10 Videos of Adorable Animals That Will Make You Adopt a Pet Today

There are thousands of adorable animals waiting to be adopted at a local kennel near you. They range in age from newborn to adults and just want to be taken in by a loving family. Deciding on which pet is right for you might be a challenge, especially if you’re obsessed with all things fluffy and adorable. If you’re on the fence about welcoming a new pet into the family, then this one is for you. To get you in the parenting mood we’ve collected ten videos of adorable animals for you to enjoy.

1.) This Chocolate Lab Just Wants to Make Sure it Doesn’t Get Any Tan Lines

Is there anything more enjoyable than a relaxing day on the beach? Well, if you add to the mix two chocolate labs, you’ve got yourself a non-stop day of action! Sure, it probably won’t be the most relaxing day — especially when all you want to do is get the perfect tan — but isn’t life more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with? If seeing this doesn’t make you want a chocolate lab, we don’t know what will. Just make sure to bring an extra towel!

2.) This Busker Had One of the Fluffiest and Most Adorable Audiences Ever

While mama cat was on the prowl for some food for her kittens she decided to drop them off with a busker. Any good babysitter, or entertainer for that matter, knows how to keep attention. The best way he saw was by grabbing a guitar and singing for them. These kittens were in awe as they sat patiently and took in all this entertainer had to offer. These little four-legged fluff balls sure got a meowthful of purrfect tunes. The only problem: when the mama cat returns she might not be able to tear them away.

3.) These Baby Goats Were a Bit Chilly so They Threw on Some Sweaters

The temperature was below freezing and these baby goats were cold. To warm them up the goats were dressed in a gorgeous trio of sweaters. The cozy beautiful wool sweaters were perfect for their first outdoor adventure with mom. Since they are newbornsit took them a bit to get their feet to step one after the next but eventually they were leaping around and playing — as baby goats should do! You can find these goats at Sunflower Farm. This farm allows the goats to live out their full lives as a dairy goat or pet.

4.) These Koala Bears Need a Time Out

Welcome to the land down under. Koalas, or as the Aussies like to call them, drop bears, are normally very docile. If you happen to spot a koala in the wild, they’re usually attached to a gum tree. This is where they get their main form of sustenance, the eucalyptus leaf. Most times they’ll be sleeping but every so often they jump to the next tree to get more food, to mate or to stop traffic. It’s not clear what these two koalas are fighting over but they sure look cute doing it.

5.) Shake It, Shake, Shake It, Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Dogs are truly a human’s best friend. They’re loyal, they show you unconditional love and they’re friends for life. On the other hand, dogs are one of those animals that can have severe separation anxiety when apart from their owners even for a few hours. How often have you come home from work for the day to find your dog scampering towards to you like they haven’t seen you in years? Well, that’s exactly what happened when this pooch spotted his owner. Watch as this little guy busts a move as he anticipates allthe pets from his human.

6.) Tea Cup Pig Learns How To Shake a Hoof on Command

Pigs are known for their super social mannerisms and share many cognitive capabilities that are seen in other highly intelligent species. They like to play, they’re smart and they have good long-term memories. When they interact with other pigs they can socially manipulate the situation. They play on social queues and can tell when people are being nice to them and when they are not. They know which pigs are their friends and which ones are strangers. That’s why it’s no surprise that Puma, a four-month old pig, can shake a hoof on command. Pigs are truly adorable animals.

7.) The Lizard Rodeo Has Come To Town

Meet Dino the bearded dragon. Known for their ability to climb, in the wild bearded dragons tend to spend time on branches or in bushes near human habitats. They also are generally good hunters. Dino, however, was born with just one eye so even at the best of times he can struggle to catch his food. Of course, the grasshopper is not making it easy for him. How alike is this to some kind of lizard rodeo? The clever insect is hitching a ride and although Dino can smell him, he can’t find him!

8.) A Tiny Toothbrush Comb for a Tiny Hamster

Dwarf hamsters are one of the most commonly adopted pets. Why? Because tiny animals are adorable. Skye the Russian Dwarf hamster is no exception. She isn’t even two years old and has already reached celebrity status on Instagram. She has over 13,000 followers and over 1,000 posts. Her owner records her in different situations, in this case, getting a relaxing hair brushing session. The extraordinary hamster has the most adorable cheeks that she uses to store and carry food — and make us go aaaawwwee. She is definitely worthy of the five-star treatment she gets from her owner.

9.) Not As Speedy As Sonic But Way More Adorable

Hedgehogs are not a common pet to be adopted but that doesn’t stop people from giving them love and care. One of these was a hedgehog named Arlo. As he tries to start his daily routine, he immediately gets stuck inside an empty toilet paper roll on his way from the bathroom. This hedgehog thinks he’s smaller than he really is. The result: his head crammed inside the roll resulting in a tiny army tank covered in spikes! Since he was not in any danger, his owner took out his camera and filmed his hedgehog’s “struggle”.

10.) Smartphones Like Water, Right?

While they’re not the most common pet — they are wild animals, after all — raccoons do get up to some hilarious hi-jinx. Take Gosh, for example. While his owner was distracted cleaning the kitchen, he wanted to help out with cleaning as well. The only problem was that he decided to take her smartphone, dunk it in his bowl of water and wash it clean. She got mad at him, but he was just helping, right? Maybe next time she should put up a cleaning schedule. The good news is the smartphone survived as it was waterproof. No harm, no foul.

Which video convinced you to reach out to your local pet adoption center? If you’re ready to brighten your life, go out and get one today. Having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

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