5 Ways to Drop 20 Pounds Around the House

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Sometimes life doesn’t make things easy when you want to drop a few extra pounds. Kids, work or school all seem to conspire against you, preventing you from getting to the gym or cooking healthy meals. When the time comes to get serious, take control by finding things that you can do right at home to drop the weight. You only need to burn an extra 200 calories a day to lose more than 20 pounds a year, so even small changes can have big impact.

5 Motivate Yourself

Motivation is half of the battle, so set up encouraging reminders. Without motivation, you may not want to turn on the fitness DVD or tune out the siren call of the refrigerator. Post motivational pictures or sayings on your mirrors. Wear a bracelet that reminds you of your goals. Record a motivational phrase on your phone and play it back anytime you feel your willpower waning. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of your goals for those times when the going gets tough.

4 Eat Right

No matter how much activity you add to your home routine, the biggest factor in losing weight comes from how many calories you consume. Incorporate some techniques for limiting your calorie intake into your fitness routine. Make like Oprah and shut down your kitchen after a certain time in the evening. Ban yourself from using the kitchen for anything but eating, and don’t eat anywhere else in the house but at the kitchen table. Prepare healthy meals each Sunday that you can eat during the rest of the week. Track everything you eat in a journal and commit to staying under a certain calorie goal.

3 DVDs

Get your hands on some fitness DVDs and commit to doing one routine every day. Modern fitness DVDs feature an astounding array of routines, from dancing to hardcore boxing, and there is an activity for every fitness level. With such a huge selection, it is easy to find the trainer that matches your personality and interests. Some DVDs are interactive, making the training even easier to stick to over the long haul. Buy or rent a handful and change things up whenever you get bored.

2 Play Games

Don’t view your weight-loss plan as a chore. There’s no excuse when losing weight is as easy as playing a game. Commandeer the Nintendo Wii and play fitness games that actually get you moving, such as those that simulate yoga, aerobics, tennis or golf. Xbox has its own take on the fitness fun with the Kinect system, which turns your body into a controller for dancing, sports and workouts.

1 Add Movement

You don’t need any special equipment to get more activity around your home. Start making excuses to take the stairs any chance you get throughout the day. If you have a few loads of laundry to do, take each load up and down the stairs one item at a time. Hide the remote so that you have to get up to change the channel. Hand wash the dishes instead of using the dishwasher. Stand up while working on your computer rather than sitting. Every little bit of extra activity counts.

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