5 Websites That Sell Cheap DVDs

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Amassing a giant DVD collection isn’t going to be cheap, but you’ll end up a hero among your friends and family. You’ll become the go-to movie buff when a friend has a question about a title. This hobby may even result in a record-breaking collection, if you refuse to lend out your titles. Because this hobby is expensive, it’s important to shop for cheap DVDs online at retailers proven to price their merchandise for less than their competitors.

5 Movies Unlimited

Movies Unlimited is home to an unusually high number of out-of-print DVDs. Although they’re collector’s items, these DVD titles are competitively low priced. DVDs do sell out, so if you’re planning to buy, it’s recommended to move quickly. Once sold, those titles will not be reprinted. New releases feature a standard price, while television box sets and older movies are ridiculously cheap. There are a large amount of films priced at under $3.

4 DVD Empire

In terms of new releases, DVD Empire offers only a slight competitive advantage. Their standard DVDs are reasonably priced, but you’ll save more by shopping for new releases with a competitor. Savings aren’t monumental until you visit the website’s used section. DVD Empire’s used section features over 100 DVDs for less than $10. With many DVDs selling for just over $1, it’s likely you’ll find everything you need to start an unrivaled collection.

3 DVD Planet

DVD Planet offers competitive pricing on new releases, as well as regular sales and specials. The site is known to seriously cut the costs of classic films, especially those you can’t find in stores. DVD Planet is home to the entirety of MGM’s not-sold-in-stores archive, the Sony Choice Collection and a number of Warner Home Videos. If you’re looking for classics that can’t be found elsewhere, you’ll get the best overall price at DVD Planet.

2 Rakuten.com

Formally Buy.com, Rakuten is home to a number of low-priced DVDs. The site features a variety of new DVDs, many with seriously competitive pricing. It’s recommended to sort merchandise by price and cross-check with other sites, to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal. Not only do they offer competitive pricing for DVDs, they also have their Rakuten Super Points, a system that rewards frequent shoppers. If you’re looking to amass a huge collection of DVDs, you may benefit from a frequent shopper’s program that allows you to use the points you’ve collected as cash on any future purchase from Rakuten.com.

1 DeepDiscount.com

Deep Discount offers the lowest price for DVDs. In fact, they offer a “lowest total price guarantee.” If you’re perusing another store’s virtual shelves and notice they’ve priced a DVD for less than Deep Discounts is offering it, Deep Discounts will meet or beat that price. You’ll be required to send an e-mail to Deep Discounts, with a URL linking to the product in question. Deep Discounts will review the information. If the information is determined to be legitimate, Deep Discounts will meet that price or offer a competitive price that’s even lower. Because of this guarantee, users can be sure they’re getting the lowest possible pricing on any titles they purchase.

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