50 Photos Of Royals Before They Were Royal

Paparazzi pictures, scandals, fan clubs, the Royals impact today goes beyond the political sphere. They are now considered trendsetters, fashion icons, and activists the whole world is following closely. The hype is even bigger when they are common citizens who married into royalty, giving some people hope for a princess/prince-like wedding, and for some others gossip material.

Let’s rewind a little bit, and discover the lives of former common citizens who caught the gaze of royalty. We’ve got early photos of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Grace Kelly, Masako Owada, Sofia Hellqvist, Marie-Chantal Miller and Daniel Westling. Some of these pictures of royals before they were royal can come as a shock to many of us!

royals before they were royals kate

At a roller disco, 2008 Shiny clothes, bright smile, disco groove. Who’d of thought Kate would be so disco ready given the more conservative mom-role she’s taken on today.

Seeing such a causal disco outfit reminds us that these Royals were once upon a time real life people, not just the political figures of today.