Boy Sends Message In A Box, Finds Soul Mate 10 Years Later


Taking A Risk

Tyrel knew that trusting her would not come without any risks. He’d heard numerous accounts of people being duped into perilous situations in this manner.

Tyrel knew what he wanted to do, even though it was different from the life he had always known. Regardless of the repercussions, he felt he had to take a gamble.

Humble Beginnings

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Tyrel grew up in Idaho. He lived a simple life, but he was content. His father was a rancher, and his mother frequently volunteered to help at the local church.

Growing up, Tyrel spent most of his time playing outdoors with all of their animals. His parents taught him some core life values, and they did a great job of raising him. However, Tyrel could not shake the feeling that he was meant for more extraordinary things.

Helping Those In Need

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One of the initiatives the local church began was to send poorer families from all over the world gifts. Samaritan’s Purse, a well-known humanitarian organization, assisted with this.

Tyrel could not contain his excitement when his mother asked him if he would be interested in helping. However, he was perplexed when she gave him an old shoebox as one of the “gifts.”

The Best Gift

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Tyrel’s mother quickly clarified the situation. She stated that the Christmas box campaign was a method for children in need worldwide to get Christmas gifts and school materials.

The shoebox would merely be used as the packaging, and he had the opportunity to fill the box. He could put in anything, and he knew he would make this a unique gift ever.

The One

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Tyrel and his mother went through the list of recipients to choose who he wanted to receive his gift. He saw a young girl who lived in the Philippines, and he knew that she was the one.

Being able to help a child who needs it is a fantastic experience, and Tyrel was ecstatic. Ever since he saw the picture of the girl, he knew that she was something special, and he could not stop thinking about her.

Time To Send It

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Now that Tyrel knew who would receive his gift, he tried to make the box as special as possible. He went all around town looking for various little gifts and trinkets to add to his box.

He also included a picture of himself within, along with a message containing his home address. He wrapped the gift and sent it out for shipment to the little girl after saying a prayer.

Joana Marchan

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Joana Marchan was the child Tyrel chose, and her father was a Filipino pastor. She grew up in a small village with not much to do. She could not help but dream about the world that existed outside of her small existence, she knew she wanted more in life.

Joana watched a lot of TV growing up, and she yearned for life like those portrayed on television. She wanted her existence to be just as exciting and glamorous! This seemed inconceivable until a package came one day.

She Could Not Meet Him

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Receiving the gift was an otherworldly experience for Joana. When she learned that an American boy sent her the box, she could not believe it!

Joanna was enthralled by the prospect of meeting him, but she had no way of doing so. Sadly, her life did not turn out the way she had envisioned it back then.


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After a few years, the Christmas box and the youngster who had delivered it had faded into the background. Joanna’s discontent drove her to defy her religious and conventional upbringing.

Her teenage years were marked by a runaway relationship. As she became aware she needed to leave the relationship, he became abusive in a number of ways, and she was terrified for her safety.

Going Back Home

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Joana, fortunately, was able to get away. She feared being rejected by her family as she left. Instead, she was greeted warmly and discovered that her father was simply delighted to see her again.

Joana resolved to take a different route and returned to her childhood ideals, putting her complete trust in them.

Tyrel Had Grown Too


11 years had passed, and Tyrel had forgotten all about the Christmas box. A young man of faith, he prayed to find a partner that held the same values.

One day, he noticed a Facebook message from a Filipino girl and was overcome with emotion. She claimed to be the same girl he had delivered the gift box to.

How To Tell

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So many years had passed that Tyrel had no way of knowing if this was real. His parents were worried as many criminals used the internet to scam people.

They warned Tyrel to be careful. After asking the mysterious girl to describe the box she had received, he knew for sure now that this was the same girl.

It Was Really Her

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The girl was able to show Tyrel the photo he had sent her. It was fate, and he could not believe that it really was her. The two chatted online every day for close to a year.

Eventually, after navigating his family, who felt it was dangerous, Tyrel decided to go see her in person.

It Was Meant To Be

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After meeting Joana and her family in person, the pair knew they were destined for each other. After a whirlwind romance in the Philippines, they stayed in contact until Tyrel could visit again.

The second time, Tyrel faced a very tricky situation. Summoning up all his courage, he planned to ask Joana’s father for permission to marry her.

It Was Destiny

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Joana’s father eventually gave them his blessing, and the young couple married shortly after. Tyrel and Joana now have a son. They continue to share their remarkable story through their popular vlog channel.

Bound by their shared faith, the couple has become an inspiration to other romantics out there by proving that true love always finds a way.