5 Ways to Kill Time on the Internet

Have some free time? Want to put off that looming project glaring at you from your desk just a big longer? The Internet is here to help! Surfing the Internet is a top offender among reasons why employees waste time at work. But who’s wasting time? Not us. These sites are so addicting they will make time fly by at broadband speed. Literally.

5 More Food, Please!

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You may start your search looking for just one recipe that you plan to cook. But low and behold, it’s hard to stop there. Once you dig in to the online recipe boxes, you’ll end up with more recipes than you ever have time to cook or eat. With the help of picture tutorials and videos, some pretty fancy recipes become accessible to the masses. You may not ever get to cook all that you see online, but you sure can get some great ideas!

4 Screen Shopping

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It’s sort of like window shopping, but e-shopping requires less physical movement and more clicking. According to the research firm Forrester, the online retail industry will be worth nearly $300 billion in 2015. Trendiness and convenience aside, looking for clothing online is a great way to build up that never-gonna-happen dream shopping cart. It may be hard to resist buying everything that will accumulate in said shopping bag, but don’t worry…the items will be there next time you go back. You may never want to go to a crowded shopping mall again, and we sure don’t blame you.

3 Virtual Daydream

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You don’t have to have an upcoming vacation in the works to drift away on one of the many popular travel search engines on the Web today—Priceline.com and Expedia.com are currently buying out most of the smaller engines with aims to consolidate the industry. With nowhere particular in mind to go, sifting through the “daily deals” and “last-minute getaways” can instantly make anyone eager to sail away from his or her desk. And once you find a destination that interests you, it’s not long before the “find the best price” game begins. Bon voyage!

2 InstaEntertainment

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Over the past two and a half years we have seen hashtags take over the universe as photo sharing on Instagram with our friends, strangers and celebrities we pretend are our friends has become ever so popular. And just recently video sharing became available to the community, adding even more entertainment appeal. With 130 million monthly active users uploading an average of 45 million photos per day, you’re really not killing your time properly if you are not contributing to the 1 billion daily likes for the site.

1 It’s All Just So Pinteresting!


Pinterest is the place to go to discover just about anything. Whether used to get ideas for a project, to motivate a DIY home renovation or to find completely random party ideas, we can all agree on one thing—we’re glued! According to Mashable, the average user spends 15.8 minutes on Pinterest—significantly more time than the average user logs on to Facebook or Twitter. Use caution when it comes to Pinterest, as this is NOT a good place to go when you really do only have a few minutes to kill.

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