6 Great Products for Dogs Every Owner Should Know About

Discover top products every dog parent needs! From cozy beds to water bottles, these essentials make life easier for you and your furry friend. Enhance your pet's happiness!

Did you know that almost 50 million households own at least one dog in the United States alone? Not only that, but the average dog parent owns more than one!

With that knowledge, it’s safe to say that dogs are an incredibly popular choice of pet. And as every dog owner knows, your furry friend isn’t just a pet; they’re a member of the family.

For many of us, providing our dogs with every comfort is a top priority, but it’s nice to make our lives as pet parents easier at the same time. Well, with these products for dogs, you can do just that.

Each product listed below is designed to improve the life of your dog, allow you to take your pet parenting to the next level, or both! Keep reading to learn more.

1. A Dog Bed

If you can only have one of these dog products, it should be a dog bed. While it’s fun to have a sleepover with your dog now and then, it’s better and more comfortable for both of you if they have a bed of their own.

There are many options to choose from, the best bed for your dog will depend on their size, age, and preference.

For example, elderly dogs will benefit most from an orthopedic dog bed, which helps to soothe joint pain and arthritis. If your dog is on the rambunctious side, you might want to opt for a simple bed with a steel frame and PVC fabric over a plush bed, vulnerable to destructive habits.


2. Dog Stairs

For pet owners with small or elderly dogs, one of the best dog products you can invest in is a set of dog stairs. These can be set against a bed, couch, or chair, and allow for safe passage between the floor and the cushion.

Not only is it difficult for small and elderly dogs to jump onto high surfaces, but it can also be dangerous. If they miss the bed on the way up or land wrong on the way down, they risk suffering a broken leg or developing joint pain.

Keep them safe by giving them an easy, non-skid way up and down. The largest sizes are able to hold up to 200 pounds, so they can accommodate even the largest dogs.


3. A Food Mat

If your furry friend is prone to messes at dinnertime, a food mat can be a lifesaver. The right food mat will keep your dog’s bowl in place as they eat, preventing them from pushing it (and their mess) around the house.

A mat will also protect your floors from water and food spills, which can damage hardwoods and carpeting. When your dog is finished eating, simply pick up the mat and dump the spills in the sink or trash can. Good as new!


4. A Water Bottle

Exercising your dog is an absolute must. It helps them maintain a healthy weight, increases flexibility and endurance, improves behavior, and builds their trust in you. But when you take your dog for a walk or swim, you have to come prepared.

Just as hydration during exercise is important for you, your pup needs to drink plenty of water during and after outside play. Carrying a water container and bowl with you can be a lot to keep up with. Instead, get a doggie water bottle to bring on outdoor adventures!

All you have to do is flip the top open and it becomes a bowl. Squeeze the bottle, and water will pour in. Whatever they don’t drink can go back into the bottle for later.

It’s also a good idea to have some dog cooling bandanas or ice chips on hand to help cool them off further after a run in the sun.


5. A Dog Brush

As fun as having a dog is, one of the most tiresome aspects of being a dog parent is their shedding. And depending on the breed, your dog might shed an incredible amount. This can create a huge mess but can also trigger allergy symptoms.

Daily brushing will make your dog’s coat sleek and shiny while cutting down on shedding by removing loose hairs from their undercoat. When it comes to dog brushes, it’s better to invest in a quality option than to purchase something cheap that might cut their skin or damage their topcoat.


6. Portable Paw Cleaner

After a trip to the park or the beach, your pup’s paws are no doubt covered in mud, dirt, or sand. Then they get in your car and track that mud all over the seats and floors. To save yourself a lot of cleanup time and effort, pick up a paw cleaner cup.

These are just as they sound – it’s a small cup with soft bristles on the inside that can be filled with water and used to clean your dog’s paws post-adventure. It can even be turned inside out and used as a brush!


Treat Your Pet Like Royalty With These Products for Dogs

You don’t have to have all of these products for dogs to be an excellent pet parent. All they really need is a home, plenty of food, and your love.

That said, having a few extras can increase your pet’s happiness and make your job as a pet parent easier. And if you’re looking for something to add to your collection of pet supplies, you can’t go wrong with any of the products listed here.

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