5 Places You Can Shop For Career Fashion Without Breaking Your Budget

So you finally landed the job or internship of your dreams. The stage is set: you’ve completed all the necessary paperwork, found the fastest route to the office and planned your meals for the week to avoid munching on junk food — and then you remember that, unlike college classes, you can’t actually wear leggings and an oversized t-shirt to work. It’s time to dive into the world of career fashion.

But where to start? You’re not made of money. You haven’t even started making it yet! Not to worry. We’ve picked out five stores where you can buy some fun new work clothes without breaking your budget.

5.) H&M – Career Fashion

H&M is a great place to go for basics that you can mix and match to create multiple career fashion ensembles. Their button-downs and blouses tend to cost $19.99 or under. Their slacks are $14.99 and even come in a few fun prints, and their affordable blazers are sure to turn your favorite tank top into the base of any professional power outfit. (And don’t forget to check out the sale section. There may be something worth your attention at an even lower price than usual.)

And even though most of H&M’s business casual clothes are pretty classic, it also has some fun and trendy pieces you can use to spice up your usual office look — like this bright red cargo skirt. The big bow at the waist makes it more unique and feminine than your average business casual skirt, but it hits just above the knee to ensure a work-appropriate length regardless of any bend and snaps you may be performing.

Still, it’s important to remember that H&M’s prices are low for a reason. These clothes probably won’t last you a lifetime… but they’ll definitely work for now.