5 Ways To Creatively Use Your Homes Walls

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Creative use of wall space can personalize your home on any budget or with any level of skill. If your home has unused wall space, there’s much more you can do with it besides simply hanging a picture. Take advantage of the walls in your home to express your personal style or provide practical benefits without using space in the interior of rooms.

5 Salon-Style Frames

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Hanging frames is one of the simplest and fastest ways to fill up empty wall space. Make this old technique your own by experimenting with salon-style framing, which involves many small frames clustered together. Your photo album is a good source of images from vacations and family history. Add a few fine art pieces and rotate the frames on display regularly to add new events and people.

4 Textured Paint

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Certain colors can make a plain wall look interesting, but adding texture to the surface will take the wall to the next level. Textured paints are available in a range of colors. You can also paint a wall any color you like, and then apply a textured glaze that lets the color show through, creating a subtle, bumpy surface. Textured walls can mimic other materials in the room, such as stone, brick and fabric.

3 Wall-Mounted Headboards

Headboards aren’t just for beds. Hang antique headboards or large, finished planks of wood behind furniture. Use brackets that attach to the wall studs for heavier pieces. Wall-mounted headboards will protect the wall itself from damage if a desk, dresser or bed is pushed against it repeatedly. It will also help accent the furniture in front of it, creating a focal point in the room.

2 Creative Shelving

Shelves provide much-needed storage space or a dramatic, central place to show off certain objects. Shelving doesn’t need to be boring or traditional. Floating shelves, which attach without visible brackets, give a clean, modern look, allowing your guests to focus on what’s on the shelves, not the shelves themselves. Most shelves can be painted to match the wall or with a contrasting color. Apply wallpaper to shelves to bring pattern and color to an otherwise flat, neutral wall.

1 Oversize Storage

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Whether you have a cozy apartment or a spacious home, storing oversize items can be difficult. Specialty wall brackets, which attach to wall studs, can hold large, heavy items out of the way. A well-designed bicycle rack, for example, can become a piece of wall art when it’s not in use. In the bathroom or kitchen, brackets can support cabinets and sinks right on the wall, saving floor space.

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