5 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Presence

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Twitter went from obscure “microblogging” tool to the world’s largest conversation in just a few short years. The medium allows users to share bite-size messages—and even pictures and videos—with followers. The Twitter craze has changed the way we get our news and gossip. And with the Twitter formatting, the “@” and “#” keys get a lot more use! If you are brand spankin’ new to Twitter, a still-confused long-time user or just looking to improve your tweeting skills, look at the five top ways to boost your Twitter presence.

5 Promote Your Twitter Account Elsewhere

Let people know about your Twitter account. Promote your username on business cards, letterhead, your personal website or blog, and on your other social media sites. If you are using Twitter as a brand or business, publicize it on signage or packaging.

4 Add Yourself to Twitter Directories

It’s not necessarily the number of followers you have that makes you a Twitter success. It’s the quality of engagement. You don’t want to follow people who don’t interest you, nor would you want to gain tons of irrelevant followers. While you might follow a mix of folks—friends, co-workers, brands, athletes, actors or even your alma mater—all should matter to you. So when it come to finding followers and them finding YOU, turn to Twitter directories, such as We Follow and Just Tweet It. These allow you to list yourself with a few keywords related to your industry or interests.

3 Tweet at Events

Many professionals, especially those who work in the marketing and communications field, tout Twitter as a super professional development tool. Using industry-specific hashtags can keep people together on a day-to-day basis, but it goes a step further when an industry event happens. Twitter becomes known as the conference “back channel,” a place for people to chat about presentations, share wisdom from keynote and session speakers, and even make dinner and after-hour plans. A great example is folks in the higher education web community who make great use of hashtags for a big conference called #heweb, and that hashtag gets the year added to it for each annual event. Not in business and don’t attend live events? Twitter also brings people together during television shows, especially reality programs and awards shows, by tweeting in real time.

2 #Use #Hashtags, #Man!

Whether it’s a country coming together to follow news of a national news event, such as a weather disaster, or silly fads such as Throwback Thursday, hashtags allow people who might not know each other yet (in real life or on Twitter) to find a common bond. Hashtags, or a word preceded by the # sign, create a link; clicking on the link will take you to a search for all other tweets including the same tag. Additionally, you can search for hashtags in the Twitter search bar to see if there are already conversations happening about topics that interest you. You know, you could search for #top5, or something like that…

1 Tweet. Retweet. Repeat.

The No. 1 way to boost your presence on Twitter is to spend time on Twitter. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often scores of folks set up an account and forget about it. If you want to use Twitter for personal enjoyment or professional development, you must tweet. Take time to not only share your personal updates, but also reply to—or retweet—updates from those you follow. Actively engaging on Twitter will naturally build your following and overall presence.

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