Babysitter Sends Mom Photo, She Sees It And Calls Authorities


Felt Like Forever

At long last, the plane’s wheels landed on the ground and she could turn her phone back on. She had been worried for hours.

Once her phone was she heard beep after beep, and then an image preview popped onto her screen. But what it was made her want to swim across the ocean just to get home.

Last Minute

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Every parent dreams of having a good babysitter, they always worry who they’ve left their children with. They just want them to be in good hands.

Parents also understand that sometimes plans fall through and it seems that every reliable sitter had disappeared off the face of the earth. Claudia Sorhaindo knew this all too well.

New Duties


It was just a job promotion that ended up being so much more. She only wanted to give her daughter, Ava, a better life. What parent wouldn’t want that?

Claudia was so excited, but she had no idea what was about to happen. Her job would be starting so much faster than she thought.

No One Left

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She had to go abroad for the weekend as part of the job and would have to leave her daughter behind.

She calls all of her regular babysitters, but it seemed that none could help her out. The same thing was the case with all of her family members, no one could help.


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Her sister then said that her daughter could babysit. The only problem was that J’Ann, her niece, was only 15 years old.

She was an option but the more she thought about it the worse she felt about the idea.

Past Pains

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Everyone understood why she was so cautious about her daughter, she had lost her 3-month-old at the hospital after he medication was mixed up.

But her sister told her that everything would be fine and that J’Ann could to a good job. Her precious girl would be safe.

Departure Day


“Alright,” she said. She got her bags and packed them for the weekend before kissing her daughter goodbye and telling her that she’d be back before she knew it.

The next day her niece arrived looking bright and excited. She kissed her aunt then squealed and hugged the baby. They weren’t even to the list yet and the girl already had her phone out and was snapping photos.

Promised Updates

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“Let’s start with feeding,” Claudia said to her niece. She made her put her phone down so she could properly instruct her.

She then gave her a list of things she would have to do and watch out for. Claudia was a little reassured but had no idea what was going to happen.

Taking Forever

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There was no more stalling. She kissed Ava on the cheek and tried to hold back the tears.

She hadn’t been away from her baby girl like this before and it already hurt. Through the taxi ride to waiting in the lounge, she texted dozens of messages. The last one went unanswered.

Last Chance


Claudia held her phone in a white-knuckle grip, hoping to see new updates. She ignored the recording to turn off all devices.

It wasn’t until the flight attendant came directly to her and asked her to switch it off did she press the button. It would only be a few hours. What could possibly happen in that time?

New Photo

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No amount of deep breathing, in-flight entertainment, or positive thinking helped the mom get through the agonizing flight.

The worst part was the landing and moving towards the gate so they could get off. “I’m not waiting anymore,” she thought and turned on her phone. A new message – finally! It was a picture. Claudia squinted at the fuzzy pink mass.

What Happened?!

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The caption read, “I was making a sandwich”, but it was the photo that sent her into a frantic spin.

The tiny thumbnail showed her daughter covered in what looked like a pink blanket … but her legs looked deformed and swollen to twice their size. “What happened?!” She called J’Ann’s cell. No answer.

Called 911

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She dialed again. Nothing. Her heart beat through her chest and terrifying images flew through her mind.

She was hundreds of miles away and helpless. There was only one number she could call and pray they got there in time. Claudia hit 911. She frantically gave the details through her tears.

Closer Look

ABC News

Others on the plane noticed something was happening. She cried she needed to get off quickly.

The passengers parted and she ran off the plane. It wasn’t she reached the security line did she look at her phone again. This time the image was loaded and clear. She slumped against the wall.

Makeshift Pouch

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“You’ve got to be joking,” she muttered, staring at the truth. There was no deformity and no swelling.

There sat Ava, happy and content within J’Ann’s pink stretch pants like a baby kangaroo in a momma’s pouch. “What’s going on?” she typed.


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The answer made Claudia turn red with embarrassment. The young girl had wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to leave the baby alone even for a second.

She also couldn’t find the baby holster, so she improvised. The photo was just proof to show how the 2-month-old was perfectly safe. The story then takes another interesting turn.

A Viral Sensation


Claudia took to social media. “So… I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava… later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight.

“Lord send help this was her solution…creativity at its finest.” The post exploded over the internet…

Everyone Loved It

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It was shared more than 300,000 times and received just as many likes.

People commented on how they wished they had thought of that with their own babies. “Brilliant! Carried my babies around on my hip in the ’70s. I wish I had thought of this!” It also gave J’Ann a potentially lucrative idea.

Get A Patent!

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The new business idea would be called J’Pants. There were even ideas on being able to convert maternity pants for extended use.

Everyone loved the idea and J’Ann already had a huge supporter – Claudia. The grateful mom went as far as starting a Go Fund Me page so the business idea could get a boost.

Memorable Story

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Pledges have slowly trickled in. However, regardless of the financial outcome, the family has something more valuable.

Claudia has another trusted babysitter, the family is closer than ever, and they have an amusing story to tell for years to come.