Boy Complains Of Ear Ache, Doctors Shake Their Heads


A Birthday Gift

Kim’s heart was pounding; she would do anything to keep her son out of harm’s way. But there was no way of preparing for something like this. They took one look at the doctor’s face and realized that something had been very wrong.

The doctor took a deep breath and said to Kim, “Mrs. Tremblay; I haven’t seen anything quite like this. Does your son own a watch?” She immediately thought of the one she got for him on his birthday. Why was he asking? What happened to his ear?

High School Sweethearts


Kim felt like the luckiest woman alive. She married her high school sweetheart after graduating from Northern Secondary School in Toronto. She and her husband, Paul were extremely happy.

But everything changed after she got pregnant. And after nine incredible years later, she had still been just as happy. Her husband and her eight-year-old son Timothy made a very happy family. But she had no way of knowing what would happen to her son.


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Timothy Tremblay had been like any other eight-year-old boy in Toronto. He enjoys video games, playing outside with his toys, and drawing if the weather was bad outside.

While Timothy did some strange things at times, they were no stranger than any other curious child. But his mother did not expect that this would take them straight to the ER.

His Birthday Gift


Timothy’s birthday came around and his parents got him a watch. All he had wanted for the past few months had been a digital watch. They finally got it for him for his birthday and he was overjoyed.

He tore the wrapping paper off the box and gazed in awe at the watch inside. He excitedly jumped up and down. If Kim only knew what would happen next and that they would end up in the hospital, she would’ve never gotten in for him.

Panicked State


He enjoyed cake for an entire week after his birthday but one night he woke his parents in a panicked state.

“Mom, are you awake? I’m in pain.” Kim woke up to her cild’s cries. What he said left her confused and that was only the start of it.  She had not been prepared for what happened next. 



“What’s wrong, darling? Is everything okay?” Kim tried to figure it out. “My ear, it’s really, really sore,” Timothy said quietly. Kim’s motherly instincts took over and she immediately got up and headed toward the medicine cabinet. 

She gave Timothy some medicine and tucked him in between them where he slept the night. Unfortunately, the problem had not been solved yet.

The Next Morning


The following day dawned, and Timothy had still been in their bed. Her husband was out for his morning run, so she was downstairs making breakfast. But just as she turned on the stove, she heard her son crying.

He went downstairs to his mother and cried about the pain in his left ear. She had been concerned that it might be more severe than she had anticipated

Going To The Hospital


She had no time to waste, she needed to help her son. Ear pain could be very dangerous and if it had been serious he might perhaps lose his hearing. As a mother she had to make sure her child was safe.

The medication had clearly not fixed the problem. She had to take him to the hospital. But he hated going to the hospital but there had been no choice. There had been no telling what might be the issue.

Violent Tantrum


Tim threw a violent tantrum as soon as she mentioned the hospital. He had already been upset because of the pain he was experiencing, but that made him even more upset. He hated going to the Hospital.

Unfortunately there was no way of avoiding it because he could be in a possibly dangerous situation. Timothy finally complied after struggling to convince him the whole way over. Thankfully they did go, because her suspicions had been correct.

Ear Examination


They went to the closest hospital where she had to fill out the paperwork. They sat there waiting in the reception area until a doctor finally came to Timothys aid.

The doctor asked Timothy a couple of questions, kindly. He proceeded to inspect his ear and his face went pale. Kim felt her stomach drop. What was he seeing?   

A Watch

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Kim’s pulse started racing. She would never let anything happen to her son, but things like this were just out of her control. It was clear from the doctor’s expression that something was very wrong.

The doctor breathed in deep and looked at Kim. “Mrs. Tremblay, I haven’t seen anything quite like this. Does your son own a watch?” Kim’s mind flashed to the one she had bought him for his birthday. How did he know? What was wrong with her son’s ear?

A Watch Battery

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The doctor further explained that Timothy did have something creating his ear pain. It was a foreign object that shouldn’t have been there. The doctor told them that it was, in fact, a watch battery.

Kim was speechless. She couldn’t believe it was a battery from the watch she got him for his birthday. She needed an explanation.


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“Timothy, why did you do that?” she asked in confusion. He replied, “I was experimenting. I thought I’d get more energy if I used batteries on myself.” Kim couldn’t help but laugh.

Kids will always be kids, she thought. “Well, I hope you learned a valuable lesson, mister!” But now, it was time to get him treated.



The doctor told Kim it wasn’t too serious as long as they extracted the battery immediately. If it sat in his ear for another week, it could cause him serious harm, though. They prepped a room with the needed tools and got to work. (

Kim sat nervously outside. She just hoped that there were no complications. After waiting 45 minutes, the doctor said she could come back in.


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Kim entered the room as the doctors finished up. Timothy excitedly showed his mother his souvenir. It was the battery in a clear container. As an eight-year-old, he didn’t know any better about putting foreign objects in his ear.

Kim just hoped the souvenir would constantly remind them of the dangers of putting things where they don’t belong. At least this time, everything worked out.

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.