Man Who Doesn’t Bath Has Another Disturbing Habit


60 Years Without A Bath

Almost everyone will agree that good hygiene is the key to a good life. But it seems there are a few that would disagree. A man named Amou Haji, 81-years-old, lives in Iran and has not bathed himself in six decades! that more than half a century! But he had his own justifications for it.

But Amou has even more habits that he says are all keeping him in good shape. And some of them seem even worse than not bathing.

Is This Gaining Traction?

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But it seems that Amou wasn’t the only person who thought this is good for them. Jake Gyllenhaal recently let us in on his hygiene habits – and he doesn’t bathe ever!

“I wash my armpits and my crotch daily, and nothing else ever. I got a bar of Lever 2000 that delivers every time. Nothing else,” he confessed. But it seems he wasn’t the first to see things this way.

Amou Haji


So for six whole decades, Amou has been staying away from baths. But he doesn’t just stop at never ever washing. But as long as Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t catch onto these gross habits we’ll be able to live with him.

Is this just Hollywood A-listers borrowing exotic and obscure practices? We don’t think so, not with what Amou has been doing anyway.

He Hates Being Clean

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Amou Haji’s beliefs are the very reason he despises being clean. He believes that sickness and disease actually come from bathing.

So Amou thinks that the key to immortality, or at least long life, is locked behind simply not ever washing? But how did Amou end up with these beliefs in the first place?

He Started The Belief At A Young Age

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Amou was only 21 years old when he came up with the idea. It was out of the blue and before that he had been a regular kid from his village for 21 years. He was even a well-liked member of the community.

But suddenly Amou started believing something else. He changed and wanted to live a different way. The people in his village mention the emotional trauma that occurred. But what happened?

It’ll Stay A Mystery

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The sad truth is that he hasn’t opened up to what happened to change his life. Just that he has embraced his new beliefs and that no one will change his mind. The people in his village also seem reluctant to speak about him.

We know as much as most people, that he’s been unwashed for 60 years and that he believes that it is the only way to a long and healthy life. He’s even still living like this today.

Amou’s Life


Rather than living in the village, he lives in a dugout near the outskirts of society. But thankfully some villagers did build him a basic shelter.

Some of the villagers are quite concerned about Amou. They like to make sure that he’s alright every now and then. But there’s one boundary that they’ll never overstep.

The Boundary


The locals know to never tell Amou or even insinuate that he should take a bath. They don’t even tell him to put any kind of water near him.

They don’t do this because they know how he gets. He’ll get angry at the thought of something pushing their views onto him. Remember, to him, it’s not good for his health, so he would never even think about it.

2 Gallons Every Day


Amou still knows that he needs to drink water to stay alive. He knows that aspect is the key to healthy living. But ironically, he drinks way too much.

Amou drinks over 2 gallons of water daily! And the container that he drinks from is a rusty can! But that’s not even that bad when you consider his next habit.



When he runs out of cigarettes, he smokes dried animal feces with his pipe! We don’t know why he does that or his reasoning for doing it. But it’s hard to see how that would improve one’s health. But wait until you hear about his diet.

When he can’t get his hands on cigarettes, he resorts to smoking dried dung out of a pipe. But not a smoking pipe, a plumbing pipe!

He Eats Carrion


Most of what he eats is carrion, or, in other words, rotting remains of animals that died of natural causes or were killed by cars. Absolutely disgusting.

After 60 years of sticking to these habits, the real mystery is not why he does it, but how in the world has this man lived long enough to see 81.

What Else?


He also has some other weird habits. For example, he takes care of his hair and beard; but he does so in a rather unconventional way.

He doesn’t use scissors or clippers: he just lights a fire and burns his hair until it reaches the desired length. Quite impractical, but whatever floats his boat. But all of this leaves us with one question.

How Is He Still Alive?


At this point, one can only ask himself why Amou does all that. And there seems to be no easy answer. For all we know, it began suddenly with a change of beliefs.

This leads us to one possible explanation: Amou might suffer from what is known as schizotypal personality disorder.

What’s That?

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Patients with this disorder often show symptoms similar to Amou’s behavior: strange beliefs or magical thinking, suspiciousness or paranoid ideation, peculiar behavior or appearance, lack of close friends…

If he lived in a richer part of the country, he might get treatment for it, and perhaps he could be helped. But would that be what he want?

He Says He’s Happy


He claims to be happier and healthier than anyone else in the world. He lives without possessions; he doesn’t have any worries, ambitions, needs, or obligations.

In his own words, he’s “free like a bird.” While that may be true, it’s hard to see how his lifestyle overall is conducive to a better life. But to each their own.