Top 10 ’80s Fashion Trends That Are Celebrating Their Comeback In 2018

They say history always repeats itself, and the world of fashion is no different. It seems like every 20–30 years, the same “old” trends become new again. So is it any surprise that some of the hottest ’80s fashion trends are making a comeback this year? And the best part: a lot of them look better than ever!

While the decade hasn’t influenced our wardrobes in years, the past few months we’ve come to the realization that today’s hottest make-up and fashion trends are straight out of the 1980s. It’s a stark departure from the minimalism that has been the holy grail of fashion for the past decade or so.

But the icons of today proudly wear lycra and structured shoulders — a throwback to all those shoulder pads. The ’80s are back with a bang. We see those power shoulders, bold hair and makeup looks on the runways and can’t help but wonder if some of these trends should really be brought back to daylight.

But who knows, some of this year’s must-haves might still be sitting in your (or your mom’s) closet. The question is, would you wear them now? Maybe we can convince you.

Party Like It’s 1985

Ida Petersson, from Browns Fashion explains that, “Designers are injecting some fun into their collections for Spring 2018, and I couldn’t think of anything better than an abundance of sequins. Creating a party mood is almost a way of giving the finger to all the madness that happened in 2017 and a nod to a fantastic era where everything for a few years was just fabulous. This season’s mantra seems to be the glitzier the better.”

This year, fashion is giving us a grand opportunity for self-expression with it-pieces that serve as immediate mood-enhancers. But that doesn’t mean that you can just throw on an outfit from 30 years ago and look great. To rock this year’s trends, you need to know which styles are back, how to use their vintage appeal and how to combine them with more modern aesthetics.

Check out these ’80s Fashion Trends That Are Celebrating Their Comeback In 2018.

1.) Lace

lace 80s fashion trends

Lace accessories were huge in the ’80s (just look at virtually any photo of Madonna from the era). Ultra romantic, super feminine and classic — lace came back to stay. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas are stepping it up a notch, showing off beautiful lace dresses with incredible silhouettes, combined with leather jackets and casual sneakers. Whether you’re aiming for the dramatic in a tight black dress or prefer neutral colors and a sweeter ensemble, don’t be afraid to add some serious lace to your look.