Top 5 Hilarious Webcomics That Perfectly Capture Adulthood

Being an adult is HARD. There are things calledbills, work, and the elusive “work-life balance.” So take a break from adulthood with us and check out these hilarious webcomic artists who share what being an adult is really like.

Adulthood is HARD. There are these things called bills, work and the elusive “work-life balance.” Because seriously, finding the perfect balance between work and any social life is like searching for the Fountain of Youth. Everyone wants it and if anyone discovered its secrets they would probably look flawless, with eight or more hours of sleep and all.

Sigh! We know adulthood is tiring and, at best, a little strange. The good news is we have compiled a list of the best comics on the web that every adult can relate to. From having a quarter-life crisis to lying on a resumé about your Excel “proficiency” (we’ve all done it) to doing super adulty things you can be proud of, like taxes andsticking to your shopping list at Trader Joe’s.

Take a break from adulthood with us. Keep your favorite cartoon jammies on, replace the bran cereal with sugary delights and get ready to laugh and cry (just a little) as we share hilarious webcomics that show what being an adult is really like.

5.) The Awkward Yeti

As far as webcomics go, The Awkward Yeti is a big freaking deal — with every right to be. Cartoonist Nick Seluk has tapped into the awkwardness that encompasses us all in the outside and inner worlds. His most beloved characters include the titular socially Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain. The latter series is a combination of cute and sassy, with characters who are always comically at odds with one another. For this reason, the Heart and Brain series contain themes every adult can relate to.

Keep scrolling to see how Heart and Brain feel your adult pain, too.

Ah, the classic contradiction: waking up versus going to bed. This is a struggle only those several years deep in adulthood understand … and why late night television was invented.

When you’re a grown up you realize the scariest thing in life isn’t what’s under your bed; it’s the very real world outside. Want more The Awkward Yeti? Visit The Awkward Store for games and adorable plushies for the kid in you.

4.) Faber Comics

If you are a fan of all things cute, silly and earnest — basically anything that makesyour heart smile — we present to you Faber Comics. Meghan, the illustrator behind the series, is an animal lover with particular devotion to her own rescue kitten, Faber.

Somehow, these mega cute (cause you know we at Top 5 have a penchant for all things kawaii) comics deal with themes familiar to many adults. Her simple cartoons and pastel colors make reading about slightly uncomfortable times very sweet.

See how Faber Comics illustrates unfortunate grown-up moments below.

A word to the wise: never get bangs and expect to be treated as an adult. Every baby-faced woman has been here at least once. Yes, I’m old enough to be here!

You know that one thing that all adults do that is actually REALLY painful. Yup. That’s running. It hurts and if you’re older than 15, you know that running even a few miles ain’t like it used to be.

Craving more Faber Comics? Follow her on Instagram for a chance make a cameo alongside Faber. Or, visit her online store.

3.) Kayden Hines

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Kayden Hines is a self-described “ex-corporate turned creative” — a phrase many grown people aspire to. And by the look of it, she is succeeding at lightning speed. In less than a year, after a need to flex her creative muscles, Hines decided to go for it. She launched her eponymous illustrations on Instagram. Here she is now, with a following of over 20,000.

Her success may lie with her very real experience in the corporate world. She reached the pinnacle of adulthood … and has poked some major fun atit. We love her for this because sometimes work is straight up ridiculous (just don’t tell our boss we said that).

Check out how Kayden Hines adds a whopping dose of humor in 100% adult probs.

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We don’t know about you but we passed this test with flying colors. Hoping to get carded and spontaneous pains are so not for anyone under 30.

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Now that you proudly buy your own groceries never — and we mean never — buy groceries with an empty stomach. The result will be all sugar and water weight retention. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Kayden Hines has big plans for the future. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for her latest projects and brilliant cartoons.

2.) SuperPale Comics

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SuperPale Comics is the creation of Calvin and Hobbes fan Cyle Humphrey and, trust us, his stuff is laugh-out-loud funny. Humphrey tells us he has always loved the idea of being able to make people laugh by portraying life experiences in panels. So, while others might live in a constant fear of running out of gas, Humphrey draws inspiration here, seeing how far he can go before the unspeakable happens. Talk about a daredevil!

These are the sort of experiences SuperPale Comics shares with its readers. In the process, many young people transitioning into adulthood have found someone who knows how flipping hilarious “trying to be an adult” can be.

Try not to laugh:

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Dear god, haven’t we all tried to throw a serious adult party just to realize not all adults are created equal. Some are still trying to live off your cheese and wine till 1 am!

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Adults love to show friends photos from recent vacays … but sometimes they show too much and you see things you wish you never had. We hope this has never happened to you.

Make sure to follow SuperPale Comics for in your face humor.

1.) Barely Functional Adult

Did we really need a drum roll for this one? Of course, our number one webcomic is Barely Functional Adult. Because isn’t that the epitome of adulthood? You know, barely being able to keep it together?

Meichi is the genius artist behind the comic that illuminates “the struggles of adulthood.” Get ready to nod along, thinking, OMG it is like that!

One of the many “perks” of growing up is not being able to claim your 15 pound weight gain on baby fat. And let’s face it, it happens.

The good news is no matter how many years or pounds you’ve put on, growing up is always good a thing! You’re wiser and hella more financially stable. Cheers to adulthood!

Liked Barely Functional Adult? Visit Meichi’s Etsy store for buttons, magnets, and prints.

Did we miss any of your favorite webcomics? Let us know in the comments below!