5 Ways to Burn Fat That Don’t Rely On Ellipticals or Treadmills

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Copious amounts of articles have been written on fat burning, and with good reason. America is one of the fattest nations on the planet, and others are catching up quickly as the food supply gets more processed and heavier in oxidized fats, refined carbs, and toxic chemical preservatives, colorings and fillers. When the body stores fat, it is not only a sign of over-eating or eating or simple carbs. It is also a sign that the body may be holding onto toxic matter by storing it away in adipose (fat) tissue to protect the organs from the damage they would cause.

By surrounding toxins with fat, the rest of the body cannot be affected by it, which is why undertaking a detox diet can cause incredibly debilitating symptoms like headaches, migraines, fatigue, achiness, and even illness – if you are not getting the toxins out immediately through skin brushing, sweating and bowel movements they will circulate in the blood stream wreaking havoc. Once you awaken the ‘dragon,’ you must let it out as soon as possible. In order to burn fat with the least amount of detox symptoms as possible, you must do the following things.

5 Listen to Your Body

If you are hungry, eat something healthy. If you are full, STOP EATING. I cannot stress this enough. If you are full and still wanting to eat, you are eating emotionally and need to assess why you are turning to food for satisfaction. What are you not getting what you need and desire elsewhere in your life? Respect yourself and listen to your body’s signals. Eating too much is not adding to the health of your body – in fact, it is extremely detrimental. Start paying attention to how you don’t listen to your body and begin to change that by responding and respecting it. If you need to use the bathroom, go right away. If you are tired, sleep. If you are always tired, cut back on caffeine, alcohol and processed foods, eat more fruits, greens, healthy fats, and vegetables, and take a green powder supplement for additional vitamins and minerals.

4 Keep Your Digestive Fire Burning

When we fast before our body is ready, or if we put all sorts of foods into our bodies without thinking about the consequences, our metabolism starts to slow due to the difficulties our body is having in keeping things moving through. Often times, people have pounds of waste just sitting in the intestinal tract with the heat of the body drying it out. Keep your digestive fire burning by drinking plenty of fresh water, eating fresh raw vegetables, and drinking fresh raw juices. These will hydrate the waste as well as the body, allowing for much more efficient and free-flowing digestion. If you have a hard time passing stool, this is definitely something you want to work on.

3 Ease Your Digestion

Easing digestion is one of the best ways to assist your body in fat-burning. By drinking fresh-pressed juices, fruits, vegetables and easily digested flesh proteins, small legumes, starchy vegetables as well as a small amount of other kinds of ‘cheat’ meals, you will allow for easy digestions which will allow the body to work on cleaning out and repairing the rest of the body. Because your body does not actually ‘want’ extra fat on it, it will rid itself of unnecessary fat stores if you allow it to focus on cleansing by eating easy-to-digest meals.

2 Jump on a Mini-Trampoline

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is an amazing way to increase the efficiency and flow of your body’s lymphatic system, allowing for better immunity and detoxification. When your body is able to detoxify efficiently, your fat stores are a prime target for cleansing. Rebounding also helps to get in an excellent cardio workout to burn calories, while proving very gentle on the joints, unlike many other types of cardio like jogging, kickboxing, and jumping rope.

1 Cut Back on Processed Foods

Processed foods are foods that were taken as their original, live, growing plant or animal self, then cooked, dehydrated, ground, milled, mashed, pureed, boiled, baked, separated, powdered, creamed, mixed with other processed things, and often have toxic additives in order to keep them ‘fresh’ as an end product. Just as there is no Oreo plant, there is no ‘hot dog’ animal. There is no Cheerio plant and no Chip tree. Cutting out all the things you have to do research on to figure out what it actually is, is one of the best things you can do to keep your body from withholding in fat tissue the toxic products in these thing, while leveling out your blood sugar and energy levels, creating an overall balance that won’t have you continuously reaching for sugar to ‘keep your energy (and fat stores) up.’

It’s not that hard to take care of your health, and by doing so you will free up time (by not sleeping so much), energy (because you’ll have so much more of it), and become happier, more vibrant and willing to live life more fully and in control of your health in all aspects. Burning fat is easy to undertake, when you just give yourself some time, good juices and food, move around in a way that you enjoy and respect your body on a daily basis.

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