5 Worst Tweets About the New Miss America

By TK Kelly September 16, 2013 View all posts (179)
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A truly momentous and not at all irrelevant event has just occurred in Atlantic City, New Jersey… a new Miss America was chosen! The honors went to 24-year-old and reigning Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, who became the first ever woman of Indian heritage to don the Miss America crown.

Then, in immediate and truly classy fashion, a bunch of a-holes took to Twitter to express their displeasure in concise, 140-character, racist quips. It’s probably not the first major publicity Twitter was hoping for since the announcement of the company going public, but hey, it isn’t their fault that they accidentally created the perfect system for uninformed morons to voice their opinions.

5 @JAyres15

Like most any classic case of overt racism, this one starts with the speaker officially declaring how NOT racist they are. Good save, Jessica. This is the equivalent of saying “I find racist humor disgusting, but I heard the absolute FUNNIEST black joke yesterday…” You’re right Jessica, this IS America. You know, that country formed entirely by people who were all originally from other places?

4 @savannah-dale97

With all DUE respect Miss Dale, if you’re going to be completely ignorant, at least have the decency to be ignorant correctly. And you’re right, Miss New York and now Miss America IS an Indian, but how is that relevant? If we’re judging completely on surface characteristics then it’s pretty fair to say that you shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the Miss America pageant either. After all, your name is Savannah Dale, which undoubtedly means you have been, at the very least, a feature player in several adult films, and thus, are ineligible.

3 @jakeamick5

Come on man, you go throwing statements like this out there and you completely tarnish the stellar reputations of the 4 much-less-s#!tty Jake Amicks who got to Twitter before you. That’s not fair. What also isn’t fair is the fact that your anger stems from Nina Davuluri being a “foreigner,” yet she was born in Syracuse, New York. Also, not sure if you ever completed your elementary school grammar requirement, but no one on the planet is “a Arab.” That pesky, elusive word you’re looking for there is “an.”

2 @JPLman95

Somebody sound the clever alarm, this guy just made a joke about an Indian associated with the convenience store chain 7-11. Have you ever heard that before? It seems like that almost definitely has to be the first time anyone has ever made that connection and that his joke will surely revolutionize comedy! Oh, and something tells us that the good people at Cheez-It are not thrilled that this gentleman has taken the liberty to associate himself with their fine, delicious cracker product.

1 @LukeBrasili

And THERE it is. The only person who could trump the ignorance and idiocy of all the others was obviously going to be the one who was willing to make a completely uncalled for 9/11 reference. But seriously you guys, 9/11 WAS 4 days ago, and surely you can’t have forgotten that fateful day in 2001 when 12-year-old Nina Davuluri piloted a hijacked airplane into the World Trade Center. After all, how could a 24-year-old non-Muslim, Indian-American girl not have at least SOME ties to an attack perpetrated by a militant Islamist organization that was formed in Pakistan in the late 1980s?

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