, since they have been in the pocket of the party for years. Just as MSNBC has been for Democrats. However, when you fall down the middle…it’s tough to really get out of a problem state. You are instantly going to get hate. This is why there has been a rise in biased media, especially since Trump has started to run for office. All of this while social media usage rises.


The Social Media Spin You Need To Know About


Fake Media Hiding

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The social spin is something the media uses to get clicks. Some call it clickbait in the online community. However, people who are not internet or social media savvy often times believe these reports. You may also see the websites sound biased as well. Such as RedAlert(dot)com, as it gets your attention, but matches the colors of the Republican party. This makes it a biased place, and clearly that should be an eye opener with these obvious markings.


Some assume that these sites are the ones who report the truth, meanwhile, they are doing very little of this. They pick out little things, make big deals over them, and then put them on social media. You’ll probably notice that you may like one of these pages on Facebook. Since Facebook has around 2 billion users now, almost anyone can be on there and see crazy reports along with spew their thoughts about things.


Does this not sound alarming? Because it should. You see, you are part of a pattern. These sites know that they can dive into your feelings, exploit them for money, and lie to you. All while you believe them and share them among friends, who will do the same.


If you hate the media for being liars and biased, especially to a party you hate…then why read or share any news? If all news is supposed to be biased toward your hated party, then why are you watching, reading, and sharing news? It’s because you know, deep within you, that you like hearing when you’re right.


When an outlet agrees with you, they are your favorite. You’ll share all you see and hear with the world. This is mainly because they are backing the very thing you are thinking, even if they are lying. However, the very instant that they disagree with your beliefs then, despite all facts they may have, they are  now”fake news” to you.


The Real Fake Media


Fake News

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The places mentioned are the ones who are truly alarming. Fake News is an issue in the world today. However, it seems that many aren’t seeing which are fake and which are real. The real news outlets have sources, backed up with fact, and clearly give the truth more than the lie. However, President Trump was brilliant in this move too. He knew how much you hated fake news, as it was rising a lot the last 2 years alone.


We all hate the fake news world. So, he once again played to your feeling. All reporting that is negative toward the President was then fake, and all reports that praised him were not. Now, I’m not sure if you know what they sounds like when you read it…but it certainly doesn’t sound correct. You see, when the media decides to become bias, they are no longer doing their job.


Media was used for over a century to keep the country, especially top officials, honest. The media was the voice of the people, and let the people know the truth rather than the lies. Kings lied and politicians lied, as well as top business men and women. The media forced those people to admit their lies, and put forth the truth that needed to be heard. If they didn’t, then the media exploited them for the liars they were.


Trump has lied a great deal both before and after taking office, and the media called him out on it. This proven by now, and undisputed. This not a feeling, but a simple fact. Therefore, his move was to make sure you didn’t know about any lie he may tell. This is why he used the words “fake news” to describe all of these reports. He tried to eliminate the very thing that forces him to stay honest, as well as everyone else.


Is Your Feeling Really Worth Exploiting?



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For a news media, your feeling on things will always be worth exploiting because it makes the media money. However, that is not what the media is supposed to do. The websites that have popped up the last few years that have become quite biased were put in place to capitalize on this very problem in the news media. Now, you do not know what is fake news and what is true news. Your feelings may be wrong, but that is hard to admit to yourself. That is like saying you don’t love your wife, which few people can admit even if it’s true.


So the real question is, how do you spot the people who are trying to exploit you and make money? It’s pretty simple. Look for the tone and title of their articles. If something sounds overly opinionated in the title line, it’s probably an opinion to get your clicks on social media. In fact, this very article was titled the way it was just to get your click and read.


You may note that I even started the article’s first few paragraphs off with relatively conservative viewpoints(tone). This is in order to get you to stay long enough to get love from you so that you might see where I am going with this.


You should also look for the name of the website or video you clicked on. If the video provider says something like “LibLover2017” or a website’s name is IVotedForTrump(dot)com, it’s a sure bet that their content is going to be insanely biased, and most likely involve fake news. These people want to exploit you only to make money, and lie to you along the way.


Your Feeling Isn’t Just A Marketing Tool



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Honesty is the best policy we believe. It is wrong to lie to people morally, especially when you know the truth. Often times though, feelings outweigh truth. This is why everyone, every day, will see some sort of conservative website blasting anyone against Donald Trump. Of course they will, because that means more clicks for them and every lie they tell.


For example, John McCain spoke out against Trump a few times…mostly over his conduct and to correct him. McCain has served as a politician for years and is one of the most experienced men we have in politics. Even Democrats respect the man. Yet this former Presidential candidate is getting hate from the Trump supporting community for speaking against his actions.


Guess who saw your online hate? That’s right, the fake news media. That is why you may have noticed some McCain posts on Trump floating around, of which is inaccurate in various ways. You’ll find they are even written in bias tone throughout. Remember, your feeling isn’t a marketing tool…so don’t let it be. Don’t say you hate the media, then share the media you agree with. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the random, no-name sites you share might be the true fake news?

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