Reporter Struck By Car Live On Air, Uncovers Driver’s Hidden Agenda


The Unexpected

Waking up every morning, getting ready for work, and putting on her best clothes was always an exciting routine for Jan. As an American reporter, it is important to always look good while maintaining perfect composure.

While putting on one of her performances, Jan got struck by a car. Little did she know that it was no accident.

It’s A Good Day

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With the phone ringing endlessly in Jan’s pocket, she excitedly picked up the phone, ready to accept her next gig. To her convenience, there had been a mishap in her area that needed coverage.

She hopped in the company truck, making jokes with the crew, unaware of what was waiting for her at the site.

Ready Or Not

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Finding the perfect spot in the midst of reporter chaos, Jan and the staff immediately parked the car and prepared the gadgets. Barely able to hear the sound of her own voice, Jan quickly put on her noise-canceling headphones and stood in the perfect position, ready to go live.

As the wind blew stronger and the chaos grew louder, Jan was barely able to keep track of things.

Emerging From A Distance

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In a matter of seconds, Jan was live on air. Jumping into her reporter persona, she looked straight at the camera, giving it her full and undivided attention. Being a career-driven woman, Jan knew that in a gig as big as this, things should not go wrong.

Before anyone could say anything, a car speeding in a distance got alarmingly close to Jan.

The Collision

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In the blink of an eye, the car racing towards Jan was not able to come to a complete halt, therefore knocking her over as it did not allow her any space to flee.

Even after all that had just happened, the crew had so much more to be shocked by than the accident they just witnessed.

Like A Champ

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Jan was not your average Joe, for after being struck by a car, she confidently picked herself back up, dusted off her clothes, and made her way back to her original position. The crew was too stunned to speak.

But the incident did not end there, as the driver had more to offer the crew.

The Calm Before The Storm

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After the car had hit Jan, the driver slowed down, catching everyone’s attention. It was as if the driver was worried about the consequences of this crash knowing very well that it was all caught on tape.

He yelled out a few words that sent one of the staff members running in his direction.

A Note?

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The man in the car yelled “Hey you! Come here!” whilst pointing at one of the staff members. Unaware of what the man could possibly want after doing what he had done, the staff member ran in his direction. The man spoke to staff for what seemed to be a minute or two and sent him running back to the scene.

Jan continued the segment while watching as the staff member returned with a note.

Gone With The Wind

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The minute the staff member returned to the scene, the car sped away and left everyone in a state of complete and utter shock. The segment shortly ended after, with Jan feeling unsettled by what had just happened.

The note was then passed onto Jan who was filled with confusion after reading its contents.

The Contents

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With feelings of uneasiness, Jan opened the note that contained nothing but a phone number. Playing back to what happened in her head, Jan thought to herself, “Why did he stop? Could this have not been an accident? “.

With the staff all back in the company truck, Jan whipped out her phone, ready to call the number.

The Other End Of The Line

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Jan waited impatiently as the line beeped. She needed answers, the whole situation did not make sense and the more time passed the more uneasy she felt about it all.

The call was answered and all she could hear was screaming, with a voice saying “give me a moment, I will call you back”.

The Phone Rang

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Jan felt shivers run down her spine, she could not contain her composure anymore. All sorts of thoughts were filling her mind on what went down, and none of them were helping. Moments after her phone rang with the number she dialed moments ago.

She contemplated answering it for a few moments before she gathered her strength and pressed the answer button.

The Reveal

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Jan stayed silent, waiting for the person on the other side of the line to speak. The man, that goes by the name of Jacob explained that his wife was pregnant and had just given birth to their son Michael, explaining the sounds in the background.

He then continued to explain that striking Jan was anything but an accident.

A Tactical Reaction

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Jacob went on to explain that while driving his wife to the hospital he was trying to get there as soon as he could. He did not expect to see the reporter jam that, and as much as he tried to slow the car down, if he did not turn to the side where Jan stood, he could have crashed into an old man that was seen crossing the street.

He then suggested something that left Jan in awe.

Jan And The Family

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After apologizing profusely, he asked Jan if she could come by the hospital he was at to get herself checked out and visit his newborn, assuring her that he would cover her fee. Jan accepted his offer and is now pretty closely knit with the family.

People surely can make lifelong friends in the weirdest and funniest ways.