Abnormal Eats: 5 Odd Things Americans are Eating

It seems in recent years, America has become a nation of “foodies.” Which is really just a quicker way of saying you’re a pompous food snob that only eats at “gastro-pubs” or venues owned by former Top Chef contestants. Basically, you’re the cuisine equivalent of a guy with a handlebar mustache and a fedora.
But for whatever reason, the whole “foodie” thing has really caught on, and it’s led to some very peculiar trends in American gastronomy.

5 Alligator

Image Credit: Art15.com

Americans have been eating alligator for a long, long time. This is nothing new. But still, it’s weird. Right? Alligators are these terrifying throwback creatures that look like something out of prehistoric times, so who exactly looked at that and thought “Yeah, that evil, dinosaur-looking beast is probably delicious”? The strange thing is though, it is delicious. That just goes to show you, don’t judge a book by its scaly, horrifying cover.

4 Gas

It doesn’t get any more hipster foodie than this; inhaled foods. And no, that doesn’t mean inhaled as in the way the average Midwestern American “inhales” an entire bag of Fritos in one sitting, it literally means inhaled through your respiratory system. It’s a trend that started in a Canadian eatery and has since spread, which supposedly allows you to taste all the foods you love without paying the price with those pesky calories. There’s just one problem; unless you’re a balloon, you can’t fill up on air.

3 Horse

A Brooklyn eatery was just days away from unveiling an appetizer menu that featured horse meat tartare, before a public outcry finally made them yank the item. This is America people; you’re not supposed to be eating any animals that have their own hero movies! Have you seen War Horse? Even if you haven’t, it’s safe to assume he won a war. This crosses a weird line. And while the Brooklyn eatery backed down, the state of New Mexico is considering legalizing horse slaughterhouses, so, yeah… we’re not out of the weird woods yet.

2 Roadkill

Image Credit: Thinkprogress.org

Way to go, Montana. Way to stand up and say “I don’t give a damn if you think it’s weird. It is my right to eat that thing I just plowed into with my truck!” In reply, Montana officials recently announced a law that will legalize the scraping up and subsequent grilling of anything you happen to run over. According to one state senator, the decision makes sense because “It really is a sin to waste good meat.” And what meat is better than the kind that’s just been tenderized by your tires?

1 Guinea Pig

Yup, sorry to break this news to you, but it’s true. Those adorable, twitchy little fur balls that you so fondly remember from your childhood classrooms are fast becoming a trendy delicacy across the United States. Already a popular food item in countries like Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia, guinea pigs have made the leap to South American restaurants in the US, and could soon be showing up on a menu near you.

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