Pregnant Woman Keeps Tripping Alarm Until Doctor Uncovers Problem In Ultrasound


Shocking Discovery

She couldn’t believe that she had found herself in this position. She was lying on a bed in her doctor’s office. Her husband had just been escorted out of the room by a police officer.

And her doctor was frantically trying to figure out what the foreign object on the ultrasound was. How did she get into this position? And was there a solution to her problem?

Mary-Anne Lewis


Mary-Anne Lewis was an adventurous and enthusiastic 28-year-old who was married to a man who shared all her dreams. They loved exploring and having a good time.

But it was because of that that they struggled to make one of their biggest dreams come true. But things would turn out for them in the end. Or at least for a moment.

Lifelong Dream


Mary-Ann and her husband Greg always wanted to have a baby. It was something they had discussed since they got together five years ago.

And they had worked incredibly hard to make that dream come true. But about three years into their relationship, tragedy struck, and their lifelong dream turned to ash before their eyes.

Crushed By An Accident


On that day, Mary-Ann and Greg were coming home from a family gathering. It was a Friday night, but not that late either.

However, the person who had crashed into them had already been drinking. And the officers assumed that it was the large amount of alcohol that led to them skipping the robot and crashing into the young couple.

Severe Damage


The force of the impact was enough to have the vehicle folding in on Mary-Ann, causing severe internal damage in the process.

Mary-Ann was rushed to the hospital immediately. But her condition was critical, and it took a few days before the doctors could get her to stabilize. That was when their dream was crushed.

Months To Recover


Mary-Ann spent months recovering from all the surgeries and injuries she sustained from the accident. And when she was finally fit to leave the hospital, the doctor informed her that there was one thing that would never recover.

Mary-Ann’s womb was injured during all this. The damage was so severe that she could never carry a child. It would be a miracle if she got pregnant at all.

Three Years Later


Three years after being told that she would never be able to have a child, Mary-Ann woke up feeling sick. She ignored it for a few days but then decided that it was time for her to get checked by a doctor.

The doctor did a pregnancy test, as per the protocol. And what he found left both Mary-Ann and Greg reeling.

It Was A Miracle


Mary-Ann was pregnant. The news stunned everyone, including the doctor, as he was the one who told her that she would never be able to have a child.

Yet, the tests showed that it was true. And the doctor ran them more than once. But it wasn’t the pregnancy that was the problem. The problem would only arise later on.

Smooth Sailing


The months went by without any problems or pregnancy complications. Mary-Ann’s baby bump was growing, and the baby was doing incredibly well, considering that this never should’ve been possible.

But when Mary-Ann hit the six-month mark, things started to change. Something happened one morning, and it would change things dramatically. What happened? And how would it affect her baby?



When Mary-Ann woke up, she had a stabbing pain in her side. The discomfort continued for a couple of days, but the pain was getting worse as time went on.

On the third day, Mary-Ann decided that the time had come for her to pay the doctor a visit. Her pregnancy was high-risk, and she didn’t want to take any chances when it came to her baby.

Clean Bill Of Health


The doctor ran a few tests and did another ultrasound, but he couldn’t find anything wrong with Mary-Ann or the baby. He gave them both a clean bill of health and sent them on their way.

But the doctor did suggest that Mary-Ann take it easy. She was reaching a dangerous point in her pregnancy, and if things didn’t improve, she would need to be placed on bed rest.

A Couple Of Months Later


A couple of months down the line, something happened that would leave Mary-Ann in tears. It all started with a trip to the supermarket, which was nothing unusual.

But it was what happened while she was there that would have her rushing to the doctor’s office. And what he found would lead to a series of unexpected events.

A Daily Thing


Mary-Ann’s trips to the supermarket were nothing unusual. She visited the place daily, and she spent a fair amount of time walking through the aisles.

It was her way of relaxing while getting some light exercise and thinking about the special meals she would prepare for her husband. She had no idea that the trips would reveal something shocking.

Getting Out A Bit


Mary-Ann had been working from home, and since she only worked part-time, she was taking care of the house while her husband was away.

But sometimes, she got a little cabin fever, and she discovered that the best way to deal with it was to get out a little. Plus, it gave her a chance to make sure all the ingredients she used when making dinner were fresh.

Strolling Through The Aisles


So, at around lunchtime every day, she would head to the local supermarket, where she would spend her time slowly strolling through the aisles.

On the day that the first incident occurred, that was exactly what she was doing. She had already picked up all her fresh produce and was just looking around to see what was on sale when she felt the discomfort she had felt earlier in her pregnancy returning.

About An Hour Later


Mary-Ann had already been at the supermarket for about an hour and decided that the time had come for her to go home.

So she grabbed the last few things on her list and headed to the check-out counter. She waited for a few minutes before reaching the cashier and paying for all her items. That was when the problems began.

Alarm Blaring


As Mary-Ann tried to leave the store, the alarm started blaring. All eyes were on her in an instant, and she couldn’t help but freeze in her tracks. Had she caused it to go off?

Mary-Ann looked around and realized that she was the only person standing at the door at the time. So it must’ve been her. But why was it happening? It wasn’t like she stole anything.

Dazed And Confused


Mary-Ann felt dazed and confused as she saw two security guards approaching her. She was sure that she had paid for everything. But could it be that she missed something?

Had she forgotten something in her basket? Was that what was causing the alarm to go off? It would take some time for her to find out. But when she did, she would be rushing to the doctor.

Letting Them Check


The security guards asked to check Mary-Ann and all her bags. She cautiously agreed, hoping that everything was paid for as she thought it was.

Mary-Ann knew that she was in the right. But she was still nervous. What if they found something that wasn’t meant to be there? What if she got in trouble for something that wasn’t her fault?

Free To Go


After tossing every single item out of her bags and comparing them to her receipts, the security guards requested a body search. Marry-Ann happily complied.

The search took a total of 30 agonizing minutes. But once the guards were happy with everything they checked, they let her go. Mary-Ann was relieved, but this journey was far from over.

For An Entire Week


For the next week, Mary-Ann kept following her daily routine. But the days weren’t getting any easier for the expectant mother.

Every time she went to the supermarket, she was filled with dread, and she had every reason to be. Every time she walked through that door, the alarm went off. What on earth was happening?

Exactly The Same Thing


Every single day, Mary-Ann went through exactly the same scenario. She went to the supermarket, walked around and paid.

Then, when she got to the door, the alarm went off, and the security guards came to search her. It had become her new routine, and she wasn’t fond of it at all. If only she knew what it really meant.

The 7th Day


On the 7th day of her new routine, Mary-Ann was fed up. She was considering going to the supermarket, but she really didn’t want to put up with being searched yet again.

Every time it happened, people were looking at her like she was a thief, and it made her feel incredibly bad. She had never stolen a thing in her life.

Being Followed


Mary-Ann eventually mustered up the courage to go to the store and fulfill her routine, but this time something new happened. As soon as she stepped into the store, she realized that she was being followed.

A man in a black suit was keeping a fair distance from her, but he turned up wherever she went. Who was he? And what did he want?

He Finally Approached


As Mary-Ann was making her way through the aisles, the man approached her. He introduced himself as Frank and stated that he was the manager of the supermarket.

His statement caught Mary-Ann completely off guard. But it was what he did next that left her flabbergasted. “Would you mind escorting me to my office?” Frank asked.

A Nice Man


Knowing that she didn’t have much of a say in the matter, Mary-Ann agreed. She followed Frank to his office and gladly accepted the cup of tea he offered her.

Through their interaction, Mary-Ann discovered that Frank was actually a very nice man and that she wasn’t in trouble at all. But if she wasn’t in trouble, what was happening?

A Lengthy Chat


After a rather lengthy conversation, Mary-Ann discovered that Frank was just trying to help her. The security guards had come to him to complain about her setting the alarm off all the time, so he did a little investigating.

At first, he watched her on the surveillance footage. But he quickly discovered that nothing she was doing would set the alarm off. That was when he came up with another explanation.

His Advice


Frank told Mary-Ann that there were other things that could set off the alarms. Those kinds of things didn’t happen often. But when it happened, it often indicated some kind of complication.

Frank didn’t go into too much detail about the machines and how they operate. But he did give Mary-Ann a piece of advice. He told her to see her doctor immediately.

Making An Appointment


Mary-Ann thanked Frank for his advice and left the store. This time she didn’t get searched because Frank had assured the guards that she didn’t steal anything.

Her heart was slamming against the walls of her chest as she made her way to the car. And as soon as she got in, she called her doctor and told the receptionist what had happened.

Asked To Leave


Mary-Ann was told to come in right away, and when she arrived, Greg was already there. The doctor took them in immediately and did an ultrasound. But then he rushed to his office.

Within a matter of minutes, two police officers arrived at the scene, and they asked Greg to leave the room. What did the doctor see that made him take such drastic action?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.