5 Ways to Ensure Your Child Eats Healthy at School

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Eating habits start in childhood. Although parents can ensure that their kids eat well at home, no one is looking out for their nutritional well-being at school. A good diet helps kids perform better by sharpening their minds. Eating well can also give kids energy throughout the day and affects their mood, making them more fun for parents to be around. If you don’t want your children to become childhood obesity statistics, here are some ways to ensure they eat healthy at school.

5 Control Portions


Teaching your children about portion control on weekends and for the meals they eat at home shows them what is healthy to eat, making it less likely they’ll overeat at school. You should never force your kids to eat everything you give them. On the other hand, don’t give them unlimited snacks. Teach them to eat small meals throughout the day and you’ll get them used to eating the right amounts. It’s also unwise to use food as rewards because that takes away from the idea of food being for nourishment.

4 Provide the Right Liquids

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When kids are thirsty, they may eat more. Ensuring that they have plenty of water or juice for their school day lessens the chance of them eating too much or reaching for sugary foods for quick pick-me-ups. Don’t give them sugar-filled drinks to tempt them to drink more. A single can of soda has in excess of three times the amount of sugar a child should have per day.

3 Make Lunch Fun

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Young kids especially are going to be less likely to eat a packed lunch unless you make it visually appealing. Cutting the food into unique shapes makes them attractive. Get creative by cutting fruit or sandwiches into funny shapes. Cut foods are often easier to eat, and may be more likely to be eaten that way. Adding color also adds appeal. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, and oranges mixed in together make lunch less boring.

2 Pack a Wholesome Lunch


Unless your school has a healthy-only cafeteria and a closed campus, your kids probably won’t make smart lunch choices with the money you give them. Instead, pack a wholesome lunch. Including plenty of whole grains is not only important in general for a complete diet, but whole grains are filling, which means less filling up on junk. A ready-made lunch puts you in control, so use this option to teach your kids what a balanced meal looks like.

1 Breakfast of Champions

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Many adults skip breakfast and their kids may miss out as well. If you find yourself running off without the most important meal of the day, consider that your kid probably grabs an unhealthy snack or goes to school on an empty stomach. Take the time to sit down and eat breakfast with your children. When kids head to school with full stomachs, they can concentrate better and are less likely to make poor eating choices at lunchtime or overeat.

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