A Day At The Beach: Expectation Vs Reality

Going to spend a day at the beach always sounds like the perfect idea for a fun, relaxing summer afternoon. You go into the day with your hopes set high for escaping the stress of the week, getting that perfect Instagram photo, and finally achieving that perfect sun-kissed skin. Unfortunately, these beach days rarely live up to our high expectations and often lead to disappointment.


The Beach Pic:


Expectation: You wear your new bikini and pick the perfect spot on the beach to take your adorable beach pic in perfect lighting that shows off your assets.


Reality: Sun glaring in your face while your pale, sweaty body blinds the rest of the beach.



The Setting


Expectation: “Toes in the sand and beachy hair.”


Reality: Sand in every crevice of your body, including your tangled wet messy hair.



The Tan


Expectation: Perfectly tanned skin.


Reality: You’re rockin’ the peeling red lobster look for a week! (Bring on the aloe!)



The Relaxing Atmosphere


Expectation: You bring the book you’ve been telling yourself you’ll eventually get around to reading and swear to yourself that you’ll spend your day at the beach finally reading it. 


Reality: Screaming kids who run around kicking more sand on you while you debate whether or not to tell their parents…relaxing, right?


The Sand


Expectation: Cool sand in your toes.


Reality:  Running for your life pretending you’re on Baywatch, instead of facing the reality that you look like a chicken running with its head chopped off.



The Hotties


Expectation: Local cuties playing beach volleyball.


Reality: Overweight men strutting on the beach in far too little clothing. Zac Efron and Liam Hemsworth, where you at?




The Picnic


Expectation: You prepare your food ahead of time and plan to have a enjoyable picnic on the beach.


Reality: The second you bring your food out in the open, swarms of seagulls begin attacking you. (Even Chris Brown can’t escape them)


The Swim


Expectation: You’re feeling adventurous and decide to go for a nice, little dip in the water.


Reality: You instantly regret your decision as seaweed envelops your entire body making you feel like a sea creature is touching you at all times.


The End


So your day at the beach didn’t turn out exactly as planned. You didn’t get that perfect photo after well over 100 tries. You never got around to reading that damn book, and to top it off, you’re even more on edge then when you got here.


That’s mainly because the parents on the beach couldn’t control their kids. But hey, at least you got out of the house and did something! Just try not to think too much about that dreaded beach traffic you’re about to face!

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