Top 5 Hilarious Webcomics That Perfectly Capture Adulthood

Adulthood is HARD. There are these things called bills, work and the elusive “work-life balance.” Because seriously, finding the perfect balance between work and any social life is like searching for the Fountain of Youth. Everyone wants it and if anyone discovered its secrets they would probably look flawless, with eight or more hours of sleep and all.

Sigh! We know adulthood is tiring and, at best, a little strange. The good news is we have compiled a list of the best comics on the web that every adult can relate to. From having a quarter-life crisis to lying on a resumé about your Excel “proficiency” (we’ve all done it) to doing super adulty things you can be proud of, like taxes andsticking to your shopping list at Trader Joe’s.

Take a break from adulthood with us. Keep your favorite cartoon jammies on, replace the bran cereal with sugary delights and get ready to laugh and cry (just a little) as we share hilarious webcomics that show what being an adult is really like.

5.) The Awkward Yeti

As far as webcomics go, The Awkward Yeti is a big freaking deal — with every right to be. Cartoonist Nick Seluk has tapped into the awkwardness that encompasses us all in the outside and inner worlds. His most beloved characters include the titular socially Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain. The latter series is a combination of cute and sassy, with characters who are always comically at odds with one another. For this reason, the Heart and Brain series contain themes every adult can relate to.

Keep scrolling to see how Heart and Brain feel your adult pain, too.

Ah, the classic contradiction: waking up versus going to bed. This is a struggle only those several years deep in adulthood understand … and why late night television was invented.

When you’re a grown up you realize the scariest thing in life isn’t what’s under your bed; it’s the very real world outside. Want more The Awkward Yeti? Visit The Awkward Store for games and adorable plushies for the kid in you.