5 WWE Superstars Primed To Take ‘Top Guy’ Spot From Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns on SD

[Image by WWE]

WWE has been very high on WWE Superstar Roman Reigns. He has been at the top of the company ever since The Shield faction broke up in the summer of 2014. WWE saw Daniel Bryan as a possible help at the top. Sadly, his injuries scared the WWE into thinking they needed to bring someone else to the top.


It was known that Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns would be big all on their own. Keeping The Shield alive when you could use them at the top? It would only be selfish for the the company to do such a thing, especially in a rebuild period. Reigns made sense for WWE, clear. He fit everything the company liked. He had the right pedigree, as he is from the Samoan Dynasty of wrestlers. This family includes people like Rosey, Umaga, the Wild Samoans, Rikishi, and The Rock. That’s just to name a few.


Roman also had the right look, which World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is a big fan of. Reigns immediately was pushed to the top when he left The Shield, along with Seth Rollins. Seth would become the top heel for WWE as Reigns became the top babyface. Reigns was unable to cut a promo and could not work well in the ring. That said, he did not fit well at the top and fans wanted a chance. Although better, he isn’t where he needs to be.


Multiple titles and three WrestleMania main events in a row later, Reigns is still at the top and still doesn’t work well there. The company needs a change and every fan knows it. The question is, who could be the top face of WWE if Reigns is pushed to the side? We thought it over and decided on five people who would fit well at the top of the card for the company. Here they are.


Finn Balor

Finn Balor as The Demon

[Image by WWE]

Many see Finn Balor and assume he’s too small for WWE to think of him as a top guy. However, Triple H took a liking to the man when he arrived in the company a few years back. This led to The Game holding him back on WWE NXT. He wanted to make sure a major storyline was present when Balor arrived on television for the main roster. Triple H refused to let Vince McMahon take him to the main roster without a huge storyline.


Finn was given quite a major one too. He ended up winning the first ever WWE Universal Championship. Becoming the first champion for the new World Title was pretty huge. Sadly, he was hurt in the match that he won the title in. While he has been impressive since his comeback, he has been given very little to work with. Despite this, he proved on NXT he can be an amazing champion for the business.


This means that heel or babyface, Balor will be around for a long time and will do well with the top guy role. The question is not “if” he can do it, as he obviously can. It truly is, will WWE let Balor become the top guy?


Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair

[Image by WWE]

A surprise to the list is Charlotte Flair, the daughter of two time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Yes, the list might be about “top guys.” However, this has more to do with the term of who WWE puts on the top of their business, not always the gender. The Flair’s only know how to win and how to be a great champion. Charlotte won the NXT Women’s Title early on in her career, and now has four WWE Women’s Championships on the main roster. This brings her total to five. This is something no other girl in the company other than Mickie James can relate to.


Charlotte is only thirty years of age, making her one of the younger people on the roster. She is sort of in the middle among the females, but she finds herself always making history every year. She was in the first ever women’s falls count anywhere match, hell in a cell match, money in the bank match, and main roster PPV match. She also did the first Ironwoman match on the main roster just to add to her legacy. WWE have stopped calling the ladies “Divas” and simply refer to them as Female WWE Superstars.


This means WWE sees them as just as valuable as the men and even among them. This is why Charlotte seems to be given many opportunities to main event and is clearly being pushed as the top female in the company. However, what if World Wrestling Entertainment decided to take a change of pace and made Charlotte the face of the company? She fits everything the company likes in a Superstar and as a legacy, she brings prestige. She is also amazing in every aspect of pro-wrestling. Why not pull the trigger?


AJ Styles

AJ Styles US Champion

[Image by WWE]

No possible top guy list is complete without AJ Styles. Considered by many to be the best wrestler in the world today, WWE has started to recognize him as just that. It seems they respect what he brings to the table. This could be why he won the WWE Championship his first year in the company. The company obviously knows he’s worth a top spot and can elevate a title. This may be why they just made him the WWE United States Champion at a live event last Friday at Madison Square Garden.


Fans feel he’s amazing in the ring, which is more than enough for WWE to use him at the top of the card. He’s already considered the top star of the WWE SmackDown Live brand. However, he could also be the top guy in the entire company. Obviously he has the ring skill to be at the very top. His mic skills are also very improved


The question is, why has WWE not made AJ their top guy overall yet? If he’s proven that he deserves to be at the top, and you’ve already made him “the man” of one show, why not the entire WWE?


While AJ just turned 40, it seems like he hasn’t lost a step. He has only gotten better since signing with WWE last year. AJ may not be the youngest guy they have. However, he may be the best, and that clearly counts for something.


Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins SummerSlam '15

[Image by Washington Post]

Seth Rollins has been a WWE Champion on two occasions, as well as a WWE Tag Team and United States Champion. He has even shocked the world and appeared in the main event of WrestleMania 31 to cash in Money in the Bank and end the night as WWE Champ. Seth held the top heel spot down for some time, but the company saw the fan love for him and decided to turn him last year.


Rollins just turned 31 in May, which puts him as one of the youngest top stars on the wrestling scene today. Fans seem to love Rollins and he’s already nicknamed “The Man” by the company and the fans. Seth is even on the cover of the new WWE 2k18 video game. He did this before any new-gen star in fact. Triple H seems to like Rollins a lot, as does Stephanie McMahon. With both eventually taking over WWE, it seems like the guy they feel is the best would end as their pick for top man.


Cody Rhodes

Cody in ROH

[Image by ROH Wrestling]

Oh you thought only current stars were eligible? Cody Rhodes may not currently be in WWE anymore, but he spent a decade with the company as one of their Superstars. Cody would leave last year after winning numerous Tag Team Titles. This on top of a stint as a great WWE Intercontinental Champion. On top of this, he would become the first man to ever do a WWE WrestleMania, PWG Battle of Los Angeles, TNA Bound for Glory, and NJPW Wrestle Kingdom within the same 12 months.


Rhodes is now the ROH World Champion, but at only 31 years of age, Cody has proven he can do anything. Interestingly, he was able to play any character WWE threw at him, and could excel within it. Cody won tag titles with four different partners, proving he could work with anyone. He would manage to consistently give good wrestling performances, no matter the situation.


Cody left WWE due to the opportunities to be a top star not being there. Despite the ability, the company never gave Cody the chance to prove this to them. He is now proving to the world how big a mistake that was, as he has quickly become the best independent wrestler to watch in 2017.


If the company could manage to re-sign him, he would easily fit as their top guy. He’s already proving he can do it with several other places, so WWE would be crazy to not try.


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